Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Moon in Aries 3.30.14

Much time to think, I have felt like the past two days, months have gone by. The Aries energy has been
working magic allowing me to see so much more clearly. I am hearing many things from many of you. It is riding this ride. Knowing that the more into this Awakening the less others can relate to us. It is being secure and okay in this "isolation" that naturally happens. Until of course more Awaken. I was having a conversation and someone just started to pick up the language I was using but energetically was speaking just words there was no energy behind it. It is getting aware enough of these individuals who genuinely may wish to understand what you are doing, but also don't wish to really get to the core of it or do any of the work for themselves to change their life. Instead just mimic the words you use thinking this is it.

I have been meditating a lot and the same thing comes to be the guidance which comes. For me I realize as many of you are realizing that we can't put in all the work (for anyone) we get worn out and there comes a point of this stillness. Friday the universe gave me what I thought I wanted. It turns out it was what my mind thought I wanted. Not energetically truth. These experiences do have to happen, allow for them. You will know fairly quickly when you are just going through the motions in any situation. I decided on Thursday to spend the weekend dedicating my practice to moving meditation. To have this be my focus for the next few days as my way to cleanse and prepare for this New Moon in Aries. Granted I feel tired but in this state my mind cannot wander far it stays in the present moment and all the "blocks" that are still inside are coming up. I was making breakfast this morning after being at the beach and just started to cry. The release is happening. Allow for any release to happen. Even if its something that normally doesn't happen for you.

Friday I realized who is truly solid in my life. What I thought I wanted I realized has no substance it is just air. It is those people who you may not talk to all the time or see very often but when you do they are solid and completely there for you. After a while you come to realize the list actually grows smaller and smaller. I went on a nature walk Friday night. I noticed shadows on my walk. How the light hit the floor. I was very receptive to the environment because of my openness. I enjoyed the walk, however I became hyper aware of so many new things. 

I came to a plant that really literally spoke to me, I had to pet it, and instantly when I did so I missed the cats. As on another nature walk, long ago, cats followed. This walk I felt the energy of the trees and the plants and lights became distorted. This yellow bounced out at me out of all the shadows.

This tree truly makes me happy for some reason when I stood by it I just felt it needed a voice. 

Friday night I had a series of dreams from all the moving meditations finally settling in. I had one particular dream in which I saw vampires. The scene changed and a bird (smaller baby bird) was flying about. There was a cage in view, it was indoors yet outdoors. A person wished to catch the bird, made a paper bag with things inside the bird might enjoy- a new world or environment. Eventually the bird was caught in the bag, the person thought this bird would enjoy this. The bird peeked its head out and wished to see the true outside world and not be confined. It began to have cat like qualities in movement. Then it tried to use its wings like hands very bat like in movement to get out of the bag. The person then pushed it back in and wished to keep it in there, eventually moving it into the cage. The bird stayed for a while eventually repeating and wishing, pleading to be let out. I woke up before I saw what else happened. I of course was very disoriented in walking up I saw colors and patterns on the ceiling above me. I went to moving meditation. I felt at home where I belong. All the beautiful energies. I further afterwards went to the beach I meditated there, I tried this new thing of beach moving meditation. I was then called a nomad because I move place to place quite frequently. Over the past few weekends I am never in one place to long but just move about, wandering, experiencing. I am easy going and move about freely. In this meditation, in my surroundings of the beach, I realized I am the bird. I wish to be free and experience, not caught in a bag as this was a message to me. Particularly some will not understand why I act the way I do, why we act the way we do. We can all mutually wander on the same path but not put in an environment someone thinks we should live instead.

This saying is very powerful and also how the sleeping world views things differently. Awakened we view things differently I have been called to view things differently through this dream. As I share it will all of you. When we are in New Beginnings in Aries look to ways you have been confined perhaps by others doing to you, or you have done to yourself. Being caged can come in many different ways. We have all experienced this in some level. 

Birds as animal guides in case you have ever felt that a bird is your animal guide I will cover the general meaning of this- each bird has a specific meaning. I however saw a generic bird meaning. Birds are symbols of thought, imagination, and the swiftness of spiritual process and relationships. As winged creatures they are of the air element and represent the loftiness of the spirit. Birds exist in spiritual harmony. Birds bring angelic messages through songs as there is a connection between a bird's song and the angels. Often a bird's song is the mysterious stairway to the spiritual worlds that we can listen to to recognize these messages delivered by the birds.

The bird is a connection and invitation to look into your Soul. Birds can fly above and beyond this earthly realm. They represent spiritual attainment. In relation to my dream, I see how current situations and a particular situation is holding me back from my spiritual attainment, where I have needed to let go. It all hit me very strong as Aries energy is not subtle. This way is not my path. In comparison I see in others where I can fly free, there is no force, no trying, "no" does not exist in vocabulary. There is only mutual teaching I am embraced for all of me. The beautiful energy that has a light quality to it. Night/Day in comparison to each other. It is calling to look at places you thought and people you thought were there for you or to be with yet they wish to hold you down or catch you place you in a bag or place of confinement. I see this as a mutual symbol to be shared as we are in a time of new beginnings. We've had some time to observe how people are responding to our change and transformation since the Equinox or since the beginning of the year for that matter. For a while people may have played along, while others embrace and nurture this new path you are on whole heartily. True natures are coming up you can see the truth about people. Feel free! Be free! 

This New Moon in Aries has a very strong pull it is bringing together the Equinox energy from March 20. We are visualizing and bringing in all things for this coming year. Last year around this time as I have mentioned before I made a list of all things I wished to accomplish. Since many of the things have come to be or are in motion. I was just starting up Padma Bella and now it's growing continuously but I never would have imagined then it would be where it is now. I also was talking about how my moving meditation practice has taken me places far beyond even my imagination. For me this year I wish to continue to improve my diet as in being more aware of what I put into my body. Being more mindful and cleaning up things that only make me feel icky. Continue to improve Padma Bella. 

It is truly sending positive vibrations out to the Universe on Sunday but also everyday. I felt how people "fake it" or just say the words but energetically don't mean it. Setting an intention is the vibration as comes with moving meditations. My experience at the beach was this person going through the motions but not getting it's true purpose. We are shifting right now- shifting meaning our self how we operate creatively our power is coming into reality. You may physically notice this shifting first like unable to sleep, sleeping more, hyper, headaches, body aches, etc. When we are lining up we get this serge of energy connecting with our 
inner child. We are blissful and happy. This week we have been receiving new ways of thinking, fantasizing, imagining ideas. Maybe you have noticed the energy of embracing your true self, and letting your imagination wander. Mercury also in the mix has been allowing us to see exactly what we want to create in our life. Think where do you want to be in five years? In a year? In a month? Next week? Start with the end in mind. What kind of relationships do you want? Where do you want to be with your physical self? Your career? Your home? Spiritual practice? What does this look like for you? It is liberating to have the freedom to expand on this. Perhaps you did this last year and now can notice how you have changed from things you thought were important before and what you wish for now is more humble and less detail oriented but just something as simple as I want to be happy, healthy and at peace. Whatever else comes in terms of "stuff" or people becomes a bonus. 

Aries allows us to plant the seeds yes we began so on the Spring Equinox but now it's really packing the dirt down on these seeds and sending some love and watering them. If you have come up with more things, add this too. Perhaps over this time you have realized more of what you don't want than what you do want. Answers come in however they come. It is a time to anchor these in time and space. Take time to clarify which direction you are pointing for this year. Know that changes may come, I experienced changes over this past year- it is being able to go with the flow. It may just be it's not happening right now, not that it's never going to happen. So if you notice a change in something you wished- the universe is at work but you may have to take a detour or a scenic route instead before you reach it. 

The seeds we planted on the Winter Solstice last year we get to set into motion now too. If you did not participate in this, no worries focus on the New Moon in Aries. For those that have done work from the Winter Solstice of last year perhaps you have been doormat during the winter since the Winter Solstice with these things. Now is the time for movement. The Aries energy is all about fire and passion and moving us into life now. We are off on the quest in Spring. As I said we already intuitively know, now it's time to wake up and move about. Aries energy is here!It is the cycle of things we planted over the winter nurturing now we can act on these (if they haven't already started to come to motion.) The seeds we plant from this Spring Equinox will be nurtured for the Harvest Moon in September. 

We are coming into who we are meant to be and with this comes courage. We are grounding this new identity. It is taking root.

"Venus in Aquarius challenges Saturn in Scorpio to hold onto our high ideals and our unique gifts in relationships.  Old relationship wounds need to be transformed into understanding, as our higher Mind gets activated.Our visions of the future must be grounded in our collective welfare." - Cathy Pagano

“What is evident is that there is huge emphasis on big changes in lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, addressing old issues and healthy empowering emotional expression. This is not going away, rather only increasing its symbolic or literal pressure to ensure that each person takes this seriously and makes the necessary adjustments in a realistic way." -Dipali Desai
“Yet we do have to keep in mind that this Lunation is conjunct Uranus and square Jupiter and Pluto- so this New Moon cycle also takes us into a radical month of shake ups, wake up calls, breakdowns and breakthroughs of massive proportions.  This is personal as much as it is collective- so pay attention to your Inner Life as well as what is happening around you in the coming months.  

“There may be times when life is really chaotic and the only control you have is on your reactions and your response to what is playing out around you.  I have been saying this for months now, but it cannot hurt to say it again here:  Finding your center and strengthening your capacity to return to it again and again despite the storms outside will serve you well in the coming month. This kind of astrology has a really BIG energy around it and many people can feel it amping up right now.  Apocalypitc thinking won’t serve if it only causes you to go into fear.  But if you don’t know the true meaning of Apocalypsia- you should know:  it means the lifting of the veil.  Sometimes specifically it means the lifting of the bridal veil. We all have amazing opportunities to lift the veil this coming month.  The veil of delusion, illusion, deception- of self and by others.  The veil of confusion, lack, disconnection and apathy.  And yes considering the bridal veil connotation- we may even get a glimpse of the Goddess in her full glory in the coming weeks!  So keep your eyes, mind and heart open!”  -Divine Harmony

We are in a very powerful time as I have started prior. We have this New Moon in Aries which is planting the seeds for the cycle the year. However this will continue to grow as and is setting us up for the Hunters Full Moon in Aries which is a powerful lunar eclipse October 8 when all these things come to be prior on or maybe soon after. It is all holding the Aries energy. In April and May we have balance with a Lunar New Moon Eclipses and Solar Full Moon Eclipses. 

The New Moon in Aries occurs Sunday, March 30 at 2:45pm (ET), 11:45am (PT). New metamorphosis are here!! Embrace all the magic that is coming, however it comes to you. Be out in nature this weekend. Go for a walk, do something on your own. Leading up to this New Moon energetically many beings have wished to spend time with me but really my calling is now to plant the seeds is to go internally to really sense it. We have a powerful grand cross too that has been building energy since the beginning of the year to magnify this New Moon. We've learned many lessons since January, and now it is when things get real. Aries is in Conjunct with Uranus which is the planet or revolutionary change. If you notice change it may just stir up feelings. Nothing is holding you back anymore. Perhaps you have noticed a shift in what you thought you wanted back at the January moons. It's been beautiful hearing some of the epiphanies going on lately of what you truly have found you wish to experience. Learning more about you. Facing this change and recognizing it is temporary (whatever emotions are coming up). I read this and brought a smile to my face: "something quite lovely is going to happen that is unexpected. Sometimes it's just the timing that is unexpected." We are the bird we are wishing to expand our wings we are almost there. We are so close, no rush to get there but feel the pull to something greater! This is the second New Moon in March. Everything of this year has been leading up to this Aries New Moon. Know what you want, dream it, see it, wish it. Do it. 

Further note I have energetically for some months felt April (Aries sign) is going to be many revelations and epiphanies) coming to us. As I looked further ahead the reason the Full Moon in April is strong for many of us is because it also is a Lunar Eclipse. 

In the mean time visualize. Cleanse your space we are in Spring. Cleanse yourself. Be free and truly feel what you 

1. Sit in a quiet place in nature or in a place that brings you calmness. Reflect on all things you wish as yourself: Think where do you want to be in five years? In a year? In a month? Next week? Start with the end in mind. What kind of relationships do you want? Where do you want to be with your physical self? Your career? Your home? Spiritual practice? What does this look like for you? What are short term things you would like come to be? How are ways you can improve yourself further? 

2. Be grateful for all you have. Look to your journey this past year from the last new cycle this time last year. Be grateful for every experience that has led you here. You are exactly where you need to be right here. I love hearing this as it brings calmness. 

3. Cleanse your space light sage, burn incense, light a candle see this as a new start for this cycle. Feel it with your heart. 

4. Even if it is still cloudy just sit and see what comes to mind when you just are sitting without thought. Or go through a moving meditation. Particularly this week we have been tuned into the Universe.

5. You may journal a manifesting list or a visualization board for this. If you wish to write it out use your New Moon journal.

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From one wandering nomad to another enjoy!!