Friday, April 4, 2014


Various conversations and poof I get an epiphany. Last week I was told to watch a show called The Tomorrow People. I am still early in this series however it has captured my attention. Further in the past couple weeks I have been watching a show with my Sister in Light, after a while we have asked each other questions of is this possible? Further we discuss how at times this show mirrors my life. Our life.

The more and more I am looking at mainstream shows are coming up like Star Crossed that attempts to shed light on beings that have abilities. I have started watching some of these shows to see where writers feel this movement is going. Where it can go. I had another conversation telling me how this will never be, it will be stopped and trapped and controlled and people will find ways to trick. Yes we intend to be good but one way or another it will never lift off the ground. I heard this out of fear and of course a closed mind. We make it however we want it to go. If we listen to all the negative we would of course surly never get anywhere. But this is so much bigger than you or me. It is a whole. It is moving forward. In shows and movies there always has to be conflict in some way but its just that a story. Of course much can be taken apart of what is "Hollywood" and what is reality. If we continue to think that we won't be received well or people will wish to cage us or trap us or stop us, this is staying in the past and not seeing the reality is that evolution is here. It is in daily life. We create the reality we wish being in positivity manifests. All I have met may not understand me or know how to relate to me but they do try to understand even if they do not agree or it does not resonate with them. Where are we in this Ascension and potentially where we can go, as we are limitless. I have often felt watching one particular Vampire show that the producers (which I have run into before) are in fact just copying my life as things mirror way too much. 

In the coming months, ahead I will be addressing and discussing this side more. As mainstream watches for entertainment shows or movies that are about humans with "magical powers" or an evolution of a super human race or aliens who are humanlike who have come here to Earth. I have found this all fascinating. Of course mainstream still wishes to push fear and anxiety into our energy by way of various different ways. However I enjoy watching these shows for the elements of story and how writers and producers are introducing these extra ordinary talents and gifts to mainstream. It's really not just science fiction anymore. 

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More creating!! Find your way of expression, I will be sharing enjoy some of the spring flowers I passed on my adventures out. Always enjoyable meeting people I know when I'm out dancing in a shop is a great way to spend a Friday it brought a smile to my face. Enjoy your Friday!! Off to more adventures