Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vishuddha Chakra

Magic is happening, this weekend many many magical things took place. Change is happening. I woke up this morning at 2am for no apparent reason, some minutes later it started raining. I truly enjoyed the downpour of rain. Reminded that as we all planted our seeds over the weekend, as many slept the Universe then working her magic watering Gaia. Four hours later the sun came up and of course the rain stopped the moment I woke up. We experienced some very intense energies over the weekend. I experienced a lot of sharing on my journey this weekend. In particular one older gentleman who I spoke with months ago shared on Sunday one small thing I had told him changed his life. He had been going to years of therapy, treatment and they kept saying the same thing, but he did not understand what they meant. One deep conversation session with me and a phrase I said to him, the light bulb went on and he took that and ever since his life is just different. As he put it I finally get it. It truly warmed my heart that he wished to share this with me. His journey his truth. After we spoke he was very excited to plant some seeds in his garden on the New Moon.

Another person levitated for the first time, he of course reacting to a crystal I brought and he did not know what this experience he was experiencing was. He had an open mind to embrace this and afterwards he asked what was that? It's truly the small little things once you let go and embrace the experience of what comes.

The Throat Vishuddha Chakra is all about speaking your truth, saying I am ready and able to speak my truth with love and compassion. It is also about listening. Have the openness this week to listen, hear, watch and see. The Universe will whisper to you the cosmos wish to have a dance flow with the guidance of truth that comes. Even when you may not understand at this exact time, flow with it, dance with this. The transformation happens when we go beyond our understanding of truth. To align with the greater truth is to know that it is beyond yourself, the Universal truth simply is and you will begin to shine and radiate this light of truth out. Living in truth radiates beautiful colors of light that bring you to faith and flow. You feel free and light and full because there are no longer any restrictions. In a sea of blue.

The Vishuddha is so much of who we are, how we express, create. Finding your voice comes in many different ways it is all about expressing your truth, who you truly are. It can come from physically creating something, painting, writing, drawing, .... singing, wearing blue, this is the link between ourselves and the world around us, and how we use self expression.

The Vishuddha is connected with the thyroid gland, oesophagus, neck, shoulders and lower jaw. If it is not functioning properly or has a block it can lead to stiff neck, colds, sore throats, thyroid and hearing problems, tinnitus and asthma. Emotionally this dysfunction is associated with the inability to express emotions. It is hearing and speaking truth, being able to use all levels of communication and expression.

Crystals that aid in balancing the throat chakra: (place at the base of the throat to bring peacefulness, ease of communication in difficulties and to promote self-expression.

-Aqua Aura Quartz
-Blue Lace Agate
-Blue Calcite
-Blue Chalcedony
-Lapiz Lazuli

Blue crystal energy unblocks and balances the throat chakra. Dark shades of blue hold the power of truth. Lighter shades hold the power of flexibility, relaxation and balance. 

Yellow crystals should be used in augment the blue crystals for throat chakra balancing. The yellow crystals bring the power of communication and freedom of expression to draw the energy from the solar plexus chakra. 

When working with crystals also incorporate sound therapy of soothing melodic music for maximum effectiveness with the crystals.

The Vishuddha Chakra is where we find healthy and authentic self-expression. How we express words comes from this chakra. Both ugly words and positive praises have the equal ever lasting effects on the world. Act in grace to communicate with ourselves and others. Strongly connecting to the Vishuddha energy we gain the ability to hear and speak the Truth, our Truth. We gain openness to see life with a greater understanding. When we are opened and Awakened in the Vishuddha Chakra we find ourselves allowing things to happen as they should unfold. There is no need to avoid any unpleasant things because we understand it does not have to do with us, we are non-reactive.

Communication eventually moves beyond words and energetically we are able to express our Truth in any clairvoyance form. The Yantra is the silver crescent within a white circle (the full moon) is surrounded by sixteen petals. The silver crescent represents the pure cosmic sound, the lunar symbol of nada. The crescent symbolizes purity and purification. Allow and visualize the sixteen petals opening at your throat.

Here is where our personal will meets the Divine will. Where we can express our own Truth and also what we receive from the higher chakras.

Sense: hearing, chanting, singing, speaking, reading aloud. The vibrations of these affect the body and are a way to vibrate into the Vishuddha. Take this week to really vocalize everything if you are reading something read it with sound. Sing in your car, rock out on your way to work. Let go of any fear of speaking.

The main issue is communication and self-expression and feeling like you don't have a voice. It can also focus on faith or trust. Vishuddha incorporates the higher levels of spirituality with the trust that becomes from believing you can speak your truth and the inner knowing that comes because you channel it from Source. When you are balanced in this you are content, at ease in communication and are often inspired artistically to create or paint your world any color you wish.

Childhood traumas also can impact this chakra. As children are often made to believe they are worthless or told to "be quiet" not to be seen or heard, or rejected. This later settles into the Vishuddha Chakra. People who put on a mask to hide or wish to blend in because no one will value their opinion or they think they are not worthy of expressing themselves. Someone else will speak up and they won't need to. All these and more are connected to the Vishuddha.

The element is Ether/Air
Mantra: Ham (repeat this to yourself often this week)
-Planet: Mercury

Try wearing a scarf this week (blue one even better) to give some love and warm the throat chakra. Over the weekend I for some reason decided to wear a scarf it was not particularly cold but there is something nurturing about wrapping a scarf around your neck (regardless of the temperature). Immediately someone made a comment about it not being scarf weather, I had no reaction of this simply because wearing a scarf truly made my happy. My form of self-expression wished for a scarf to be an accessory for the day. We are all about creativity in this chakra.

Foods to incorporate this week as it is the essential connection to our food. Our intent for our food is set within the Vishuddha as this determines what is good for our highest good. 
-Bramble berries

If you have a wishy washy mentality where you are easily swayed in views a block this chakra is present. If you have over talkative and wish to make light of a situation with constant jokes then there is also a block as well. Both extremes of being shy and not speaking or over speaking. If the Vishuddha is working too fast on overdrive a person might come off as self-righteous, arrogant, and overly talkative without taking the time to listen to anyone around them.

Imbalances may cause these physical manifestations in the body:
-Swollen glands
-Fevers and flue
-Neck and shoulder problems
-Vocal system
-Hormonal Disorders (PMS)
-Mood swings
-Bloating and Menopause
-Water retention and Weight problems

Having a balanced Vishuddha Chakra is not hiding anymore in anyway. When you are balanced and in Truth you speak, listen and act in Truth. Remember speaking your truth as well as incorporating all the other chakras is very important. You can say what you wish in truth but also you need to harness the powers of all the other chakras to push this into action. 

Scent therapy:


New pieces. This Truth Necklace. It is very powerful necklace that activates and works with your Vishuddha Charkra. Agate crystals channel and are activated in various healing sounds to bring peace, truth, compassion, love and self-expression to you. Blue beads bring forth more of the color therapy energy of the Vishuddha.

Heart Truth is a charm that can be worn on a chain individually or if you'd like it to be attached to a necklace I offer this as well or personalized necklace for you. It is activated with various healing sounds to bring peace, truth, compassion, love and self-expression to you. 

Here are some other necklaces that also work with the Vishuaddha Chakra.
Singing Meditation Crown Necklace made me particularly happy creating it which came very much with ease. The blue shades are for the throat chakra to speak the truth and to find balance in communication. As we become balanced and tuned into the higher chakras as too does our throat to be able to communicate and express. The circle pendent has various circles and creates a harmonious sound when you walk. It is a very comforting sound that is gentle and can aid in moving meditation. This can be worn however you'd like, as it is all about freedom of expression. The colors of all these are even more vibrate in person, as photos can change up the frequency of the colors. 

Divine Blue Twin Flame Remembrance Necklace is made with blue beads and two silver hearts coming together it is perfect when you wish to speak the truth to someone. 

Here is the sacred space I created for the Vishuddha. Many sacred pieces make up this alter for this week. Find what speaks to you. I will cover the cards at a later time so stay tuned! Take in all the healing properties. Find your creative expression, what represents you? 

The crystal grid for the Vishuddha includes: Blue Lace Agate, Angelite, Aquamarine, Sodalite, Laporadorite, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Amazonite, Quartz, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Calcite, Yellow Citrine, Remembrance Stones.

I invite you to take some time find a quiet place and meditate with this playing. It can feel and sound intense at first especially if you have a block somewhere in your Vishuddha Chakra. Sit with it breathe it in this is a preview of what I offer in a one-on-one session pertaining to chakras. We experience this together and what stirs up in you we discuss and clear it energetically away. Email if you'd like to schedule a one-on-one session.

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