Friday, June 27, 2014

New Moon in Cancer 6.27.14

Tonight is a New Moon in Cancer and the energy carries three days before and three days after. This moon is all about nurturing your relationships with others and yourself. It is a new beginnings start energy around us. Also notice what energies have been around you.

For me personally I have been noticing energies and vibrations that I put out to the Universe even a year ago is now coming to be, even under a year ... new beginnings indeed. They are sometimes subtle so you have to really notice and sometimes you may not even remember a simple thought you put out in the Universe, but if you meditate or just focus around all that is in your life right now or is coming - see what little spark may have been lit some months earlier or even a year earlier.

If you've kept a journal it's fun to go back and read it (not too frequently). We are into wishes and dreams. On this night think and do stir the energy of all you wish to bring into your life ... big or small. I will be writing more about this all in great detail in the coming months. For now it's still in the incubation period where I am keeping it safe. Know that things do come to be, we may not recognize them at first and it even may not be in the exact form we asked ... but the Universe does provide ... does bring it to be at some point. And typically this is when we have forgotten about it or pushed this thought or dream aside and been okay with moving on to something else. This is when the Universe goes ok wait! Here it is!

So on this New Moon place out your crystals ... sit under the Moon, dream ... meditate, center, calm, be in stillness and truly look to all that you are grateful for all that has already come into your life.

I have been meditating and channeling heavily over the past weeks, I apologize for being away, but this is what happens sometimes. I have been on vacation from sharing digitally and working with my in person clients. I will return to a more regular posting format soon (just not sure when this will be yet of course) all in Divine Timing!