Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Scorpio Energy

New transitions are available with this Scorpio Full Moon. I woke up after a series of very strange dreams this morning. I finally got the root of a problem. Maybe you have a problem or issue that has been coming up over and over again. Yet you don't understand some part of this? Scorpio energy is all about getting to the root. I have received this quote twice in the past two days- I will share with you as well."The mere desire to resolve a problem is an escape from the problem, is it not? I haven't gone into the problem, I haven't studied it, explored it, understood it. I don't know the beauty or the ugliness or the depth of the problem; my only concern is to resolve it, put it away. This urge to resolve a problem without having understood it is an escape from the problem - and therefore it becomes another problem. Every escape breeds further problems." - Krishnamurti, Talks by Krishnamurti in Saanen, 1964

What I have come to find is my reacting to a person (it was not about the person at all! it was myself reacting to my own life and situation). Hopefully that makes sense. As when we react is has nothing to do with the person who is speaking to us. This has all to do with our own personal self. It is looking at the root of this going to the root and not shying away from it. The root being and involving only our true self, our individual self. I laid out my crystals after having put them away for some weeks, I feel intense energy and at first I did not want to face this- energy ... because there is much energy to face. I see that I do need to face this energy all these feelings that these crystals have stored up and their messages to me. What led to many dreams last night was from the crystals being in the same room with me. I see so much clearer this realization that I am sharing with you, we cannot run away from any problem or situation this just temporarily "fixes" in our mind but really just is bringing about more or new problems on top of the original issue or problem. Problem being a general word based on the quote pertaining to anything in your life. 

We are able to move and find this transitional energy, questioning and learning why we feel what we feel is key here. We are diving deep into this energy of the moon, we were only on the surface before of all that is possible with our lives and our own personal energy. All the emotions that come up are not going to all be positive or happy- this does not mean something is wrong with you, we are human and not everything is nice and happy and positive. We can pretend and try to will this to be but it's running away from our shadow element of our true self. We have both positive and negative qualities with in us always. This transition is all about seeing the New the Now ... we only have the Now moment ... this comes with sitting in all that you feel or are involved with right now. Perhaps you feel stuck for any number of reasons, we can think positively that this is temporary we are moving forward. For this time in the Now were are here (where ever here happens to be for you).

I loved reading this below ... at I feel we all do have the power to change and influence where our life is headed. However, our Soul knows and guides us. I share as for me personally I have been feeling overwhelmed by external physical forces ... above all remember to breathe. We are all nurtured and loved all is right with the world because we are exactly where we need to be. This for me calms my mind because the worry and all the thinking just stops as its just a matter of flowing with the world and worrying about any one thing or situation or event ... it's in the future not here- it creates stress to think ... when we act in pure love and are calm and centered and grounded when the future comes we just flow with it ...
"Dear Beloveds! 
We have an intense Full Moon in Scorpio this week and there are a lot of transits happening as inner shifts in perspective.This is a powerful releasing Moon actually. New awareness is available when we are able to go deep enough. And Scorpio is always ready to plunge really deep. That is how we release and as we do, we always create more sacred space for the New to enter and be integrated through inner wholeness. We are really feeling the transit between the old and the New, it's very enhanced Now. That is all happening so that we can face the New dawn with more Love, Power and Wisdom ... all in pure awareness.
Scorpio is an archetype that relates to anything that is primal and very deep. It links with our sexuality, money, basic survival needs and all of those basic things. This is our primal Human nature that has only served on one level of experience, but as we are transcending those experiences, we need to deal with this through awareness before we can step into our newly created ascended reality. And that is why Scorpio is also an archetype of union and passion. Do You notice how You always enter a deeper union with the Self after an intense experience and Soul activation/integration? Yes, this is how this takes place, and each challenge is actually an opportunity for us to expand a bit more. we activate and then integrate ... and this cycle is always ongoing.
The archetype of Scorpio also deals with our basic Human survival needs. A lot of this comes through issues of money and personal finances ... and how we perceive this as ascending Human Beings. Our true nature is Divine, so everything is of that Divine nature in its Core Essence, no matter what the surrounding external experience might be or how things might seem. We can only feel things neutrally when we become the objective observer and take notice of our reactions and responses with awareness. This week I kept receiving the same repetitive messages about money and finances and restrictions. You see, our Souls never guide us through limitations or what might happen, for we are limitless in Truth. Many would get scared of such messages, taking them too literally. In Spirit awareness, we have to move beyond. The entire message is actually about shifting the perspective and focus in regards to money and finances, and how this is perceived on this Human level of experience that we have chosen.
Do we see everything as energy, and know how to govern our actions through the reflection of our choices and overall awareness? Yes, nothing is set in stone and everything changes as a direct consequence of our inner state of Being through awareness. Our Souls will show us what we are working on integrating by our life's current experiences ... so remain observant and vigilant. All the key answers are already there within and around You. It takes courage and honesty to reflect in such a way. We are shifting the most primal Human nature at this time, and the wave of transcendence is being offered to us ... if we are only ready and willing. Everyone will know everything they need to know in perfect Divine timing, and all the answers will continue to come and go ... change in regards to how we are shifting on the inside.
Many of us feel gentle (or stronger) waves of releasing energy. It will continue to build up until Wednesday with the Full Moon. Can You feel this Vortex? Because of this we have a powerful energy shift and I AM sure that many of You are feeling it ... as sensitive as we are becoming. My psychic/knowing abilities are increasing each day, and there are constant Spirit confirmations about it. This is one of the main/Key messages for us. There are doorways opening up, but we got to be willing to shift in perspective. I feel the most essential thing is being gentle with ourselves, as we received a powerful surge of Solar activity last week. I AM feeling a huge gateway opening, so we need more devotion to the Self in order to walk through those doorways and make some subtle changes deep from within.
Remember that with each gateway opening, there will be new opportunities for Self mastery and increased awareness. If You are feeling a bit lost or confused, or even fed up with all the "repetitive" cycles in the physical, be aware that nothing is really repetitive in Truth. Even if it seems so, it truly is not. Everything will have a shifting element to it and each experience will be different and unique, even if the overall patterning feels the same. If we didn't get something the first time, there will always be the next opportunity ... and the next. So either way, we can't go wrong ... and everything is unfolding in perfect Divine order. But we step through a new doorway only after we complete entering through a previous one, as each of them follows the previous one in a perfect structure and symmetry of the Divine ... the Grand scheme of things. There is always great order ... even in seeming chaos.
Yes, Scorpio can be very deep, and some individuals don't know how to handle such depth, for they might have been used to repressing their feelings for a very long time. A lot of individuals on this planet were afraid to live their personal truth. We are now healing/wholing those collective wounds, and as one steps into greater wholeness, they already pave the way for the next one and the whole new generation as well. The key message is also that of constant focus and devotion to service. Service is completely natural to every Soul, but not everyone remembers that, so the further away we move from that natural state, the more chaos and confusion we create in our experiences.
If I feel too overwhelmed or even "burdened" by the physical reality and the nature of lower worlds that have managed to "plunge" really deeply, I always affirm to my Self: "All that is happening around me is superficial. My true focus is only that of Divine service. I only focus on loving selfless service. Spirit, I ask only to serve with Love and awareness!" When we focus on service, everything else is always shifting naturally, for service through Joy is our most natural frequency. We are always Divinely supported when we live in selfless Divine service to All Life in Creation.

So ... are You really to go really deep? Are You ready to make that jump? And whatever your choices might be ... know that there is no such thing as a wrong answer or choice. All adds to your Soul expansion, and each thread of the Divine mosaic is perfectly laid out within the vastness and greatness of All That Is!
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn"