Sunday, April 27, 2014


I see now why Lyra would be my first meteors I would see ... a except came upon me 

Myasmia YaNonia YaSintay
"In the higher-dimensional worlds beyond Lyra all is light.
Many beings are to come to you fromthese worlds. They will come
two udarbejde you for your higher purpose and the destiny path of 
your soul. The many that will come to teach and commune with
you will kick the mange som list. "
He Placed the key into Essayenya's right hand and supported
it with her left.
"Say these words three times. These words are said in the language of the higher ones from beyond Lyra. They are precise
codings of sound and light thatwill create an opening for your
soul. They will activate knowledge and potential nemlig beyond
what you have the Accrued i de 12-dimensional worlds of the
lower heavens. "
He said only three words,
Myasmia YaNonia YaSintay

Exert from Sunshine Before The Dawn, by Judy Satori

Of course literally having to travel miles away to a place to see Lyra above the clouds. It would only and forever be with the person I shared this experience with viewing of Lyra. For these three words resonate and vibrate to us. On a night of falling stars, we gravitated to the place to view them and now the activation with these words ... shown through this except. If you too were called to view Lyra on Monday night ... your knowledge and potential wishes to be activated beyond where you have been.

More and more as I listen ... I hear very distinct messages. One in particular came that if you have been in many relationships over your lifetime and you feel unsure about any now current relationship. You have yet to figure out who you are. When you are in stillness and on your own, you find yourself. It becomes clear once you know who you are, to who / what you want. At the present, you don't really know what you want but you know exactly what and who you want to be with but you just don't realize it yet because you don't know who you are. This message has been coming loud and clear to myself and my sister in light about others. In our aiding to those who are still wondering where do I go from here? Distinctly a message came to me Friday night I tuned into this ... if it pertains to you on a situation you have been milling over. This relates to a mutual question pertaining to the question "I am unsure about my relationship with ___ what are we?" Perhaps you too have been asking this question. The male voice I heard as clear as day said very directly "___  marry ___" ... with this message I somehow got dialed into this as the male voice mentioned the male name first then the female's name. For privacy I am not mentioning the names. Tone being just go with the obvious stop trying to fight it. This I see how it pertains generally to many others in similar uncertainty about a situation. Commitment of any kind is scary, yes but it is just fed by fear. Not doing anything you can loose, doing something you can loose- this is the negative way to view a situation. Verses You do something you can receive everything. It of course brought a smile to my face ... because everything is so simple.

This beautifully written about the New Moon / Solar Eclipse I am sharing also as it's another view on this experience that is here and is coming.
✣ New Moon / Solar Eclipse - 29 April 2014 ✣
The first eclipse on the Full Moon this month opened the portal to the intense time of transformation and opportunity and this new moon is a great time to evaluate where you are, what you have learned, what you have committed to, whom you are with, and where you are going.
Hopefully the shake up of the last few weeks will have set you on a track that supports you and is aligned with spirit.
Closing this eclipse period with Taurus Solar Eclipse New Moon, we gladly stretch our limbs and arch our backs while inhaling the fragrances of spring and taking in the many sensual gifts of the season.
We have come through a major planetary alignment, been witness to some of our personal darker corners, yet also touched into some very higher-centered energies of inspiration, change and movement in new directions.
Projects, gardens, relationships, adventures are springing into life. Taurus, the feminine, Earth power sign ruled by beautiful Venus, is a magnificent mentor for this time. After a time of rapid acceleration, we need to pull back and integrate, rest. Taurus’ goal is peace, and we get there by being, not doing.
Taurus is that fertile place inside all where we gestate new life. Let this time of huge growth spurt now take root inside you. Taurus takes that powerful, risk-taking initiation of Aries and grounds it firmly into practical manifestation. Benefit from Taurus’ enjoyment of the physical pleasures, of embodied experience. A fragrance enhanced massage, music, a meal cooked and shared with good company,
anything that brings you and your body into contentment will be honoring of Taurus and Venus too.
Taurus folks have an earthy, connected relationship with plants, animals, and all of nature. They teach us how to build step by step, persevere, and be practical. Taurus is about having an abundance of self-love and self worth to fund gratitude and appreciation for the world as it is and to reach out and help others. Taurus has solid, unshakable values. What do you value above all else right now?
Taurus brings stability, common sense, and artistic skill and appreciation (thank you, Venus). The tender hearted, dependable and affectionate Taurus part of our self needs only be aware of the slide to stubbornness, over indulgent accumulation, inflexibility and stagnation.
Resistance, in any form, will not serve us now. Reach for those frequencies of empowerment and love that have been opened to us for our healing and rebirth. We all are troubled by the corrupted energies we experience in legal, educational, medical, political areas. Resisting, complaining and railing against these forces is joining them. Working from the positive energies of your heart- cooperation, generosity, all shared energies – is what will change our world in the direction we desire.
Venus, ruler of the chart, is in Pisces. Venus is always about love, relationship, creating beauty and harmony, and with Pisces, our otherworldly abilities come to the fore. At times, she helps us imagine the world webbed in an interconnected dance, to feel the perfection of Spirit working through our lives, to see those struggling with love and compassion.
There is a subtle, but compelling theme in this chart of learning to show up and actively create in the outer world (using masculine energy) while balancing our ability to remain open and receptive to magnetize and receive (using feminine energy) both inspiration and resources to continue creating. Adjustment and elimination of blocks may be called for to bring these parts of ourselves into smoother working order. We refine these skills for our evolutionary growth.
Look to those Piscean ruled ones this Moon for guidance – the imaginative ones, the artists, visionaries and those tempered by hardship who have come through stronger, wiser and more loving.
Yes, the Grand Cross has reached and passed its moment of exactness, but these large planets move slowly, so its influence will be ongoing and unfolding, and every time the Moon swings by one of those four corners of the squares in Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, it will be activated again like plucking a string on an instrument and send vibrations out into your life.
The Solar eclipse at New Moon, though visible only in the south Indian Ocean, Australia and Antarctica, will culminate this rarified period of alignment creating a reset as the Sun’s light, energy, and magnetic field are temporarily suspended and allow for a new and refreshed alignment. Time to re-ground ourselves using Taurus’ stability and presence. Whether from garden or trail, field or mountain, put your feet on the ground or better yet, put your back on the Earth and root yourself deeply down to the core of Mother Earth and draw up her love, nourishment and support into your body and ask for her guidance for a vision of your future self.
Coming on May 1st/ or May 5th (15º Taurus) is Beltane, a Gaelic celebration of the midpoint of spring and summer. The night fires and colorful May poles are to bring dance, reveling, joy and the opening of our hearts to all the creative juices flowing upward and outward at springtime.
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