Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The Vishuddha energy is coming up already this week. It is about being truthful to yourself. Not only speak your truth but being honest with you to you about everything. I had an interesting conversation which addressed this theme of knowing you and being honest and in truth with the reality of who you are not who you think you are or who you wish to be viewed as. We are far past this (all we have worked on) however we of course encounter these people who still have the veil over their eyes and are not living their truth. 

I made an observation, in a nonreactive place in this conversation. I no longer wished to participate because this as I said before is not of my path. I am not to "fix" anyone, my energy is better served elsewhere. I know my truth, I am not here to help anyone find theirs who are still so shut down and hiding behind false veils. The topic of the conversation does not matter, as it generally can apply to any situation with anyone we come in contact with. When someone is aware or when someone makes an observation if you are willing to shift and address maybe something you were not aware of, it does take sometimes an outside person making an observation. It is your reaction, do you even react? Do you take it as an observation and observe it. See what truth is in it for you. Spoken of truth. So in this case, the response I got was "I'm surprised you feel that way, nothing could be further from the truth." However, notice the energy in these words. Truth just happens it spills out of us when we are clear and unblocked not hiding and living and speaking and acting in our truth. This person views truth one way from how it is carried out in living reality. The mind is just the mind. Naturally there is nothing I can say to change this opinion for this person. If it were furthest from the truth then my Soul Essence would have felt it, would have seen it, experienced it, would have at least sensed it being in there somewhere. This is where we go with intuition here, as words are just words. An awakened person may have taken an observation not with fighting it and closing up but instead looking at why I or you might be feeling this way. As we speak our truth this week and moving forward, we are bound to have interactions like this. Where we speak from a place of intuition of our own inner knowing, and those who are tricking and deceiving themselves (still) may and will react in a way like this. 

At first I wished to respond back in some way, but realized none of this will help because this individual wants to continue to think one way. The truth is the truth. When actions and vibrations don't match up to the truth pay attention to this also, more so when words don't match up. The imbalance is in some part of the Vishuddha. We can all talk to people who are living in their heads and they think they are the best person, nicest, sweetest, chivalrous, most hospitable person on the planet but when they live in their head and don't interact in these ways to people what good does it do to simply think they are these things? Who are they really fooling here other than themselves? What is even the point to boosting yourself so high and thinking all these great attributes if you never act out on them? Therefore these attributes are locked away. It is the same as saying I thought about helping a homeless person today get a meal, therefore I am a humanitarian. In reality, when the opportunity comes and they run into a homeless person they just pass them by on the street with no look or pay attention. A thought is just a thought. Saying it is just words. To have an opened Vishuddha is to be in truth all the time not to lie to yourself. Or talk yourself up, this is an imbalance in other chakras too. So as we experience these qualities in others take notice. Know that you are in a secure grounded place it is not your place to fix them. You might bring up something to them, but you may be faced with resistance or denial. Burn some sage for them, release any attachments they have tried to put on your through their words of denial. If they don't want to further think about it on their own it is not for you to change that.

All this expanding and Awakening is really simple and easy and going with the flow. Energetically you release this energy too as we speak our truth it is realizing many right now will see us in a place and might wish to move along with us but don't want to face the icky truth of exactly who they are. Of course we all have shadow parts of ourselves this is where the balance happens. It is embracing all part of who you are. I am extremely grateful that I am trusting my inner knowing. I am speaking my truth. I am embracing all of me, who I am. I am knowing exactly what I need. I am not sugar coating. I am fully expressing myself. Those who accept all of me know I come from a place of compassion. Not all interactions will be pleasant of course, we live in a world of many types of individuals. However, it is being honest with yourself at all costs in all situations. Listen to the heart. Listen to your gut. Listen to the vibrations. Hear the truth behind all the fog and clouds.

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