Thursday, April 17, 2014

Open Heart

Amazing morning. I am soooo happy!!!!! Opening the heart, spreading the love.  Enjoy this crystal grid which came to be this morning in meditation. It opens many channels. Dream big, follow your heart ...Vacations of all kinds should be had a conversation I had this morning as where you go doesn't much matter- it's your mindset and changing up your scenery. It is following a thought and a dream ... allowing yourself to just wander and flow. 

After seeing hearts yesterday today of course the focus opening the heart ... being open ... because
when we are open in our Crown Chakra it is openly channeling the messages from the Divine. It is knowing and trusting, and when you become unsure in anyway it is instead of thinking about it is turning to your heart and feeling what resonates in your heart. As it knows things and feels things the mind cannot grasp. I have been noticing this, I sometimes get asked- how do you know? I may only get a feeling, I just have this very strong knowing ... this expression of it however it comes for you is you being your authentic true self. The veil is still thin so speaking with angelic beings or beings in general is still very strong as it was on the night of the Full Moon Eclipse.

Poof magic this quote found me and I think it really does speak volumes we have been dreaming much of this year of wishes which go hand in hand with dreaming. The energy is about doing and putting these dreams into action. Our imagination is limitless as are our dreams. We have no more excuses. Everything we have planned and planned months and months ago is here, coming to be now or maybe it has just happened. Either way embrace all the emotions and feelings that go along with this, this is your heart feeling out all this which you have dreamt about for so long, coming now to be in your life, on all levels. An open heart allows the Divine and Universe and all the messages to pour in and out of you radiating your bright light out into the world. So sparkle and shine!! Walk your confidence knowing you are exactly where you need to be, you are you and appreciated, loved unconditionally.