Friday, March 14, 2014

Virgo Full Moon March 2014

Everything is changing in such a marvelous way! The shift is here. Literally this morning I woke up
and everything looks different. For me yesterday I was called away from my planned Thursday to experience nature. I wrote the Carpe Diem article but got so caught up in other things the Universe wishing for it to be shared today, but I held the lessons of it yesterday. I have learned to go into something with no expectations, a conversation I held on this topic. To truly live in a state of being. To not plan but exist. Enjoy company. Enjoy conversation. This is exactly what I lived by yesterday and moving forward.

It truly is the little things. I went to a magical place yesterday I walked through a tunnel of pink flowers. Enjoyed the beach. Saw life from new eyes. A very fun nature walk just being silly and just going wherever the wind guided. It of course guided us to another tunnel with a tree house and then to a garden. A wizard was seen along with a orange butterfly. Once again transformation is following it's here it's now. I also saw many birds the number are also of course messages. All these things are small things. It is appreciating all these. So next time you are going some place take time to notice the details. I have really been just not wishing to write much and just go out in nature and enjoy all this energy. I get asked a variety of questions and of course these questions are more for the person asking them than for me. I have come to see their personality their being in these questions.

This morning I felt a huge shift, everything looks differently as I shared. It is so beautiful to have this new spin. As a child I use to do this all the time (unintentionally) but I would look at the same exact thing or place and it would just "look" elsewhere or different. I have been experiencing this all day. Now I am noticing a huge change a shift I am in my head and an intense download is happening. Preparing for the Moon/Saturn Square that happens at 8pm (ET), 5pm (PT).

My way of seizing the day for me started yesterday, the nature walk is exactly when the shift started happening. A true adventure like Alice going through Wonderland. Grounded and rooted I am able to experience all this so much more freely. We are home in our self. In this time we are experiencing much energy. Even last night the moon was calling me to just stand out under the stars and just enjoy all the magical energy. This massive new rebirth is happening. Even today I was told about the series of Blood Moons that are happening soon ... as it happens around every 19 years. 

I have really been noticing what beings are drawn to me and what animals show themselves to me. Each of course has a message. I welcome you to invite this push in this energy. Where are you gravitating? What colors are you noticing? Today everywhere I saw Orange. Of course this is coming to be open more, feel emotions. In the moment experiencing the open Muladhara and Throat chakra I see how this Orange swirling energy is very dominate below my belly button. It is swirling around. 

We are in the Virgo energy now. We are detail oriented we are experiencing the energies of improving things in our life. We are looking at details. Living in the moment, and happiness. How can we improve certain areas in our life? Where we are now will make sense in the bigger picture- this all comes together. We are coming into Spring, we are ripe. During the full moon we set in motions things, thoughts, actions perhaps now is the culmination of this in fulfillment how can you improve these things if they have yet to come to be. Virgo is all about perfection and finding that perfection in everything. It comes to a balance as we are not perfect it is not going to be so, letting go of this control and need to be an exact same way. This is where freedom comes. Letting go of perfection is when we find it!

Everything during this Now time is about balance. We are moving to Sun Pisces/Moon Virgo and also moving from Winter to Spring. It is now acknowledging this balance in our life, health, the infinite. It is such a critical time because Virgo rules the techniques and tools we use in daily life as well as how we are moving along on our Awakening journey. We have to have a foot on Gaia and also a foot in the Ethers. Realizing we are on Gaia as why last week we focused on the Muladhara chakra to prepare and get ready for us to strike balance more easily in this time. We are ready to birth the Orange energy of our practice. We are embracing all the emotions of the Sacral chakra, aware of this is how we more in our consciousness. To express our self in emotions, to be, to be happy, to simply be. 

As the Sun is in Pisces it is this balance showering light on our spiritual path of Awakening and where our Soul is physically. It is looking deeper at our sense of being humble with all we are. 

I spoke of various planetary events here they are:

Today Friday we have Mars trines Mercury in Aquarius which brings inspiration and communication easy sailing.

Saturday Pluto quintiles the Sun in Pisces this brings spiritual opening and creative genius bringing about magic all around! 

This Virgo Full Moon occurs on Sunday, March 16, 2014 at 1:08pm (ET), 10:08am (PT). You may do the ritual some days before or after, as is whatever calls to you. I am really guided to journal about ways you want to improve your life. We are shifting. In breath I release things that I wish to let go of. So for me I am not guided to share how we may release things. It is looking towards all things that you add some improvement towards and in ways you can have the best possible for right now. This may be by drinking more water, editing a diet (as in what you eat), organize a room, a creative project ... whatever it happens to be use this energy. Be grateful for all that is in your life. Express your gratitude. 


Light a candle, burn incense, create an alter, cleanse crystals.

"I call upon my guides, angels to be with me under this Full Moon as I invite you in I am grateful and humbly speak these things for the greatest good of all involved"

1. List what you wish to improve in your life, think, write, say aloud, write it in the sand. 

2. Acknowledge all the things that you are grateful for that are in your life presently.

3. What seeds are you going to be planting for the Spring Equinox? Begin thinking about this and we will be doing a specific Spring Equinox ritual. 

"I humbly thank you, I am whole, I am complete, I am love, I am bliss. I am forever grateful. And so it is."

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