Sunday, May 4, 2014

this too shall pass

I know I don't often post about the ick ... but suddenly I feel overwhelmed, I know this too will pass ... experiencing all these ick emotions of uncertainty, anxiety, panic, are all beautiful despite being unnerving but we have to experience all this in the shifting, so be kind to yourself- don't go off the deep end in whatever emotions are coming stirring up inside you, breathe deeply and know we are all in this- take a moment or moments on this night for yourself- if you see how you can fall into this spiraling feeling and get caught up in the negative ... it's different than acknowledging the feelings and thoughts not dwelling too much or hard but literally sitting with them experiencing the sensations without allowing the mind to take over and race over and over again in the same thought patterns. We don't get to bail on life when it gets hard ... we have to continue to breathe because once the breath stops we stop ... happy vibes! healing is here when we are able to be aware and awakened to even the icky emotions it does not mean you are going backwards (far from it) means we are moving forward we are where we need to be we are able to recognize when we are not fully balanced and thoughts start to take on more weight than they normally do ... you have done nothing wrong. It is simply emotions that need to come out of you, let them- this will pass ... I wished to share these loving words in case you found yourself this evening in anxiety panic (like me) sending you all a hug