Friday, November 14, 2014

Return from Hiatus ... Inner Strength & Listening

Fairies on the path
I've been on a hiatus for quite some time. Many many things have happened. I realized my journey through this would be on my own ... I needed to take some time out for myself. We all have to.

Many different messages have come to me, as perhaps many messages have come to you as well. It's acknowledging and giving in to the ability to listen ... in whatever form this comes to you. Listening to an actual voice, your inner knowing, your intuition, your gut, another worldly being, ... listening comes

in so many forms. It can be in silence when the most is said, the most is given, the most is transferred.

In the stillness is when we listen, this is with ease.

There comes a point when I realized I had to stop going by where planets were positioned, what sign the moon was in ... it's all extremely helpful, yes, but I had to just feel and listen ... this was my calling. To just close my eyes and listen. To just float around this world and feel. For me, my intuition and inner knowing has been through "feelings" ... lately I have been feeling much going on ... and also being called back to share words with all of you.

I could recap all the adventures I've had but it all is just being in the present moment. I was told something which really made me wish to draw me back here to all of you ... I was told that I have a good imagination, I am very intuitive but I have to also balance the other areas of my life. This person of course did not say to be mean or discredit any of my abilities. It's all about how you take words that are given to you. I do agree I have a big imagination. However, my life is not simply imagination. Perhaps you have experienced some of your wishes or manifests or visions coming true.

I have guided many of you in full moon and new moon rituals. After a while you may feel stuck, this is another reason why I left on my hiatus so that we could all have adventures on our own to not be dependent on any one person or one idea.

I feel sharing this news provides that we are all capable of fulfilling our desires, our visions aren't just imagination. I had a vision over a year ago of being pregnant under a tree ... I had visions of giving birth various deities showed me to. Part of what also lead me to my hiatus was when I found out I am carrying a little star dust. Of course with my awakened transformation happening, my body also physically changing. I have had many people ask me how do you know your visions or what you "see" will come to be. Here is my response to that. I had visions of standing under a tree being pregnant. This visual of me being pregnant came to me at different times, in different ways over the course of months and years. None of it made sense to me at the time. My main thought was I'm not getting pregnant "right now" why am I having these visions? Just because it wasn't happening right that same second or soon after I was having the visions I questioned did they represent something else? The birthing of an idea not a being? Similar to what I have heard and observed with some of you, with whatever your visions have been leading you to ... if they have yet to happen. Don't dismiss them away or your gifts.

Once I accepted all my visions in all their forms ... I released them ... I accepted that it may happen or may not happen ... I became content with that. In some life this happens. I'm here on this earth at this exact moment for a purpose (we don't always know what this purpose is right away) but it does come. So once I let go of needing to understand what this "pregnancy meant" a month later, conception happened.

I wish to share this because I had visions of my family ... and it's happening. We just have to let go of the control. I am blessed at my life. I am living a dream. It's all there for all of us to experience. If you don't like a part of your life, change it.

It's easy to get caught up in bills and money and drama. Take a step back. I've been experiencing bliss. I've been experiencing a surge of emotions, and it's been helpful acknowledging them. I see when I've been getting worked up (as well all do) ... we are in human form and sometimes you just have to allow yourself to feel everything. If you have a bad day embrace the bad day. I recently started feeling anxious (which I haven't experienced in so long) I knew the root cause. In the grand scheme of things bills from this society mean nothing. Yes we have to function in society. But we are star beings. We have over come so much. It's like breathe it in and let it go. Of course it's looking at how you can pull together to get through something. Having anyone to talk to is so helpful, even if they have no way to relate to what you are going through. This is something I have found ... in this transformation of becoming literally two beings in one ... I see things differently.

I felt crazy for a while ... I have become a "we" I am two life forms right now. Of course double the
emotions and hormones. It's really all about the mind. We have control over how the mind reacts. If we give it power to repeat the same thoughts over and over again ... the mind mostly wants to repeat the negative to us to fuel the ego's expansion. If we allow the mind to run through what it wishes to: once ... then you hear it, and once, the moment you hear it start to repeat over and over looping the same thoughts over, you shut it down, you quiet, you silence the mind ... you gain control over it. Yes this takes practice. I have focused on breath to do this or movement, techniques of whatever works best for you. However then you can listen to your intuition which is very different from the voice of the mind.

So for me I had this thought of bills running in my head over and over ... noticing how other external influences were fueling this idea of needing to save money, how expensive babies are ... and overcoming this is, bliss. Realizing what material things do we all really need? I am blissfully happy with my life and who is in my life, and this is really all I need. We have a network, we are a network of intuitive beings who are capable of so much ... yet the mind and this society and ego wishes to keep us tied down to earthly things of money and bills and expenses when everything is free!

Fights happen based on things, when we live from the heart, happiness happens. If you are living in your truth in your heart, and loving who and where you are ... it's really hard to have a fight, is it not? The ego and mind wants us to fight because then it stays in control. The emotions and hormones we experience can also feed into this because it can go either into happiness or fear. We have the deciding factor which way it goes.

We are all so strong. We can't forget our strength. I think sometimes when we are feeling down or
like the world is crushing us with expenses, jobs, relationships not working, fights, money, bills, etc ... it's easy to feel weak to want to throw your hands up and say "take it" "I give up" ... but it's actually easier to just stand up to it. On one of my adventures I traveled across a channel in a storm on a tiny motor boat ... the boat stalled twice ... the waves were rocking the boat all over, I wasn't afraid of dying ... but being pregnant in a rocking boat, not the best sensations to have. I focused on my breath, tried to stay relaxed, of course not fully panic. In that moment, I realized I could do anything. Considering I've never sought out sailing or being on boats. Each time the boat did start I felt relief. The final time it stayed working I realized how strong I actually am, I didn't get sick, didn't loose it, and I conquered a fear. So when you find yourself in a stuck in a boat not going anywhere but being tossed by the waves look to your inner strength, what is your constant? You realize you are your own constant, you are everything you ever need. All the strength is already in you. Everything is possible. Once you listen.