Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Equinox March 20, 2014

Spring is just about here!!! It is the true beginning of the year! We have the new Astrological year happening in Aries and the time to plant seeds. Set intentions carefully. Now that we have learned all that we have learned from last year. For those of you who have been on this Awakening journey with me for over a year now we have all learned so many lessons- how powerful we truly are. How we have either let go of the fears, anxiety, mind chatter completely or acknowledging when it comes up. Or perhaps you are just joining newly into your Awakening. Wherever you are, the next three months are going to be magical! Look at your life this week, where were you a year ago? Have you identified your self-confidence? Have you conquered the doubts? All that you are ready to receive you will receive during this time, with no "work" needed.

What would you love to see happen this year?

We are still in a bit of stillness as Mercury in Pisces makes thoughts hard to define. Pisces energy is vague and intangible which makes us in a stare off into space state. Embrace this. Enjoy this state of being as the work is happening with your consciousness (even if you are not aware of it just yet). When you get confused or maybe taking extra naps this is a sign that your higher self is going into stillness because it is downloading. We are in stillness resting before all will come to be.

Thursday, March 20 the Sun moves into Aries and the Equinox is at 6:57am (ET), 9:57am (PT). Here in the US we are moving to Spring, this is what I will be writing about. As I had foreseen Thursday we will be moving forward! In this time you will get a true sense of what you truly want. Embracing the Manipura Chakra energy you will have the courage to reach for it!

As with Spring we get to clean out our physical space of things from the past that is just holding space. Clean out the energy! Especially things that hold negative energy or reminds us of negative people from the past. Open windows, burn sage or incense, dust, organize.  Create a playful environment for yourself.

With this Equinox big changes are supported. Of course do this in confidence and commitment. We have survived the winter months. We have survived the Mercury Retrograde, we have survived so much from a year ago. We are strong and in our own light. When the Sun is in Aries it symbolizes the core essence of who you are. The Sun in Aries describes the personality structure to develop these aspects of self to help develop and expand your sense of being the Authentic Self you wish to be. Aries are about being courageous, bold, intuitive, decisive creative, enthusiasm and energy. It is all about starting "New" here. As I learned and experienced on my retreat over the weekend, is that new beginnings are possible but first you have to go through the icky stuff first. We have survived this icky stuff. Everything is possible now. In this time of stillness is when the growth happens. All is turning out as it's meant to be. Now we plant our seeds. The sun qualities are that of consciousness, individuality, clear direction and definition. What qualities do you wish to plan that will blossom within you? As we are coming into our own inner power our own confidence is rising above instinct and taking control. It is embracing the Manipura Chakra energy. For me, this quality is being noticed by many and I have only been channeling this energy for a day. I keep being told how confident I sound and how I carry myself in confidence. You can achieve this too!

For this Equinox get inspired about what you want next. Focus on creativity. I love making vision boards. Even just posting pictures on the wall. I have not made one in some time, it is thinking about what you want next. Notice however what things you gravitate towards, this will be a tell sign if where you are with your self-confidence.

I invite all of you to write about all the things you are grateful that have come into your life since the last Spring Equinox. We are coming out of the darkness. The days are longer. We are glowing our yellow golden light.  We are in our true power. We shine. Offer your kindness, your energy, your attention and act humbly ... see what comes back to you. I am so blessed to have all of you. I started all this shortly after making my Spring Equinox journey last year, it has of course grown so much. I have seen so many beautiful transformations. If you wish to receive a one-on-one session these are a great way to get a kick start in your new direction of you email. Know that you have the power to change. It will be painful, it will be rewarding, above all you will learn more about you than you ever thought possible. So where ever you are on your journey. It is about making the commitment. Carpe Diem! Take the first step in your life! I am just enjoying all this energy. We have such beautiful vibrations time to let it shine! Be sure to read the Manipura Chakra article to incorporate more yellow gold light into your life. New giveaways are coming too, join our other pages for more details on how to join and enter.

"Be soft in your practice. Think of the method as a fine silvery stream, not a raging waterfall. Follow the stream. Have faith in its course ... It will take you there." This idea of being soft in your practice.., this relates to the capacity to be soft in the subtle body. " ~Tias Little