Saturday, May 3, 2014

May movement

We are a few days into May and for many of us still feeling the Grand Cross effects and probably will
until mid-May. Now we have been through a lot in April with two eclipses and the April 23 Grand Cross, with all the cosmic moving and changing. Take the first weekend of May to rest, and settle into this latest transformation. See this as a well deserved break, retreat, vacation over this weekend. May does bring with it more cosmic moving, but as we survived April (we will experience May with a breeze)!

We are still probably going to be feeling lingering effects of the Grand Cross (from April 23) until mid-May and the strongest on May 11 when the moon in Mars lines up with Libra. Take it easy and take care of yourself May 11. 

The Scorpio Full Moon May 14 releases and clears anything that has stirred up because of May 11. May 14 we also have Jupiter in Cancer which conjuncts Chiron in Pisces. This means it's a great day for a full moon ritual or healing session to benefit from all these lovely energies. This water trine will find you inspired and embracing the magical. This is a very high powered cosmic day and night. I will be writing a detailed article for this day in particular as it draws closer. 

May 19 we have Mars moves stationary direct. Perhaps you have been feeling like plans have been taking longer than expected to get moving or there are more blocks in your way than you expected. This Mars energy is good news so that can move out of the fatigue, sluggish, blah feelings we have been having. With the powerful eclipse energies, Full Moon energy, water trine, and Mars energy we use all these to manifest movement in our lives. The first three weeks of May we gain clarity, can envision what we wish, release the negative mind habits such as worry, self-doubt, distrust, etc from our auras (especially potent to do on the Full Moon). As we may not physically be stuck but the mind has led us to believe we are. We are clearing this energy. Let it melt away! 

Mercury and Venus are moving into new signs this month which means relationships and communication styles.

Venus entered Aries on May 2. Mercury enters Gemini on May 7.

In the mean time we have the Moon in Cancer this weekend so perhaps you have been feeling emotional this weekend (already) take a deep breath. Take it easy is key. Staying positive and know this will pass ... take some "me" time. Allow emotions to roll off your back, treat yourself to some ice cream. Listen to your favorite music. Dance around in your living room. Do something silly this weekend that you wouldn't normally do but will bring a smile to your face. Monday the Moon moves into Leo so we will feel the coolness and deep sigh of relieve. The weekend is time to take it easy take extra naps, and work on those projects you have been putting off. Have some "me" time while expressing your creativity and getting the ball moving into things you have been feeling sluggish about. Just send it out, it's the weekend so you aren't going to get a reply (right this second) so this will also help to calm your mind, send it to the Universe. Things will happen ... 

I truly enjoy laying down and just meditating for some time, just to settle and calm and focus ...