Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Swadhisthana Chakra Energy

Orange Magic Sunset
Photo by Padma Bella
I realized exactly why I could not write this article until now. My original plan was first thing Tuesday morning write it. The Universe had other ideas about the "when." It took me sitting at the beach watching a sunset to "get it." Everything has just clicked, I love when I recognize no I need to be out in nature and the reason and the why will just come when I am not searching for it.

Familiar bird
Photo by Pamda Bella
Tuesday had been a very emotional day where everything and I mean everything pushed me to "feel" and to look into my emotions. This is exactly what I have been doing ever since. I also instantly knew and went with my intuition. Sitting on a rock watching the sunset, I got many signs watching this sunset. I saw a familiar bird walk up in the water, which I have seen many times on walks I have take alone. I saw pelicans and a boat off in the horizon. As I sat with a being, watching the sunset once I shared about the orange week, he made a comment about the sun as this is the orange for the day. Those simple words is what triggered everything else. In this point in time I needed to be sitting on this rock with this particular being, a like minded being. I recognized the familiar vibration. Have you noticed this too? I knew this being is like 
Magical Orange Sunset
Photo by Padma Bella
me, as we traveled here from the stars. But there are different tribes, different groups. Different star groups. Of course when you meet someone like you, this pull or vibration is just there. An acknowledgement happens. Aware or not aware it still happens. You are just realizing a like being, next comes discovery if they are of your tribe. Sitting at the sunset, the ultimate sign of course came when the clouds made the sunset end earlier, and not seeing the sun set in the ocean. It also was colder than it has been on other days. Bringing about not what was expected. The element of mystery. My soul looked, and our communication through the eyes, I could see him- he could see me. I just had a knowing he was not of my tribe. He wishes to stay in the 3D world. This brings up we all feel pulls with others who are of the stars too. It is recognizing and feeling it out to who is of your tribe. Not that it is critical that you find them (unless you are called to do so). When I have found like beings from my tribe, it really is a beautiful thing.

In flight
Photo by Padma Bella

This of course all brings what I experienced on Monday night. Embracing the Orange Energy of much of it is looking to emotions, what emotions are you holding on to from situations that you need to let go of? For me and my experience I knew specifically exactly what I needed to release. I invite you to look at a situation in your life pertaining to relationships of emotions that you need to release as these that that are getting in the way or really causing you physical pain. Often these situations we feel in our abdomen as a tummy ache when we are not balanced in our Swadhisthana. It is linked to emotions and the unconscious. If you feel something but don't know why look more into this. Let the emotions flow, I don't mean drama (unless you need this release) but sit with things and really look into how they feel not allow the logic or the mind to take over. For me this has been what I notice most need the most attention to for most beings. If for example you enjoy being with someone, it feels good- but your mind says x, y, z about it you are listening more to your mind than with your intuitive feelings. Why let the mind dictate when it feels good? Something that may make sense to the mind may not feel as good, right? 

Chakra Glow
Photo by Padma Bella
In a space with like minded beings, we released and got in touch with our emotions. It was beautiful having a very dear being next to me, there was at one time we naturally gravitated to facing each other and we knew our energy was binding we felt it. We are of the stars, of the same tribe. This comes with having similar traits, and much of it is going with feelings. You feel this pull, a similar vibration of familiarity. We have just been gravitating towards each other lately, through this color therapy energy. So we held hands, I have never before had physical touch in the middle of a moving meditation, it is true magic, being in the flow and to just connecting that intimately with the swirling of all the other energies around us. A Sister in Light I have met before in many lifetimes. There are tricksters too who pretend to match our vibrations and pull us in, it's truly knowing and this comes with knowing you. An open Swadhisthana allows the flow to come in form of communication to acknowledge these beings.

Photo by Padma Bella
I had a variety of visions all awakening further my Swadhisthana Chakra. Many animal guides, during this week really look at what animals, insects, birds, creatures that calls your attention. In reality, in dreams, in meditation ... these are appearing for a reason. For me I had a dragonfly land right on my third eye. I being in deep meditation just observed all that came. All this imagery and feelings is why I had to take a day to process all of this. It's interesting that I have been called a butterfly before and told that my transformation is like a butterfly. This is how certain beings see me. Yet when I am in my own place dragonflies are drawn to me. So if someone else tells you they see this particular image when they think of you - you don't have to just agree to it. You may question it. I see it as this is part of you also. As I associate with both the butterfly and dragonfly as my transformation animal guides. Both make me happy when I see them. 

Animal Guides
Photo by Padma Bella
I have covered Spirit Guides before and so I will lightly cover this again. I found this from a website and I will just quote it because it is worded so beautifully. 

"'Animal Spirit Guides' are a subset of the spirit totem which are animals that are with you for a long or short duration depending what is going on in your life. This relationship can last days or years depending on the lessons it is trying to teach. They guide you to expand and incorporate knowledge into your core traits by building up spiritual character and awareness. They may teach through the emotional facets that we need to encounter whether it be fear, anger, insecurity or confidence, strength and patience. They teach another facet of our ultimate truth. These animals may frequently come to you in dreams and meditation and impart valuable lessons and spiritual tools. The length of time they are around depends on how well you learn and incorporate the knowledge into your life.
These Spirit Animal Guides have chosen you and will appear when you are ready to understand the lessons. You can select any spirit below to become one with you on your journey. They are all ready for an adventure. There is an unmistakable familiar knowing associated with its appearance. Honor, respect and attentiveness must be given because you are now ready for a new segment in your journey.
Over time trust is built and we eventually take on those imbued characteristics and merge with the animal spirits, becoming one with the energy." -
If you have seen dragonflies in dreams or in reality or meditation this is what they represent: 
"Dragonfly embodies the pure essence and beautiful balance of changes in emotional/mental aspects and the effects on the body, mind and spirit. Her message speaks of transformation; shedding old illusions, releasing old perceptions and changing habits. Change IS inevitable. Dragonfly teaches the mastery of moving with speed, agility and precision with grace. She prepares you for a heightened period of intuition, visions, dreams and overall visual and spiritual acuity. She speaks true transformation with many changes that are very swift with emphasis on the emotional and un/subconscious. She teaches changes can be positive or negative, it depends on your level of acceptance of that change - just accept and allow the rebirth to happen. She reminds you of the spiritual support by the many that are assisting your development. It is time to keep your balance in the storm. Dragonfly will guide you through the
transformation. Upon completion you will be filled with light, color and a new found joy with a sense of enlightenment and freedom. You will gain wisdom in the process. Dragonfly medicine will aid in the beautiful balance of the changing time. Ready or not, change IS coming. Also if you seeking out pieces of your life that need changing Dragonfly will also aid in this search. The time period for Dragonfly's immediate lesson spans about 2 months, this is the time period for your whirlwind transformation. It may take up to 4 years to adjust and discover the ramifications of the event(s). Dragonfly teaches with acceptance and internal fortitude the time period after the initial event can be shorter or longer. Change is indeed a process. Dragonfly energy is a gift - listen carefully." -
For me in this space became confirmation I am and all of us are transforming. We are in creative change. The Swadhisthana Chakra is all about creativity. It is about finding joy. It is about our sexuality and finding that sweetness in life. Orange brings this joy into our life. Wearing orange incorporating orange does all this. Just as now there is more light in the world the sun stays out longer. 

The next part of my journey came in meditation after a very powerful healing session. I was told that there was a gift I left for myself and I had to seek it, much like last week in the cave I had a gift for myself here too. In a garden I left myself something. Once I found it, it was not just one thing but many. Each of them made sense in their own way. Until I pulled out the last item, which was a picture. This a sign from the Universe I knew the exact reason. So when you get signs of this can't be happening- it is the Universe go with it! 

Followed by guidance about the Swadhisthana Chakra it is about looking to a certain person a situation a relationship where orange needs to surround ... and when it does is when the communication will flow. We all know who this pertains to. It is for each of us to know. I was guided exactly where in my life this pertains, as we are each guided by Source. Typically this is not think long and hard, but what pops in your head. 

Source guided more after this whole experience, I had intense dreams Monday night. I of course needed to process all I received and downloading.  The rest of the details do not need to be shared other than we all have blocks of some kind. When communication just stopped with a particular being. The flow stopped. Emotions of it all need to come up. We flow in communication. Several things were shown to me, and I see this the communication is going to flow. Horoscopes and even previous visions all are leading up to this time. We have more light in the world, things are becoming clearer. So look to where this needs to flow for you. Where may communication just stopped. Virgo is all about details, there is something you missed- as to why the communication stopped. 

I pulled some cards on Monday afternoon, before the group healing. All of them of course pertain exactly to what is to be addressed this week. 

Letting go: You aren't receiving positive results. Problems are caused by human thinking. That is why problems are not solved by additional human thinking. By thinking harder for a solution or a resolution things get worse. Let go of all the emotions that are causing the icky feelings. 

Sexuality: the Swadhisthana Chakra is all about sexuality. It is embracing your sexuality and recognizing it's sacred. This pertains to physical, emotional and spiritual also. Healing needs to happen with sexuality so that all will flow in creativity. In the sweetness.

Creative Expression: When we are balanced we know our creative expression. Find an outward release to this energy, look to ways to start up new projects, dance, create, live. Find the joy in life through your expression. Let go of all judgements just be you! It will all flow. Imagine what you wish it to be and so it shall be.

Romantic Partner: The Swadhisthana Chakra is about relationships so where does the communication need to flow? When we have let go of icky feelings, embraced our sexuality, and found our creative expression- communication about a relationship will flow with ease. 

Problem Resolved: Once we are balanced and allow our Orange energy to flow all problems are resolved and we live in the sweetness and in joy. A strained relationship will be healed, the "how" is not important just feel the excitement that comes knowing this will be. As we are what we think, the thinking creates feelings and the feelings create what comes to us. 

All these cards have described the same which I have been guided in person as well. We create what we have in our life. This week it is about embracing feelings. Feel joyous. Feel happy. Feel all the positive things. It's not hiding the negative feelings but when you feel them attach them to something with wings and see them leave you. When you do any communication you wish to have will come to be.

The Swadhisthana - Sacral Chakra is located below the navel. 

Prime Function/Main Issue:
-Relationships and Emotions
-Sexuality and Intimacy
-Expressing Needs: Emotional, Sexual
-Zen for life
-Healthy emotion

Body Connections
-Sensitivity and Sensuality
-Sexual desire


-Colds (when there's an imbalance)
-Life Force- rides on the breath
(imbalances cause illness/pain)
-Urinary Tract and Kidneys
-Female reproductive organs
-Male reproductive organs
-Large Intestine



Emotional Connections:
-Letting go
-Emotional needs
-Emotional cleansing

Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Scent: Dragons Blood
Metal: Tin
Sound: "Oo" Vam
Food: Liquid

Deity: Shiva
Crystal Grid
Fragrance: Orange
Incense: Saffron

-Orange Calcite
-Snowflake Obsidian
-Red Jasper
-Orange Adventrine

Mantra: Vam "I feel"

Ways to incorporate orange in your life this week. You may wear orange clothes and things. Carry crystals that relate to this chakra. Use a mug that is orange. It is very simple in creating be creative. I created an alter space with orange things. In addition to carrying certain crystals with me and wearing some crystal jewelry pieces. It is completely up to you! How you wish to invite this orange energy into you. See yourself glowing orange.
Orange Creation ... Share the orange energy!
Photo by Padma Bella

I am writing an article for the Full Moon on Sunday as the energy is already starting to come. There have been many many earthquakes around me, all signs of change and transformation that things literally are getting rolling and shaking.

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