Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ajna Intuition Clarity

Third Eye ... I wish to write something about the third eye and crown chakra opening that I have heard before from various sources, which states that the crown cannot truly fully open unless you are in fact going to die or dead. This is from old sources, or the old way of thinking, yes it still gets taught I am by no means saying it's wrong or anything negative on this. If you wish to believe this - it is however not the only way of thinking.

Many of the teachers out there are simply passing down what they have been taught. However with the expansiveness and all the daily downloading we are opening up to new dimensions and new channels and new opportunities. Sticking with this older view and thinking we are limited to only experiencing all, thinking this way of an open Crown Chakra limits us and keeps us here forever in the same cycle. There is so much more beyond the Crown Chakra. Perhaps it was not fully accessible as it is now. Grow expand beyond if you believe it happens, if so many teachers said an open Crown Chakra leads to death or is death... it happened before because it was believed. 

Having an open Ajna Chakra is having the courage to listen to your intuition in whatever form it comes to you. The Ajna Chakra is connected with clairvoyance, ability to observe chakras and auras, precognition and out of body experiences (to name a few).

Our ability of intuition and to see with visions comes from the Ajna. It is the center of Divine Wisdom we are able to see and know all truths. We reach this point of knowing what is coming before it comes by being in stillness and not running around or rushing too fast to get to any one place. We act mindfully slowly as we already know what is going to come there is no need to rush or speed ahead. It is that gut feeling that we just know before there is any earthly validation. The more you just go with it the stronger this will grow the more you will recognize it. Travel wherever you will travel allow yourself to let go and see the furthest galaxies that you are taken to.

There are many videos out about how to open your third eye, guided meditations even, listen to your intuition about these. 

Having issues with the Ajna brings about not being imaginative, delusion, spaced-out feeling, worrying, lack of concentration, headaches, neurological problems. Since the Ajna is connected to the pinal glands one may experience eye problems or pain in these areas also. It is creating loving imprints to balance the physical and mental.

Trust your intuition.

Let your imagination lead you.
Having insights to the happenings in any situation.

The Ajna allows us to see memory, images, intuition playing before us. We are able to transcend our egocentricity to find a deeper meaning to everything. Illusions shatter, dreams are integrated, clarity begins, and consciousness extends beyond we are able to know our inner sight.

We have been working up through all the chakras because we have been gaining insight along the way. We have been learning our internal reality what is a pattern of recognition to learn it and it guides us for how we respond and act. This has been leading to more and more insight the ability to see deeper within and recognize this patter deep within us. Our memory is stored beyond the consciousness.

When the Ajna is balanced

-We are intuitive and perceptive
-Have strong dream recall and memory
-Ability to predict the direction life path
-Healthy imagination
-Symbolic thinking
-Recognize patters and their effect
-Release illusionary ways of thinking

We all have natural talents and gifts, the Ajna Chakra allows us to use our intuition and insight without fear or delusion. When we are balanced in our Ajna we are balanced, our clairvoyance opens up and we are able to truly see what is going on in our life. If you want to see what's going on up there close your eyes and peer up between your eyes or eyebrows. We can visualize, receive dream images, recall memories and also know our archetypal energies. 

Lately I have been experiencing dream recalls, this is the relationship between consciousness and the unconscious. There are basic universal archetypes when we view through the Ajna and we can see the patterns and what your personal archetype is. It is important that you deeply trust your intuition, recognize the importance of your dreams, and remember them while also valuing their messages.

For the last day I have been feeling strongly this release and endings ... we are on the verge of endings. It is the ending of life, of our life, our thoughts of how things should go ... the old way of thinking if we are to call it something. This massive release and shedding of our old us has to happen ... we have no room for this where we are headed. We are in Spring we are dawning on this new space this new plane. The death has to happen, I received clarity on what this means ... I know what I know, this has to be ... I'm speaking about not abandoning all the things you wish to have happen this year, or any projects you are creating or people. I am speaking about releasing deep within you. Go down to the core of your existence in there you will find the icky feelings all the things and voices that have always held you back. This is what we are shedding and asked to shed. We already know and have all the answers deep within us they are hidden deep in our memory but to expand and truly remember all of it we have to get past this thick layer that has built up around us. 

I see why and last night I had various beings come visit me they did not call me to channel write any messages for them- but I just observed them as they observed me and they took me to many different places. Wishing me to see but not to be heard by any language. The message is all the same to get to the great meadow to the great valley we have to shed our self so we don't need assistance to reach these places any longer.

We have been missing something all along, key points that were buried below all this layers of ick. As we awaken the Ajna we are able to see and feel this more clearly. Pay attention to your dreams this week. Look to everything, nothing is of your imagination!! If anything odd happens notice it, it's there for a reason. We are on the path, we have strong energies with all the planets remember not to get overwhelmed by a situation or person. Blowing up or getting over emotional with it might be tempting but this will not be beneficial in the long run. Calmness is coming over the weekend, for now glow and flow.

The answers to all my questions lie within me ....
"I trust my insight and intuition"
"I see clearly both in the physical and subtle worlds"
"I see and understand the 'big picture'"
"I envision and create beauty and goodness"
"I am open to experiencing non-ordinary reality"
"I trust my inner self to guide and protect me"
"My imagination is vivid and powerful"

'I am open to the wisdom within me"

When were are living and breathing through our Ajna we get a deep deep sense of remembering and a humbling calming feeling that we have everything we could ever want already. I traveled and experienced something in which in a space I received a rush of remembrance and it's knowing things that I have yet to remember but knowing they are all in me already when the time is right when I am ready they will be revealed to me further.

Walk your path, only yours know your truth and be confident that you are always led exactly where you are meant to be even if its not what you think you want at the time looking back you will see each destination was exactly what you needed ... just go with the flow trust your intuition ... each step you take on your path builds more and more confidence in you feel rooted in yourself as you let go of yourself

When I came to my old blue temple many more familiar things sparked remembrance of things my eyes could not remember but I felt calm and like all my experiences even those I have yet to remember were all there. What will you find in your old blue temple?

Ultimately, of course, there is no other, and You are always meeting Yourself... Eckhart Tolle 

I invite you to take some time find a quiet place focus on your Ajna and meditate with this playing. It can feel and sound intense at first especially if you have a block somewhere in your Ajna Chakra. Sit with it breathe it in this is a preview of what I offer in a one-on-one session pertaining to chakras. We experience this together and what stirs up in you we discuss and clear it energetically away. Email if you'd like to schedule a one-on-one session.

Maya veiling the two eyes of Lord Siva but the third eye penetrates reality.

Beautiful depiction of the energy "Kundalini" rising through the spine into the third eye and above.

"When one sense perceives the hidden, the invisible world becomes apparent to the whole." ~ Rumi 

''Once awareness has moved in the third eye and the third eye starts functioning, It becomes alive... That's why Hindus call it a CHAKRA. CHAKRA means a wheel. The wheel needs energy; once the energy comes in, the wheel starts moving. By 'movement' is meant that it starts functioning. Then a great revolution happens in your being: immediately the lower heart bows down to the higher heart.'' Osho

For eternal sleepers, Dream seems real, till awakening occurs ... Blind to Awareness can only be told again and again that there is an eye which is the real seer.... Knowing fully well that it would not be understood by him, till his eye opens

When the Ajna begins to open fully a sensation will begin to formulate in it's spot ... 

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