Monday, April 7, 2014


I am already feeling the side effects of this week. Monday is our final day in our Vishuddha fitting that expressive Mercury changes signs. It is now in the impulsive candid sign of Aries for two weeks. We are able to be direct and blunt to have the courage to speak our Truths. Break it down if needed so that it is clarified to the best degree possible. The shortest of messages can have the biggest impact until April 23. 

Tuesday the Sun is in Aries and Mars in Libra sit opposite each other. This brings combative transit forces that head us directly into combat with conflict. Mars is still in retrograde and these conflicts have been hidden since then, now is the time to speak with compassion not go to battle with harmful words. Think more in terms of "I feel __ when you do/say/act this way" we have this energy until Friday so when things stir up find your truth of expression, so that you no longer have to feel those icky feelings from someone (who might not know they are hurting you.) Have compassion we all at times might wish to say it straight up but keep to kinder and gentler words this week however stay in your truth. It is about balance.

As we head into the weekend. Friday and Saturday Neptune and Venus line in the same degree. This brings two days once a year of heart to heart that brings fairytale qualities to romantic interactions. Enjoy this escape and creativity that dreamy Neptune will bring. So if you haven't burnt bridges by going off the deep end and speaking harsh words to a person ... this energy will carry to blissful divinity with the ability to smooth over any rough patches.

Here's some fun about the moon today: