Saturday, April 12, 2014

Midnight Pink Full Moon April 15, 2014

Ready for this coming week??!!!! Buzzing literally feeling it already ... so much happening we are in for so much it's so exciting! As we lead up to the midnight Pink Blood Full Moon Eclipse April 15. Monday April 14 we are preparing and building into all of the energy even more. April 14 brings so much intensity as Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn and remains here for five months. This takes us to focus on our internal transformation. The change happens within. I know me better than anyone else is what we will be whispering.

To have effective change during Pluto's retrograde it is now looking inside ourselves look at awareness. Awareness is the first step to enlightenment. What is awareness? It is looking at what stirs up in you beliefs, fears, and attitudes that forming choices and decisions we make. To not judge yourself in any way notice automatic assumptions that come up and what might you shy away from. It is a path of exploration dealing with our new position in unlimited place of self courage. Capricorn gives us opportunity to look at our power. We of course also now learn how to differentiate between power of authentic self-expression, flexibility and following our path verses the force of making someone do something, manipulating through charm or even cheating. Deep transformation is possible. Change is inevitable but it's moving with awareness that this is positive as we are moving in the direction of where we wish to head.

"What is the relationship between awareness and thinking? Awareness is the space in which thoughts exist when that space has become conscious of itself." Eckhart Tolle

This all leads up to of course to the midnight Full Moon Tuesday April 15. I will be leading a Full Moon Intention Circle Monday night April 14.  More below ... 

April 15 marks the first Lunar eclipse of this month it's first of four consecutive full eclipses which happen about six months apart from each other. These are all full energy eclipses (solar and lunar). Once again the energy of four the square. These are all going to be visible somewhere in the US, as some of the past ones last year were not visible in the US. 

This Full Moon energy happening April 15 at 3:42am (ET), 12:42am (PT) crazy amounts of cosmic energy. The midnight April 15 Eclipse will begin at April 15 12:53am (E.T), 9:53pm (PT) April 14. 

How to view the Eclipse, note that any change in the moon's appearance won't begin to be seen until about 50 minutes later when a slight shadowing or shading will be viewable on the left side of the moon. At 3:06am (ET), 12:06pm (PT), the eclipse will reach totality and it's glowing from within from it's own light will be viewable with a telescope or binoculars. At 3:45am (ET), 12:45am (PT) is when the sun, earth and moon will be almost exactly in line and the light with the moon will appear at its dimmest but it will also be full. By 4:24am (ET), 1:24am (PT), the totality ends and the moon will continue to move until about 5:33am (ET), 2:33am (PT).  So we have Peak Full Moon and Peak Eclipse happening within minutes of each other!!

Eclipses on both new and full moons push our efforts it's energy is soo massive and super sized. This Full Moon Eclipse is in Libra. Libra is the sign of partnerships. Months ago I said something critical that Aries April would be a very important month in terms of the Full Moon this is why. Relationships are the theme of this week. It is now balancing the power. Figuring out here what is really right in front of us! It is now all about creating harmony and restoring. Eclipse energy is all about revealing the shadow and hidden opportunities. I have not been called to speak about releasing things on Full Moons (for the past couple months) simply because we are not operating as we did in past full moons. We can release at any time. In this Libra Full Moon energy it is about the opportunities to improve, to allow the unexpected to happen when the light of realization shines. I keep getting the message that now moving on these Full Moons are so different from any other. Not even to read or go about them in the same release fashion we have before. In this case it is all about preserving the long term relationships that are still with us now that have survived all of the other stuff from earlier this year. There is a reason why these have remained (in whatever form they are in right now) perhaps some TLC is needed. Areas we have been neglecting. 

This Full Moon we are focusing on relationships and ways we can improve our self and bring Libra energy into all aspects of our lives. Libra is about partnerships but there needs to be a balance that is struck so that you aren't in either extreme. Regardless of your sign, you can still have some Libra energy influence you during this time. Libra energy is happiest when having someone else around to do the work for you and happiest around many people to also incorporate doing the work for yourself and realizing you can't always be around people 24/7. It is now finding ways to improve yourself to be content with who you are. As improving our self goes hand in hand with all partnerships, all relationships too. We learn here to find peace, true feelings need to be expressed and shown not to hide or bend then just to bring peace to a group environment. We cannot make anyone happy and no one else can make us happy so this is all about balance how to bring about peace while acting in true self. We are able to see others view point and prospective very well in Libra. As we focus on relationships possibly look at why someone has been acting a certain way, was there something you've been missing? Look to ways ask for ways to strengthen relationships. 

This Full Moon make a list of all the things you wish to improve in your life. Especially in the area of relationships as this is the theme. However you can list and speak about any areas in your life. Listen to your intuition when you hear the voice allow your heart to move you in the direction you are headed. All the answers are in you in your heart. We have been Awakening our intuition ... the mind can think we have to wait, or shouldn't do this or that ... here give it to the Full Moon. Give her all this, your heart always knows. The Moon and your Intuition work in the Feminine energy, trust she will guide you. 

Cleanse your space, set out your crystals for a Full Moon charging bath. Dance under the Full Moon. Speak to her and tell her all that you want to improve in your life. Walk barefoot (enjoy the Moon light).

During the Full and New Moons, the body’s healing potential is at its peak. Detox with moon phase bathing. 

I am very excited to share we will be having our first official Full Moon Intention Circle, join me Monday April 14 as we harness into the energy of the Full Moon and Eclipse. Visit our new Elestial Events page:
 for all the details. It will begin 9:00pm (PT), 12:00am (PT) April 15 lasting about 30 minutes. We will share our intentions- (or the ones you feel comfortable sharing and wish to have some extra energy sent with them) and also a meditation. Email: to RSVP and I will send you the contact link to join or RSVP and contact via Facebook.

I pulled some cards for the Full Moon... First up is Trust and Forgiveness card calling us to Trust the Universe. Allow yourself to trust that any relationship to work (including with yourself). Trust the other person. Forgive yourself too. This opens up the outlet to forgive others once you are able to forgive yourself.

Love starts with you. Self Love here!! Once you love yourself so much more opens up.

The inner knowing inside you the intuition is very strong during this Full Moon because they are both using the feminine energy. Once you begin to trust your gut, it grows stronger. When you wonder is this the direction I should head? Ask your heart, not the logical mind. Go with your feelings.

We are all further developing our spiritual gifts or clairvoyance. These come naturally the more Aware and Awaken you become. Allow it to flow into you. As you become more in tune with your intuition your spiritual gifts will naturally begin to take a bigger presence in your life.