Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring is here!!

Happy Spring! I do wish everyone enjoyed the first day of Spring the Vernal Equinox. I had a very full enriched day. It of course began with meditating, as I of course was asked before I even when "have you meditated?" Magical things started of course before this, but I was given guidance. I was called to literally experience all of the day. It turned into a me day, just going with the flow wherever I was guided to go. I lived in the Now, I basically lived breathed and existed in moving meditations. Right when we welcome the Equinox I was practicing moving meditation with the flow and I felt so at peace. The equal balance of day and night. Right at that exact moment I just felt it, did you feel it? The energy is so energetically beautiful I decided to just drive and see where the road took me. Once I reached a very colorful place for the sunset I practiced more moving meditation. More downloading happened and it's becoming aware of everything around you and also no focusing on it at all. I received my guidance as I had a plan of enjoying a nice evening at home but I was guided to stay for yet another moving mediation and I zoned out more so than I have in quite a while. I felt the transformation of my body happening. I needed this push to make it further to this other side.

The Sun is now in Aries. If you set intentions of what you want to manifest yesterday, you planted the seed of intention. However you did this, you create this plan whether it's through writing, vision boards, visualization .... If you missed this you may still do so- just go with the flow. As all these things, these intentions we set March 20- we will find our new beginnings with these when the New Moon is in Aries March 30. Ten days we get to percolate all of this. Visualize it, see it, feel it, don't obsess about this- leading up to the New Moon were are just letting these intentions be sent to the Universe. Once it's the New Moon we can put this into action further. You may be called to act sooner, go with the flow. When inspiration comes take it. All these seeds you have planted on the Equinox are germinating right now, New Moon they will be ready to burst above the surface. It is then starting the steps to move towards these things on March 30. Mostly it will be a process so it's a step by step thing that we move forward with. Personally I have lately been feeling inspired some days before the Moon energy. Again this is my personal experience. You don't have to get so caught up in time lines and time frames. It is listening to your own Soul.

I have been downloading many things since last night. As I shared this morning I have been carrying around this new particular crystal for the last two days. Magical things are happening. My dreams are not just dreams. The energy is moving, feel it move. Pay attention to your dreams- see what you want to do with them, write them down, share them, look key things up. It's nothing that you have to get really detailed about. You will get out of it what you are intended to. I heard a quote in one dream and I tried and tried to repeat it to myself enough to remember it. The moment I woke up to write it down, I immediately could not recall it any longer. I knew this of course will come to me at a different time in a different dream as there's more I need to experience. I had to enjoy the morning at the beach. I saw many portals come from the clouds.

We are all energy, what seeds have you planted? I keep seeing spirals going counter clockwise. As I was shared counter clockwise motion is being connected with the feminine and moving to the future. Moving clockwise is being connected to the masculine and moving to the past or in the past. 

"Something in the air this morning made me feel like flying..."
-Eileen Granfors

Never worry about where you're going. Trust yourself and trust that no matter what you're doing, it's where you're supposed to be. Do what you do, and do it well and everything else will fall into place.