Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Owl Cocoon of Tranformation

Magical indeed. I am glowing! Can you feel when you are glowing? I was given some good advice for
the day, drink lots of water. Floating ...

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” - Thích Nhất Hạnh, Stepping into Freedom: Rules of Monastic Practice for Novices

In this time when we have opened the Crown Chakra we are expanding, transforming, all that we feel.... it is remembering when anything gets out of balanced or you feel overwhelmed (by anything) focus on the breath. Breathing does so much. 

That is what I wrote last night before I finished it ... this morning I am feeling something different. I was going to speak about the Salem show and the connection with witches and light beings.  However, it came to my attention that many are feeling ungrounded or out of bodyish experiences. This nothing to be alarmed over. Breathe deeply, go barefoot, take a walk in nature literally. Feel the dirt, grass, sand, etc on your feet. Breathe deeply. Sit on the ground. Whatever makes you feel connected to the Earth, do so. It is Earth Day. Above all bring nature to you.

We have the Grand Cross Square tomorrow and had meteor showers from Lyra last night. Many cosmic things are happening. Being sensitive to these can of course make you feel out of balance literally. As I said before just lay low. I have been feeling protective and in a cocoon since Sunday night, I'm not pushing my energy out. All that is noted of me from people I come into contact with is that I am glowing but beyond that even I feel like I have this protective shield around me where not much is leaving me. My best example is last night I felt extremely hyper and realized I was not of myself. I was observing this other personality coming out of me. As such it released and has passed the moment I woke up this morning. If you too notice a temporary shift in yourself or seeming to act like a completely different person (Monday-Wednesday) just take note, observe, flow, and let it pass like clouds when it is ready.

The connections from the interactions aren't there simply because I am in this cocoon, it could be called a disconnect of sorts. As we are in transformation of our gifts, I have noticed this sensation before. Internally it's building, I see the connections with other beings, but my Soul has shut down from reaching out and having energetic vibration connections going on. This is not to say they don't exist anymore (if you too are experiencing this). Again why I said previously making decisions in terms of relationships right now Sunday-Thursday morning may be premature. Simply because we are cocooned right now. In the transforming it is building stronger and stronger this attraction, this self-interest, this aura, healing, from the inside and it is just swirling around and around in this shield or cocoon you have created around yourself (even if its unconsciously created) it's there. I have experienced this physically this boundary. Allow it to be so. We will emerge from it around Thursday and we will experience clear mindedness and even stronger sensations than we felt before we headed into this over the weekend. All the relationships in your life will be stronger than they were before this week as this veil- this fog of the cosmos lifts on Thursday. So Thursday into the weekend, no worries all will be even better than it was before in terms of relationships in your life. All of the ones I spoke about over the Eclipse Full Moon, all that survived this past year. If you observe things are off with people, you aren't connecting with certain people, the vibration seems to be different than before. It is temporary. These relationships aren't fading away- we are all just floating and flowing downloading various information. 

My channeled images and messages, we are straying slightly right now in this fog from our minds, but once the fog lifts, we are golden. Take care of yourself the next two days. Dreams can simply just show fears. The last two nights I have had two distinct dreams. Both once I have given thought to them are simply my mind releasing fears of a reality that is not this reality. Visions and dreams are different, I have recognized that since Sunday all things I see while sleeping are not visions but simply my conscious mind showing me a reality where my fears come to be. 

I began to make observations now reading about the white owl that I had in a vision of a white owl on Monday ... it relates to we are awakening and also the shadows and secrets are coming out. Moving forward is scary. When you don't act so in love this is where as I noted in my dreams the fear comes in and influences. Trust me I saw the reality of how fear can change a life- go the route of love! It may seem easy to not act, not have balls, to just stay comfortable, however in the long run this is torturous and turns into a difficult unhappy life. Especially once you realize that you were so close to obtaining everything in your dreams and wishes had you not given in to fear just kept moving forward it would have come to be. The dreams also showed that if one steps and walks in fear and follows it down the path, it can be remedied but it is a detour and longer journey to recovery but recovery can be. Meaning you're not stuck.

"The white owl (or snowy owl) always sits above me during my meditations. He is my Guardian Spirit Animal Guide. This is sone attributes of the white owl:
The owl is the symbol of
the feminine, the moon and the night.
The owl is the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom.
The owl is associated with Athena.
An owl totem gives you the power to extract secrets.
Meditate on the owl and things will be revealed.
Listen to its voice inside of you.
You will hear not what is being said by others, but what is hidden.
You can detect subtleties of voice that others cannot.
People cannot deceive a person who has an owl totem.
Owl people can see into the darkness of others souls.
Most owl people are clairvoyant because of this ability.
It can be very scary at times.
Learn to trust your instincts about people.
Let your owl totem guide you.
The spiritual meaning of a white owl means you’re maturing. it also can mean you’ve been given more wisdom. Lastly, it can also mean developing and evolving as a person.
In Native American culture, many tribes looked to owls for wisdom and protection and would even wear their feathers as talismans. If you are lucky enough to find an owl feather, keep it forever. Owls were considered in many cultures to be bearers of news or even what some call “psychopomps”. A psychopomp is a spirit that takes a person from life to the underworld after death. They act as a guide to the underworld or otherworld.
Owl mythology is a very deep topic and could go on forever. Let’s just remember that owls are our friends and should be respected & honored just as any other animal that lives on Mother Earth. If the owl spirit guide comes to you, be aware and willing to learn from the owl spirit guide. Don’t push aside the message that the owl spirit guide is sending to you. But don’t be afraid of the owl either…there is nothing to fear of this gorgeous, magical creature
Greek & Roman mythology, the owl was associated with the wise goddess Athene. Apparently owls were said to guard the temple of Athene and were thought of as a sign of protection. If an owl was seen before a battle, it was sure that victory was to be had. Athene’s familiar was a “little owl”.
The wise owl spirit guide comes to remind us of our intuition…that inner voice that many of us choose to ignore or not believe in. The owl spirit guide also reminds us to protect what is ours and to not take anything for granted. Protect your property and your family, for this is truly protecting yourself. The owl spirit guide also wants us to know that he is there to help us learn about ourselves in the deepest sense. Learn more about your spirit, push yourself spiritually. Wisdom is life and life is wisdom. What does your owl spirit guide say to you?"

I wish you well on this cocoon journey of transformation!