Friday, April 17, 2015

Aries New Moon April 2015

New Moon in Aries April 18, 2015 (11:57am PT)/April 19, 2015 (2:57pm ET) brings about energy to keep going with courage in this new direction of our new beginning. Perhaps you have noticed like I have a fear about me ... I am looking into the past to figure out how to handle what is happening right now, until I realize that nothing in the past can compare to what is happening now. Why? Because the right now the here and now is brand new and nothing can control the course we are going to be heading into. Faith and trust is what the Universe is asking of us. We are moving forward but we don't know what this future holds.

When fear comes up or negativity comes up this is all ego. The ego that still exists is wanting to control what is happening. So a fear stirs along with negative thoughts that things are not going as "planned" but there is no plan that we can know about. When we let go of the wish and desire and energy to control what is happening right now we get lighter and less ego filled. This is why... because the ego wants to hold us down. It wants to compare things and events to the past. We can only exist in the right now because this is only certain this is the only thing you can control if you even wish to still use the word control.

I got bogged down by these terms: control, fear, anxiety, future ... the result of course a sore throat from not speaking truth. I have to realize that getting anxious, needing answers "NOW" instead of just letting it be, just flowing this is when ego sneaks into life. I cannot live from the past. Just because this equaled that in the past does not mean it's the same now. This is also how to get stuck in patterns if you allow ego to keep making you loop over and over again. I learned this happens if I do this in this situation ... you will probably start looping, until you realize and ask: why am I doing this? or why does this keep happening to me? It is because ego is leading and you are trying to live the now and the future with the past experiences and putting that old energy into the right now.

We need to point our self forward. This comes from asking what are you afraid of? List these things, speak these things, write these things ... release what you are afraid of but it comes from acknowledging all these fears. We have stepped ahead through the new now moment but we have to also let go and not bring the past and those fears. Nothing can go wrong because when there is no fear no ego then the word: "wrong" simply no longer exists. Having a wrong mentality makes you a victim and to leave this mindset you have to take power over yourself. This comes from just a switch turning on saying I'm going to change how I look at events around me. Even how you fit into these events. Nothing is happening to you, you are showing up and deciding to interact with everything that comes you way. Take charge of where you are headed, having strength to just flow with what comes your way. We have the opportunity to manifest our new adventures. It's about not thinking at all about the past no need to bring this energy with us. Leave the past there in the past. New adventures are here and it comes with the positive energy of the now. Trust what you feel.

I am letting go of what fears I have left in me. It's hard yes I realize that but being aware of when fear
and anxiety starts to creep in ... acknowledge it and push it away ... be proactive. Write it, burn it, speak it ... get this out of you. I am realizing if I don't change of course the past will repeat in some way because that becomes all I'm capable of. I want the new adventures. I want to be balanced and clear and rid of all this old vibes that took temporary residence. Brush it off and put a smile on. It's never too late to just re-start your mental thoughts, energy, actions and just everything. This Aries New Moon is when we bring the energies of the Spring Equinox with us. We plant the first seeds of this year! If you are unhappy with anything ... change it!! Move towards what you want. We've learned lessons from the past Libra Full Moon. We are on to the New! Plant what you wish to see in you. Happy New Adventures and New Moon energy!!