Monday, April 7, 2014

Glow Love

Friday has to be one of the best full days of my life!! So full of surprises and love. I got carried off away after doing a good deed. My adventure began ... traveling, wandering about ... I found many treasures, being at the perfect place and at the perfect time. I heard my name called and a warm smile greeted me it's amazing how energy can impact so many. When I looked over I received a smile and dancing. I couldn't help but laugh because here he danced over to me gave me a hug and as we talked continued to dance away. Energy is infectious it really is! I got some treasures, got a spontaneous idea in my head (and a conversation I had on Thursday really stuck) it's nice to be able to just go, do, create, be, whenever.

I went on my own personal adventure ... treated myself, realized not everything is perfect yes flaws can be found in everything but this is not where we are anymore. The Universe is speaking to us!! In so many ways in so many yummy sounds. I went with the flow. The colors that surrounded me of course show I have evolved ... I am golden just as I saw my reflection.

I was lead Friday night to enjoying a magical sacred space. I was able to play, create and move, embrace, glow, soar and be, ... blissfully yummy in my own space, expand beyond and soak in this sacred space with so many colors. After a while I didn't see bodies anymore, I saw energy I saw and felt everything. When you get out of your head, you see something beyond ... dancing movement and bliss vibrating ... glow love also make me extremely happy so this only added to my excitement. I am free and it's observing those who are still just sitting on the ground not knowing what to do, not knowing yet their expression of self. Observing those of us who do. I glitter. I am the dancing dragonfly ... my Vishaddha loves to be expressive ... so for Friday I played I expressed for those who are perhaps too shy still ... I just let it all go! We flowed. In a beautiful dance. With all the colors ...

Sharing and acknowledging can be infectious I truly enjoyed a conversation I had where I did not have to explain anything of what I have been feeling or going through this past week. Rarely do we interact in this state but now I feel it, I see why we relate so well because at night we are our most true. Day time interaction it's muffled. We both however were not able to stay in one place too long so our exchange seemed really short ... but again if you must wander you must wander.

Are we getting ready for the Third Eye Chakra?!!!! I'm buzzing. I am soo full, we are all such amazing beings so much we possess. Saturday I had many intense dreams. I had many conversations in my dreams with many beings and many people. Each held their own message. Each I spoke with gave their knowledge. I listened. It is about listening sometimes even when you are dreaming or think your dreaming and something may not make sense at that exact moment. I got validation. The next set of dreams I was on a roller coaster like road which was trying to conduct electricity from the speed. I kept seeing various sunsets. Sunsets represent and end of a cycle, a period of rest to contemplate. Exactly where we are in this moon cycle we are resting, we are contemplating. This is exactly where we are as we lead into this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energy!!

Overall the whole weekend I experienced many joys, have you noticed the shift too??


Of course on my nature walk I had to play with the glow love ... it's really the simple things.

Glow Love!

Saturday morning when I woke up I went and wandered and played in the gardens.

After the gardens, I went and asked three questions ... I invite you to do the same right now ask three questions and then read below.

Ready for your answers??

Answer for question #1

Answer for question #2

Answer for question #3

I discovered this song some months ago ... it appeared again ...

Some fun ... yellow bliss in the Saturday sun.

Reminder of course =)

Bubbles!! It is really the small simple things in life. We played and enjoyed you can chase the bubbles at any age. 

Find the simple things that bring you joy! For me it's this wand.

And further living in bliss ... I arrived to a magical surprise waiting for me in the mail!

One of my favorite songs I found by chance, gives me chills, it brings all sorts of remembrance and sensations when I listen to it ...  Title: The Dream is Real