Thursday, April 10, 2014

Intuition & Updated Goodies!!

I heard this and I really like it so I will share it as well. View intuition like your best friend welcome her into your home and life. Intuition is associated with the moon and female qualities. When you trust and welcome her in she speaks those little voices, your gut. When you feel or hear your intuition if you get unknown where you should head ... lead with your heart ... your mind or the mind chatter will wish to direct you. You may even let it for a while ... but when dealing with your intuition and you hear the voice or the feeling whatever it is allow the heart to decide.

Such a good morning!!! Productive day!! I have been busy adding some new goodies. Finally this page has a donation button to the right (if you view the page in entirely web view) it will show up, as many have been asking for it. The Etsy page is updated. The website page is updated!!! More resources than you could ever want on crystals, zodiac, more products. More is still to come but I had to share. 

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Creating unity beyond our community on all levels. Various events all to raise the vibration ... bring your gifts, your clairvoyance. Collectively when a group all forms together at the same time, magic happens.

Elestial Events: Full Moon Intention Circle. Magnifying our energy vibration right before the peak of the Full Moon and Eclipse. On April 14 at 9-9:30pm (PT), 12-12:30am(ET) April 15.