Monday, April 21, 2014

The Cardinal Grand Cross April 23, 2014

This week we are in the middle of this intense April energy. We are midway in between the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energy (from April 15) heading to the New Moon Solar Eclipse energy coming April 29. Although North America will not be able to see this Solar Eclipse it will happen the evening of April 29. As we lead up to this, this week we have the Cardinal Grand Cross peaking on Wednesday. The four planets create a perfect square around the Earth and with Earth in the center. These planets act as a catalyst for personal and collective shifts.

If you are noticing heightened emotions, personal growth, and some unexpected events- it is all happening to bring deeper emergence of our true self. Clarity and light is showing who is truly supporting us, and what relationships or agreements are truly strong and what parts of these relationships need to be mended. As you experience this week stay focused and ground in nature.

This magnificent energy has been building since last year. Since February three planets of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have been forming a T-Square. This happens when two opposite planets are of each other opposite and the third wedges itself between them creating a right angle to both.

This energy has been building from December 27, 2013 until May 14, 2014 as all four planets are 8 degrees within each other. We feel the push/pull vibrations. Since Mid-February the three planets of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have only been moving closer and we feel stronger and stronger energy from them. 

The square energy allows us to unlock, un-bottle all the stuff that has been ignored, packed down- finding the courage now to confront it, doing so now will allow your life to transform forever!!

What is happening Wednesday, the Grand Cross ... the fourth planet, Mars, enters so that two planets are 180 degrees (opposite of each other) and all four planets together form a harsh right 90 degree angle to each other i.e. a square.

April 23 all these planets are stationed 13 degrees of each other creating a breaking point. The energy will be impossible to ignore so bring it into action! This is our turning point. All this tension has been building and building for more than a year, as Pluto and Uranus have been in 90 degree square formation (here and there) since 2012. It will remain until 2015.

This Grand Cross are in cardinal signs which cardinal signs are about major parts of our life. Driven in identity and leadership. Each of these cardinal signs forming the square are one of each element.

Aries (Cardinal Fire): The self, ego, individual concerns

Cancer (Cardinal Water): Home, roots, family, security, emotions

Libra (Cardinal Air): Relationships, compromise, mutuality, interpersonal matter

Capricorn (Cardinal Earth): Work, image, career, public life

The planets in these signs and how they will relate to us:

Uranus in Aries brings power to people. It brings about radical change and goes against anything that feels like suppression. Uranus will be autonomous in Aries until 2018. Here we are inspired to look more into individual rights, freedom.

Jupiter in Cancer brings expansion, luck and abundance. We are open to the new influences that Jupiter has to offer. We are feeling in our happy place when this planet is in Cancer. Jupiter remains in Cancer until July 2014 and we are looking to ways to expand our family, concept of home and finding compassion along the way.

Mars in Libra brings the peace maker energy until July 25, 2014. We are looking at contradictions here because Libra is associated with relationships. We may experience conflict during this period looking to ways to negotiate, compromise but at the same time to stand up for yourself too.

Pluto in Capricorn brings our hidden power and our shadow unconscious impulses to light. Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2024 and rules structure, systems and brings about transformation to all corruption. We are moving towards how to change the foundations of society, government, family, corporations, etc.

Forming the Square the planets that oppose each other.

Jupiter opposite Pluto brings expansive and growth qualities. As we evolve Pluto has us deal with the hidden, buried stuff we have tucked away. Cancer is of the home and Capricorn of the career, we may be rebalancing these areas. Family and authority figures may come into play too.

Jupiter and Pluto both bring emotional and mental processing. If you have been feeling off but not sure why, having sleepless nights, stressed out dreams or fears coming up in dreams- this is your unconscious off loading some buildup. It is your detox of things that need to come to the surface, allow it. Allow all this to just flow, come up, come out. Don't put too much weight on it. Observe. Release. Cleanse. Journal if you wish if this helps to release it. You can also burn your writings.

Mars opposite Uranus brings rash and brash possibly anger. Mars is the warrior and Uranus is the revolutionary. Mars in Libra is about relationships and Uranus in Aries is about self. You can have this tug of war feeling in your mind, like are you giving too much of yourself for others? If you've been feeling selfish in terms of a relationship all for a compromise to happen. At any point you feel like your needs aren't being met, or wish for things to move more productively forward grow some and stand up for yourself use your voice! Caution of course as this time is very heated in emotions- be mindful of what you say. I personally am laying low until after Wednesday simply observing what emotions and thoughts come up to the surface before I act on anything.

As the planets are 13 degrees of each other on Wednesday this in numerology the number of 13 is associated with death. Death of course is transformation. We are moving even further into the new and a huge major transformation. Our life is radically changing right now. Allow for it. All this energy eases up come May, so allow for this transformation. If you get overwhelmed take some for you.

I have been feeling intense energy since I woke up with many dreams. Impulsive behavior may not be the best this week, allow for the dust to settle from the Grand Cross energy. Thursday and into the weekend seems to be when we settle back ... in the mean time just enjoy the ride. You aren't in this alone we are all feeling this intense energy. This is a positive time for transformation!! Enjoy!