Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Orange Tuesday

I know I promised to keep with the theme of Tuesdays for the Chakra colors. Much has been happening since Monday night. I am highly creative and downloading so many many things. It is a high charged day. My creativity is running all over the place. This means I am not guided to write the article pertaining to Svadisthana, the Sacral Chakra just yet. As creativity is flowing just not in the sit down and write, for right now. In the mean time I will share some affirmations you can begin to read and let resonate in you. Continue to wear orange, be orange, live orange. It is all about creativity- and for me this means being out in nature, creating artistically and not being behind a computer typing. It will come, I already have much of what I wish to share all with you in my minds eye but I yet have a means of how to put this all down in written words for you. I am feeling the emotions of it- and embracing this sensation and letting it swirl around in orange in my Svadisthana. I am enjoying the sweetness of life. Happy Orange Tuesday!!

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