Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cosmic Energy

The week ... I decided to meditate inside yesterday. When I opened my eyes I was directed to look up
what I found was this shape color on the ceiling. As we are focusing on the Ajna Chakra it really is going with the flow. There are many videos out there on how to open your third eye ... each is different, guided meditations, etc. I haven't found a quick instant poof it magically is opened sort of experience. It has been gradual as it is all a process.  See what experiences you have this week. Pay attention to them, also let it be. Thinking too hard about any one thing that happens moves shifts the energy about. It's sort of the concept of when you aren't looking at something a leaf moves, because the air is just moving it- the second you look at it and will it to move again, or keep moving the wind stops and it doesn't do anything. Similar in this case, things are happening below the surface. We can feel them, we can sense them. Eventually it just simply is. We are living it breathing it. As we approach closer to the Pink Full Moon on Tuesday, there is a lot of cosmic energy that is already moving.

April 15 marks the first Lunar eclipse of this month it's first of four consecutive full eclipses which happen about
six months apart from each other. These are all full energy eclipses (solar and lunar). Once again the energy of four the square. These are all going to be visible somewhere in the US, as some of the past ones last year were not visible in the US. I will write more on this Full Moon energy happening at 3:42am (ET), 12:42am (PT) crazy amounts of cosmic energy. The midnight April 15 Eclipse will begin at April 15 12:53am (E.T), 9:53pm (PT) April 14. Note that any change in the moon's appearance won't begin to be seen until about 50 minutes later when a slight shadowing or shading will be viewable on the left side of the moon. At 3:06am (ET), 12:06pm (PT), the eclipse will reach totality and it's glowing from within from it's own light will be viewable with a telescope or binoculars. At 3:45am (ET), 12:45am (PT) is when the sun, earth and moon will be almost exactly in line and the light with the moon will appear at its dimmest but it will also be full. By 4:24am (ET), 1:24am (PT), the totality ends and the moon will continue to move until about 5:33am (ET), 2:33am (PT). Stay tuned for more on the Full Moon and events page for upcoming gathering.