Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Change ...

Change is here. Many different themes I have been observing. Dreams have been heavy lately with many apocalyptic type, not in terms of the world ending but warnings of continuing in the dark will lead to hardships.

I have been hearing many people thankful of change that has already happened, and they are breathing sighs ... but change is still here and moving further. Nothing is stationary in terms of physical dwellings, home/career/jobs ... be ready for change in any of these soon or now. The Universe is at work for even better things. Perhaps you have recently settled from some kind of 'move' more is changing ... I keep sensing and seeing this everywhere. It is the universe showing us to be able to not get stuck in our ways but to be flexible and move able to all opportunities the universe gives to us. Maybe you started a new job earlier this year only to find a better one which means uprooting again (do it!). Perhaps you have moved recently but circumstances you couldn't not foresee are going to have you move once again (do it!) we all plan and think once something "comes" in our life we settle get comfortable and we are going to be here for a "while" this is of the old. Life happens. I have no idea where I am going to end up, I have been feeling the sea of change rolling in for some time. And on some level many many things are already changing physically and spiritually inside me. Every day I wake up as a new being. There really are no guarantees. The most I have gotten from all this is just live for today, planning too far out or getting too comfortable makes you want to resist change (good change). I am guilty too of resistance having a nice plan in my head and when things don't go my way, I get a bit sad, but this is old emotions. All things happen for a reason.

Getting rid of the scared feelings, can be a lot but I will be going through this too. I have no idea "when" and maybe you have already been experiencing this wave of change rolling and you already out to sea with it. Or maybe you are like me where you see others out on the sea but are still on the shore. As I have said going through storage is a very good thing so when you are perhaps all of a sudden given the opportunity to up and leave to a new adventure you already have less "stuff" you have to sort through and take with you (that holds past energies). 

We are all exactly where we need to be. Know this. Embrace this. Stop trying to rush anywhere or catch up ... this creates negative energy that you are behind in some way or not fast enough ... all these are silly terms, we are all where were need to be experiencing exactly what we are.

I have been working heavily with crystals lately. My latest has been malachite on my nightstand before I sleep to aid with my dreams. If I have moved it to another location I have noticed it's when I have my apocalyptic dreams. Crystals all have various qualities and healing properties. When you feel stuck somewhere pick up a crystal to aid with this. Schedule an appointment with me if you wish to learn more about which crystals may aid you most right now at where you are in your journey.