Thursday, May 1, 2014

Electric Lotus

How are you enjoying this energy. I have been having electronic shock happening so frequently the last few days. I touch something (anything) I feel the zap. Sometimes I can even see the color of the energy exchange. Electric times. Last night I was sparked with insane inspiration and creativity, literally where I stayed up most of the night. Creating new jewelry, drawing, designing. After a couple hours of a nap I woke up ready to go to meditation.

Some thoughts had been swirling in my head I knew meditation is just where I needed to be. Exactly what happened the calm and the message... As long as you are in love nothing else matters, and it's being in love with you. Forget about other people for a second and that "search" to date when you feel anxious or stressed about a job or finances or family members or spouses go back into I need to love me first. Take the time to just focus on you and your breath ... the calm will happen. Once you are grounded and centered and radiating love from your heart you will see everything so much more clearly. The stress and anxiousness will literally melt away, some clarity may come also. 

If you can say "I love you" does anything else really matter?? The answer no. When there is love it is love. The mind will want to label it in whatever way the mind wants to. For me I have been hearing about stresses, which people have about all sorts of situations: jobs, family, lifestyle, co-workers, other people in their life, etc ... you allow yourself to get all twisted around by something negative or what you view as negative. When it's go back inside yourself and ask why are you allowing this to take over you and consume you and essentially take away the love for yourself. If you were acting in love of and for yourself you would act compassionately to yourself. This radiates out and the situation that is causing you stress when you address this situation and communicate with love and compassion, you see how simple it all is. When you can live in the true present moment all flows including the love. Everything (even the difficult stuff) becomes so much easier when there's love.

I feel rejuvenated because I can say I love myself and really truly love all of me just as I am. I came in this form for a reason. I have associated myself with the lotus quite often. Also why I came to use Padma Bella ... Beautiful Lotus. This beautiful flower begins in the mud. You are the lotus.  Once rooted in egoic mud you have the resilience to push through the murky waters of your experience to emerge and transform into a better individual that blossoms with a new awareness, understanding and potential. 

I am returning to my creating, since I really haven't slept I'm unsure how much additional posting will happen. Happy May Day!!