Friday, April 4, 2014


I heard a good thing ... what we think is what we manifest. Thoughts are very powerful. It is thinking this way now and always not just what you want in the future because then the energy gets stuck and stays in the future. I wished for something exciting to come my way (and it did!!) I received a phone call, that made my day! I worked with these lovely crystals yesterday. Sodalite and Aquamarine. Things are just happening!!!

An energetic thought came to me, some days ago for some reason "the four" came into my mind and awareness. Into this Ascension and this Awakening. Today I further got the download of it is four beings with each of the earthly elements. How we strengthen and aid in lifting up our vibration. Moving further it is now about balancing all four elements within ourselves. This Grand Cross Square is all about knowing and learning who we are and how we encompass and harness all the four elements. The Cosmic Dance the balance of these within each one of us. Now we are able to use this energy to channel and pull the Ethers the Cosmos to Gaia. We are able to have and create whatever we wish the time is now to bring heaven here. We live in bliss. We create. We are. 

We learn to feel how we vibrate. How do we communicate? How do we experience? Flow with everything around us. We have been focusing on the lower chakras first so that we can be grounded and centered in ourselves so that we can be aware of how we communicate on all levels. Our spirit is leading us to the expansion to the creative desires. Water represents the emotional, air represents the mental, earth represents the physical and fire represents the spiritual. When we have all of these in one we are whole unified and balanced. Just as when we first started we may have only been aware of one dominate clairvoyance skill, but we have them all. Now it's realizing we have all the elements not just the earth sign that was given to us at birth. Yesterday was a 4.4 day which is why many of us were pulled into time for quiet for even just a minute. This carries on with us now this balance of the four within us not trying it just simply is.

We are all truly stepping out into our own. It is so beautiful here! I am already really truly knowing my vibration, I can only be what I am. I experienced some wonderfully powerful confirmations yesterday. A very short small rainbow appeared in the sky at sunset. I was driving along having this conversation and at the corner of my eye I see a rainbow. When I looked again I saw it was not a full rainbow but all the colors were there in this magnificent sky. I only was able to take a partial picture but it still captures the powerful rainbow energy. As the clouds swirl into the rainbow. I knew immediately this is exactly where I needed to be. This rainbow was to lighten my vibration because I still do get sad when I see potential and glimpses in beings and then see them turning and going in the other direction. Mainly because it takes the same amount of energy (if not more energy to energetically turn the other way and allow yourself to go down what you think is the "easier" path to sleeping). I know all are experiences and all will be as it will be. My emotion of sadness is released once I experience it as the rainbow energy inside me always reminds me even in storms at the end of it the rainbow comes.

We are bursting out of our shells. As we are leading up to the Full Moon it is about embracing who we are and realizing that we create our own reality. It is about looking at how we can improve things in our life. When things don't go exactly how we want or how we envision, change your view on it, change it! Aries energy is very strong right now. It is knowing exactly what you want and going for it. Look at yesterday's sunset! Feel the energy the fire in the sky!! We are our own master creators. I have been noticing within myself when I wish something else to be, I just change my view on it change how I speak change my vibration and poof it happens, it comes to be. I love sitting in a room and observing the energy. I learned a new skill yesterday, I am not called to share it. I tested it out and I received positive feedback. I feel whole and bliss and it is possible to be fully in alignment with heaven inside you 24/7. Glow! Shine! Be your expression the brightest expression of your self!! 
Magical Singing Moon

We are moving closer and closer to the full moon decisions will be made one way or another. Those who are still holding and dragging their feet in some way, you will either move along forward or stay and it will all away, float away. Everything that I read goes with what I have heard within me. There is only deceiving yourself where you truly are. These next days it is being true to you. Realizing where you are. Only you know. As the Moon energy pulls us closer to look deep into our Truth our True Self, in terms of matters that we have been working on or towards it is do you take the leap or let it wash away. When I ask for clarity on this matter because it is a huge cross road- each and every time the answer is the same, you are so close all the work all the visualizing don't give up so easily just because you might not "see it" or recognize it. It is coming it is here! The voices all point to taking the leap. Letting it float or fall away is the easy route. You have been chasing something for so long, we all have if we think about this journey of ours. Enjoy this lovely moon energy! The stars were speaking last night and the moon was singing!! Everything looks different when you allow yourself to "see" it all. I can sit under the stars for hours because I can see so many colors shinning out from them now. Remembrance happens in many many different ways and forms.