Monday, March 24, 2014

Trees, Ocean and Magic!

Some pretty amazing things have happened over this past weekend. All of course lessons as we all learn from everything that comes to us. Much of this weekend simply flowed. The Universe guided me exactly to where I needed to be. Many adventures I felt like I was wandering the earth. Realizing we have no home, we are our own home. We are all wanders. Essentially I was literally wandering the Earth for much of the weekend not seeking but just experiencing. Often we plan or have a set thing in our mind and something comes up to stir this. Any planning went out the window. The Universe wished me to have many adventures this weekend. All these came with simply showing up and having no idea where I would end up. As we all came into our identity this week with the Manipura Chakra how did you notice the shift?

I am truly noticing a change in me that is happening with out me even realizing "when" it's happening. One minute you may just notice something different about you (in a good way). Let it. I was laying down and and I felt at peace. When I looked around I saw my reflection, I knew this was me. Although it was not in the form that I would have called "me" even last week. I simply saw a body that was glowing gold. At first I just knew it was me, my mind did not question this. I felt bliss and peace and finally saw my true self for the first time in this life. Even when I closed my eyes I went deeper I teleported and this is when everything started. Lately if I look at water I see rainbows also. I reflect rainbows in water. Colors are everywhere when you simply exist in the now. What changes have you noticed in you? Energetically I feel and see so many different shifts happening to beings it's truly beautiful!

Perhaps you have noticed different clairvoyant gifts coming to you. I was heading out for a walk, a thought crossed my mind and immediately when I stepped outside and looked up at the stars and I smelled a fire. No fire in sight but clairesentince is something that has been coming at random times for me. Others have been sharing odd things which have began to happen. Maybe you really want to go somewhere you normally don't go, and don't know why you have this strong urge to. There's a reason behind it even if you don't know what it is. Once you get there the epiphany may come. I needed to go outside had no idea why, until I smelled it and I understood completely.

Much of the weekend was spend walking, wandering around various different places. Observing, noticing, participating. It all started with a tree Friday that caught my attention. From there the adventure began, wandering and walking. Coming to many destinations but not one in particular. It was sort of an Alice in Wonderland Adventure, we wandered all over coming to various different places- none seemed to resonate so the journey continued, taking the time to feel locations. I spoke with someone who has an injury but life has of course changed. Realizing that sometimes injuries happen because we have been going too hard or not paying enough attention to something in our life or to ourselves. Realizing you have to slow down because of this injury and figuring out parts of your life that may need some attention. As I walked under the stars Friday I realized it's all about the journey. We all know where we are going energetically- it's the in between part. Many people are still sleeping not aware of anything. Often times things or injuries come up to slow us down as we have something else to address. Conversations come up that stir more energy inside.

The tree energy has been very strong, where I gravitate towards. As I said first it all started with one
tree. I came to this realization what we may think we want in the end there is almost always an epiphany surprise. Something we are not meant to see that makes everything else click into place the "whys" as I wandered under the stars the whys became more clear to me, not because I was searching for this knowledge but because I had accepted I didn't need to know the whys. Further came in a dream Sunday night. The concept of enjoying your space yet being unattached to it. Being unattached to it then energetically brings it back like a boomerang. I enjoyed my walk under the stars however it was never trying to get anywhere. A meaning of my journey, of our collective journey. We are naturally tended to when there is no worrying. I received validation that there are good people in the world who are kind, who wish to do good. They simply do and wish nothing in return other than your gratitude and acknowledgement.

I also had been having a calling to use deviation crystals. This had been for some weeks but I didn't have any to work with. I waited until the time was correct. Over the weekend I took two and asked two very specific questions and over several hours the crystals worked their magic. I simply allowed them to be guided to the answers to reveal what they may. I of course was content with not having a full answer. I was surprised that I was not surprised that the crystals (both of them) revealed the answers I knew in my heart. One was a bit of a surprise where I didn't quite expect the response I received from the crystal so upfront. I do offer this as a one-on-one session if you have a specific question you wish to have an answer to, along with a personalized message based on the crystal's message. This was just something I was wishing to try because when I learned about it, it sounded interested.

Saturday many various images and signs came to me each having more clarification than the last. Reminding us that we have to be observant, things - answers naturally come. They do come in various various different ways as one cannot decide how they come. Even dreams may be more vivid for some of you.

Sunday brought many things. We are approaching the New Moon in a week, already the energy is
being felt! Energetically each day and each wandering gave me a different experience but Sunday by far it was finally when everything truly clicked. I enjoyed a nice nature walk to the beach and played games in the sand. We forget how to have fun and just enjoy. So this was such a nice getaway to just play for hours. It of course was the perfect kite flying weather, I enjoyed the sun. I was asked why do you like to go to the beach so much, verses a park or some place else of "nature." My reply is the same I love to meditate at the beach. The sound of the waves brings a natural meditative calming state. I feel at home at the ocean, I always have. I always have gravitated towards the ocean.

A very odd thing happened once I reached the ocean. I was not paying attention in my play and I kicked a large rock with my foot. At first this may seem like just a routine injury. Of course I did not feel the injury I just noticed that I had in fact kicked a rock (that just appeared!) It was not until hours and hours later I noticed the damage done by this simple act of not paying attention and I needed to Awaken. Injuries are not something we can't escape from once we get them. Much of my healing practice is bringing to light these issues, past traumas or current situation things that one needs to address through injuries. If you have an injury and wish to look more into this, contact me for a one-on-one session.
I really did not just kick a rock, it of course was the Stone People yelling at me their presence I noticed greatly afterwards on the way back. Of course after my first experience with the Stone People last week, it is so much beyond this as it is Stone People who now have another message they wish for me. As my appreciation and connection with the Stone People are now energetically magical. This being of course meaningful to my journey as each injury holds an individual message for you from the Universe. I immediately knew energetically what this means for me. It is what I have felt hints of this prior. Look to things that come up in your life, there is meaning. Rocks are not just rocks. Trees hold magic. Plants and flowers can show you which pattern your energy is flowing in.

I watched a movie in which everyone was trying to be someone else and chasing after material things thinking this would make them happy finally. However, it only brought more trouble. In the end once they embraced their true self and realized they were chasing things that did not matter they found true happiness in like minded people just like them. As we should all be, break the conditioning. Exist. Stop running. Or run towards what you love. I spoke about this with my Sister in Light for some unexplained reason the past few days I have wished to wear a Rainbow Topaz I had received. I never much looked into the healing properties of it. Her advice was just to go with it and wear it because I kept getting a strong pull to it. Once I looked up the properties it made of course more sense why I have been gravitating towards this crystal. Topaz is a powerful stone. It balances and calms the emotions, releases tension, balances emotions and brings joy. Topaz brings success and good fortune. It is used for protection (from the evil eye and greed). Topaz brings creativity, individuality, true love and hope. Spiritually it brings spiritual love and peace.

Despite having this new injury it still did not deter my need to have another nature walk. This one under the stars and of course the tree energy under the stars became very strong. I could feel the energy all around. Beautiful experience to share this magnificent energy. Energetically trees hold so much and guide us to where to be rooted in our life and where we to be free. And then realizing there is no "should" to begin with we simply are. The cosmic balance to the cosmic dance. I have been asked many questions this week. One particularly strong, I took a picture of a tree and a red orb came up in the background, no explanation of "why" it just simply appeared on the camera. The deliciously beautiful question (once I shared this photo and we looked back and forth at the actual tree and what the camera captured) came: "what are you?" as my magical qualities pour out of me especially when I am in my element in nature whether at a beach, by trees, plants or on a nature walk. I simply see things differently and I enjoy so very much having others see through my eyes even for a split second. I am magical, we are all magical. Often it's easier for others to make this observation about someone else and not themselves. Remember though you are magical too! You may soon or maybe have gotten this question too already of "what are you?" there is no real answer that needs to be given. Feel what gets stirred up in you. For me a huge smile came because I know who I am- I know where I am going in my Soul. The Soul always knows. For now I am on this journey in this direction. Yet there is so much magic everywhere and at night under the stars by the beach for some reason it comes out the most for me.

Sunday night of course as I have heard many of us energetically had trouble sleeping. Something is in the air. We are downloading. Pay notice of what you experienced last night or in the last few nights. Of course all this is leading up to the New Moon Sunday March 30. Tomorrow I will be focusing on the Heart Chakra. This energy will anchor and usher us into this New Moon energy in Aries. Our second one of this month. There is so much moon energy this month. In the mean time reflect how the Manipura Yellow energy has been flowing through you this week. How have you become empowered and now recognizing your identity?