Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Be Enlightened April Change Flowers

It is going to be an intense April!! In a good way, no worries or stress we are all going to make it through. As I've seen before April is a good month a big month. I will be sharing generally the whys. If you would like a specific reading for you sign up for a one-on-one conversation session with me. The blustery day is taking away all the icky feelings. Be enlightened it's humbling to know what you know. Bloom like the lotus.

Yesterday was an intense day, when things start to happen just flow with it. I had to take the second half of the day off. The wind was blowing about the Aries energy showing of course it has arrived it is here, it is moving about everything. We are change. All we have been working towards it is time to flow. The wind the breeze moving about all stagnant energies that started to take place within us. We are heading into the Grand Cross it rained once again early last night. Rain storms are so refreshing. I enjoyed some of the sounds as once again I woke up right when the rain started. The Earth is singing. I love to listen and just embrace all of the beautiful sounds. Take notice of nature. 

I wish to share some healing rain sounds that I enjoyed.



My aim is to be Love today. This is one of my favorite quotes it is so amazingly beautiful and
wonderfully true.

There are two eclipses this month set for change to come!! Eclipse energy makes for no more wishy-washy you dwelling but towards movement! The shift is happening. The on the fence about anything (you won't be soon).

I will cover the Full Moon April 15 more in detail but it also is a Lunar Eclipse. This Eclipse is going to be the most powerful energy because it is also working with the Grand Cardinal Cross that is connected four way with Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Mars. All these planets are stationed 13 degrees in the leadership oriented Cardinal signs. This is the time to prioritize and major life breakthroughs happen. It is the most powerful time of the year for placing ourselves in the spot to move into transformation. 

I will cover this Grand Cardinal Cross energy as we approach it for now just enjoy this ride. It will all make sense. Aries energy here is all about getting in touch with the youest you to move in the direction of your deepest dreams. I will instead cover the next few key days this week. Today 4.2.14 the Sun is in Uranus and impulsive Mars ruled by Aries. The unexpected will happen today happy surprises! The trine of Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio today will allow you to focus on work, emotions will support you as you integrate into a faster pace of change right now. We are moving in the right directions, jump forward. Know that Uranus energy might make you a bit nervous, because it is never certain. However you are exactly where you need to be.

Thursday the Sun is in Aries Pluto in Capricorn.  It is about learning about yourself and what you can count on. We are being called to look at the structures we have built up around our lives what are dull, what are exciting? It is looking to the foundation leading to progression in many areas this week for you. Channel any energy that gets stirred up from this. What foundations have you built that might not be all you thought. It can always be modified or changed!

Saturday we move into Venus who visits Pisces. This brings soft energy to surround you from what you have encountered this week. Be alert to any and all misrepresentations that might be going on, Pisces is big on misleading energy. It might just be in your own head. We are still focusing on the Vishuddha Chakra we are being called to push for change in this month. It starts with knowing your voice your truth. It is time to use this energy to come from a place of grounded centeredness and know you are supported in where you are. Aligned with you in you makes all the rest of this so much easier. Things might be feeling overwhelming or calm easy where ever you are we are expanding this week with all these cosmic events. It is only going to get more intense so get the foundation set right now and it will be easy later.

What has been going on is March 30 we had the start of this great shift movement and expansion forward. The New Moon was in a Cardinal sign of Aries it moves us through the first couple weeks of April. This also activates the upcoming Grand Cross and essentially pushes the button to launch us into one of the biggest changes we've felt since (many of us first started feeling this Awakening in 2012). April 1 with the power of the New Moon and forward into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (April 15) and finally directly into the peak of the Grand Cross in 13 degrees around the zodiac April 20-23 ... we are in for a huge crazy shift forward, a new reality, a new you. So this week we are just starting all this energy and movement as many of us felt this awakening happening on the night of the New Moon. 

Notice conversations that happen through the 7th pay attention to these. The Vishuddha Chakra being stirred and blocks cleared with this cosmic energy each conversation has meaning and is individually relevant to each of you and your journey. However trust dreams, the signs around us and our intuition it is guiding us in a way that is all new than before. It takes faith, which is also part of the Vishuddha Chakra, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Just flow with it. Communication is key (even with yourself) at this time. Feel it. Many themes are coming up right now and I will cover them as we approach the Full Moon. Continue to focus on your Truth. Find the way to express yourself, don't hold back. Be bold. Have fun!

If you have a physical injury, sign up for a session and you will be on the mends quickly!! Clearing the chakras physical injuries can come up, as part of your clearing. Noticing this is something else you need to address as the energy has manifested into the physical body. Often it can be overwhelming when it finally settles in physical form. Energetic healing aid is needed to release this stagnant energy! It needs to be addressed, healed and cleared.

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