Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Muladhara Energy

The past few days has been a truly beautiful experience. All of which has me extremely happy. We had quite another powerful shift. A beautiful rain storm that was quite intense. We are shifting and transforming as we come into this new cycle. Our gifts are heightening and we are coming into who we are. We are further in the New, can you feel it? 

During the rain storm I felt like my head was going to explode, but not in a tangible way not a headache or any "pain" but just pressure; immediately I knew this was my third eye and crown chakra wishing to release and open and come to be fully. And so it is. Exactly what has happened. I still feel automatic downloads happening. Once I embraced this everything has come into being so clear. Beautiful beings I have enjoyed spending time with. Energetically even with the moon energy it has been quite amazing.

Very specific messages I have been receiving as live in peace. Things are not what they seem, just because you can't see anything, does not mean it's not happening, what do you feel. This is the most distinct message I have received. Followed by a night in which I was carried into a dream and had quite a long conversation with a being. 

I am so excited for the coming weeks ahead. So much is set and lots of energy. I am buzzing. Even the sky looks so amazing after the rain! I love this view as I looked up. One thing in particular I read which I will share which I really enjoy: 

The Lord of Reality is turning around...

And you will turn with him too.

Once again you must face your Fear...

That broken mirror of your Past.

For if you would make a better world...

Then you must start at the beginning,

You must start with the Reality of You...

You will face your Fear...

You will know it for what it is,


You are an Immortal,

Passing through many mortal lives.

Hold to the One Within,

Feel the Love.

Then turn to the one before you,

And Love...more

-Bill Attride

Many of the messages is that we are moving forward. We do have to embrace everything. This in particular we have things coming into play. Like Love! Venus is heading to Aquarius. Aquarius energy is quirky and mischievous when Venus comes to visit. 

The past four months Venus has been in Capricorn which is goal oriented. So for the past four months yes power couples may have come together but often becoming over fixated with keeping up with appearances or something superficial. Perhaps you felt restricted in some way? The goal took over, why many couples parted ways during this time, because of worrying about the goals more than the core of the relationship where these don't matter. No worries Aquarius energy will guide you to be a bit bold and turn on the heart to strengthen the foundations. Aquarius rules technology too. I am really enjoying this Aquarius love energy. It's really about new beginnings. 

It is all about beginnings we are beginning the new zodiac cycle and Spring is coming. We have Venus is Aquarius and Friday Jupiter moves out of it's Retrograde in Cancer. Cancer tends to have the play it cautious and safe attitude which we may have been acting out. With Jupiter energy out of the Retrograde we are called to be out of our comfort zones, we had time to pause from change during the past four months of the J Retrograde. Now however as Jupiter moves forward now until July 16 we are to take more risks and face our emotions. With Aquarius energy also we are putting ourselves out there.

All this is setting us up to know our True Self, yes gifts are coming up more but we have to listen. For me at least I allow this to come, and the answers come. Everything is moving so much faster for me now. The Rainbow energy is here. So many times over the weekend when the rain stopped and the sun came out, I got so many lovely messages from beings who asked if I seen any number of rainbows that were about. As it's known I love rainbows, this energy was felt by these beings and immediately wished to share this experience with me. This has warmed my heart, although I did not see any rainbows with this rain ... all of you that did share your rainbow experiences with me, I do greatly appreciate your joyful sharing of your experience of seeing rainbow magic. 


As promised this week the focus is on the Root Chakra, each Tuesday for the next seven weeks I will be focusing on one Chakra a week. Each week will have a different theme based on the Chakra being focused on. This is a way to incorporate the Chakras in your life and a means to balance them. As we all need balanced Chakras to continue the Ascension and the Expansion. When we are not balanced is when the cycle or channeling of energy flow may stop or become slower moving. When we are grounded is when we can actually know our true self and fully bring the messages and service down for all. 

I went to my sacred spot to meditate on one afternoon while it was raining outside and the experience true magic. If you have yet to have a meditation practice I really invite you to have one. If you are new to it, it's nothing difficult. Many benefits. It's just finding a quiet still place where you just go inside and clear all thoughts. Do so for however long: 3 minutes, 10 minutes, an hr.... For this week mediate and focus on your Root Chakra, this is a completely different experience than the more traditional focus on your third eye when mediating.

Our New bodies act differently and perhaps you notice a shift in detoxing ways or symptoms this is some way your chakras are out of balance and wishing to release these physical toxins from you. 

I finally experienced what so many have shared (I both needed and would enjoy) a Sweat Lodge experience. It was quite beautiful to be in a room with like minded beings who all wish to explore and open their Muladhara. I am excited to participate in coloring the space a different color each week based on the corresponding Chakra. The energy of making the room red. I connected and rooted into Earth. Released everything into her that I no longer need, letting go of everything (literally), and received her nourishment. I found myself. I grounded myself. I was led in a cave and the magical wonder and messages inside of this cave, the gift for me- the images. What I was guided to in this cave is for my own person, and I will not be sharing this. However I will say that when I came out of it- I AM different everything feels different. After I was further guided to take notice of my dreams the night after as my experience would continue in my dream state. Sure enough I experienced several vivid dreams all of which clarified my purpose, my journey. 

I am guided to share this with you, perhaps you are awakening to your gifts and things are happening. Perhaps you get glimpses of what you can do but it doesn't linger or you don't know how to access it always. The problem is you are not rooted and grounded in you. You need to know your true you and being firm in the Earth for all the amazing gifts to flow down around you. Even if you are not fully grounded you can experience gifts. However you will notice that you may want to stay out there, or stay in these gifts but not have a firm foot any place when you are doing so. I never understood why I could astral project before I even really was aware I was actually doing so. I thought it was just of the mind. I was not grounded at that time so it was not intentional or directed. It just would be. Now experiences of all kinds are different because I have been coming into my power. 

Try this- I can lead a guided journey if you so wish for this service (contact me). Things you can do on your own this week. To incorporate the Root Muladhara Chakra at the base of your spine is to see red everywhere. Be Red. I invite you to incorporate red into your life. Wear red in some way all week. Visualize red. Feel it come into your being. Use this color therapy to see how it changes you. If you work with crystals carry those grounding crystals which are black or red ones. I will list below all things associated with the Muladhara Chakra. If you meditate put the thumb to the baby finger to feel stability and grounding. Listen to music that incorporates the Root Charka. Even eat red foods. Incorporate red everywhere!

Through out this week I will also be addressing more ways to incorporate Red and Muladhara into your life with some quick sharing. So if you are yet to join our Facebook please join: Facebook.com/PadmaBella - many new lovely things will be shared over the coming weeks. Even if you don't have a Facebook you can still access all the goodies. I just am not always posting on here, but use a variety of different mediums based on where I am energetically. New lovely goodies have arrived!! https://www.etsy.com/shop/PadmaBella

Root / Muladhara Chakra is located at the base of the spine.

Prime Function:

-Grounding and Security
-Primal Energy
-Taking care of self and others

Divine Principle:-Simplicity and Basics
-Primal Instincts

Physical Problems (when it is blocked): 
-Grounding to the physical plane

Sense associated with the Root Charka:


Physical Body Associated with the Root Chakra 
(any issue with these means a block in this chakra):
-Reproductive system
-Male and Female Reproductive organs


Emotional Connections (if you feel any of these you have an imbalance in this chakra):
-Associated with physical needs
-Base needs of safety and security
-Being grounded

Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Aromatherapy: Cinnamon
Metal: Lead
Sound: "O" "Lam"
Food: Protein
Deity: Ganish
Fragrance: Cedar
Incense: Myrrh

Positive Effects: 
Financial abundance
Physical well being
Strong survival instincts

Smokey Quartz

Smoky Quartz
Red Jasper
Black Obsidian
Apache Tear
Black Onyx
Black Tourmaline
Red Coral

Blood Stone

Red Jasper
Red Jasper

Black Obsidian

Apache Tear

Black Tourmaline

Mantras or things to tell yourself this week when you wake up, before you go to sleep or when you feel ungrounded at any time throughout your day:

I have also created a sacred meditation alter harnessing the power of the Muladhara Charka. I will share this as it has some red things. I invite you to create your own sacred alter where you may put together grounding and protection crystals, incense, cinnamon, or even some silly things that will raise your vibration. Your personality comes out in your crystal grids and even alters. Let you shine.

Muladhara Crystal Grid: Protection and Grounding

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