Sunday, March 9, 2014

True Pure Empowerment Epiphany

The weekend has been amazing and continues to be such. Friday I experienced something which I was suggested I needed as part of my journey. A concert around chanting. I enjoyed pleasant company, and at the end of it I literally was buzzing and felt the whole room shift and I in turn began to shift. This of course set up the rest of the weekend quite nicely. I noticed a different change in me all together.

Saturday I was more aware and had heightened dreams. Perhaps you have been noticing this too? My message in my dream was from a being calling out to me, when I became awakened to this call, I tried to "go" but when I did so, I physically was restricted from doing anything about this. I couldn't "go" but not of choice. When I tried to speak or move in the dream the battle happened, a block. Yet I took the being calling upon me to "move" as a warning sign, that this block the restriction in the dream reality I would have to address, I would have to become free of. I of course had to discover what this represented in the waking reality. Again ways to look at what blocks are still in your life, where is the flow not happening? In the dream I did realize I want to flow, I wish for it to be so but it was a good reminder of what it's like when the flow stops. Or only part of us is actually working. 

Sunday I woke up to a beautiful sunny morning, completely breaking routine of everything. The universe wished me to have a particular experience. This block that was preventing me from going to this being in the dream. A crowd full of people I was in after I couldn't "go" in the dream reality, but what did this mean? As we get shown these things (in dreams, meditation), and it's being aware to recognize this and see what we can take from it.  In my waking reality, I realized a conversation was needed to be had. This was the block. All I knew was the Universe guided me to this particular time and space. I knew this experience needed to be had. Once this block was cleared and lifted I would be free to flow. So I just went with the flow with this experience, not sure where I would be guided for in terms of the space and this conversation.

In the middle of this experienced with hours of talking I realized my lesson, the experience of this is my teacher, not an actual person. Leading to non-attachment one of my final lessons- with an open throat chakra and an open Muladhara chakra. The epiphany of non-attachment came. I have come into my own. Realizing and being down to earth. Not having to get anywhere or prove anything but literally just being me and true to me. This is where my epiphany happened. 

My talking in this conversation and literally having an open throat chakra and expressing this- I see so much more clearly. I understood completely. Literally I feel like I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. I had the moment of realization, through this conversation. Where it is looking to small tiny things that you may not even know you are limiting yourself in. For me it took this particular experience to "get it" and of course this is different for all of us what ever it happens to be. The chanting fully opened my throat to a higher level than it has been. My form of expression is open. And so it is.

An interesting thing which I have started doing is reading horoscopes after the day has already happened. I like to live my day not having any preconceived notions of any kind. Often times I've observed reading a horoscope can influence many people they put so much weight into how their day will go. For me I did this Saturday reading the horoscope for this past Friday. Ironically it told me to go to a group activity with like minded people. Which I did in fact do. Saturday/Sunday called for looking into the next areas needed to expand and move forward on my journey in terms of someone would come to teach me something or direct me to where I need to go. This of course comes back to my experience and the dream. Speaking my truth, being my true self. 

I am in complete control of me. I love this feeling, true pure empowerment of me! When you feel this and get to this it is bliss. Confirmation of this is when I saw two butterflies they flew in separate directions, for me this meant me and this weekend experience is nothing more than just that an experience to guide me. I experienced it and also released it once I experienced it. My animal guides enjoying the air and the sunny day, but ultimately freedom and truth about myself. Until hours later of conversations I realized connection to the butterflies more clearly. So when things come up in your life, whatever it happens to be it's being open and aware to it. Be observant, I realized what so many had been telling me that once I am rooted and grounded all will flow. I get it! As I am empowered, I know exactly what I want! I am content with where I am. I see this is to help all of you. With whatever blocks you happen to have, it's not for me to "tell you" what these are but to guide you on where to look. If that means by sharing my experiences where you go oh I want to look more into that for myself or set up a personal service where we chat about your journey.

Beach Light Energy
All came with butterflies when I was by the beach, I also got to enjoy the beach, my getaway. I tried taking a picture of the ocean but of course Divine intervention and it came out with white light instead. So the experience my teacher, showing me with this week of focusing on the Muladhara energy seeing red everywhere, has in fact changed my life! I feel more of the earth. I feel here, I feel the lessons I am to share for Gaia. I share all this elated it has finally "happened" and it all happens when you least expect any of it. I see things so much more clearly energetically "why" things happen. I have been getting a good laugh at the universe and what she is bringing forth to me. Much like the other night looking at the moon, it no longer looks like a "normal" moon but I can see her energy aura. When I look through a lens of course this changes because it is through a filter. I just enjoyed the moon in the night sky seeing her energy glow around her, this is when I have realized I have arrived- the "where" I don't know but everything has changed. 

All this energy is setting us up for the Full Moon in Virgo Sunday. This coming week is of course just setting up for two weeks of Virgo energy (starting a week from today!) I will of course cover Virgo traits and how this comes with the Full Moon energy. For now, look to why things are coming up in your life (right now!) The Full Moon on March 16 is four days before one key date I have foreseen, March 20 which is also the Spring/Fall Equinox. The Moon energy being in Virgo during this is all coming full circle. Virgo has a detail oriented energy. Perhaps some details have slipped it is going back into the fine details (in all things) revising why something may have not happened- maybe what was something you missed or overlooked? The focus will be on the details (don't worry about this until after March 16 as we cannot do anything as we are not yet in the Virgo energy). We are headed towards an emotional ride. So prepare this coming week for such by getting your voice active, get grounded, get rooted. Tuesday the focus is on the Sacral Chakra the Orange in our life!

So this week is really a preparation week. We are leading up to a Virgo Full Moon Sunday March 16, Spring/Fall Equinox March 20 and other various planetary alignments too. As we begin this week with more sun during the days, longer days it's shedding light and also the sun showing us to lighten ourself. Shine our inner light. Speak our truth. Be you. The more I have been guided to just tune in and listen I feel and see the universe at work. If you have been incorporating the Muladhara energy into your life look at how it's shifted you. I am amazed at how color therapy is working, how being more aware and welcoming of this amazing chakra energy has already shifted and changed me (in just one week!) I hope you are experiencing your own beautiful shift also.

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