Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Manipura Chakra

Yellow Week!!! Solar Plexus Chakra is all about radiating your golden light. The fire within. The Manipura brings courage, self confidence and rid yourself of the ego. To have a balanced Manipura Chakra is you are walking empowered not with a puffed chest in ego. We often wish to over compensate when we are out of balance here. So this week we are looking to how you can live in courage. Have self confidence and walk around in your power. This power is not of the ego, but knowing your light that is unique to you. You are yellow and gold you are a glowing gem that is fire lit up that burns bright and moves up through your heart into your throat so you may speak truth.

The Manipura Chakra is located in the naval and digestive system area. It is called the "lustrous gem" as this is our gem in us. We find our warrior energy and hold the power to transform. 

There have been many earthquakes it is the fire within the earth waking up. Fill up this energy in you. I experienced beautiful yellow and golden light radiate in me and now it shines out of me. With the power of the butterfly guiding me to this transformation which came from an orange box. I walk in confidence and know my power. This is your gift to the world. When you feel a lack of confidence this is when the ego comes in and creates the imbalance. We need to push through this. Walk forward release this ego this mind these voices that tell you, you are not good enough, you will fail, that creates anxiety in you. We are all capable when we are balanced we feel centered. It gives us self worth, clarity and creativity. All energy flows through out the body because of this chakra. So a blocked Manipura changes how energy flows through out the rest of the body and into other chakras. If you are prone to the ego, low self esteem, depression or any lack of self worth your solar plexus chakra is off balanced. Abundance and prosperity comes from this chakra.

Crystals to use:
Yellow Citrine
Tiger's eye
Yellow Calcite
Yellow Jasper
Golden Topaz
Lemon Quartz
Golden Apatite

This is a symbol of the mind, intellect, high intelligence and wisdom. Look to ways to shine your yellow light out. Feel your expansiveness and growth. Repeat the mantra Ram while holding the thumb to the middle finger in meditation. 

I had a series of dreams following my retreat. During this time you may either experience intense dreams or not recall any. The first thing I noticed was the moon was covered from my view despite I woke up at the same times I have in which the moon would be shinning through the window. My experience with this second retreat (so close to the first one) I downloaded a lot faster. The healing energy and my ability to zone out came much faster. My waking reality is so much different.

I do wish to share the experience how it feels when one has a balanced Manipura Chakra, it is this sensation of being of the earth connected with her, in your body yet floating and experiencing the ethers all at the same time. Literally it is feeling so powerful and strong and confident that you feel and see and know all but remain completely humble. Each of these experiences I see more and more. Saturday's retreat I am still downloading information. I was told something Saturday which was of course confirmation I am grounded and centered. For me even Monday, I noticed this centered-ness feeling I moved in unison with words the mind was checked out. 

-I accept and value myself exactly as I am.
-I know I am becoming the best person I can be.
-I determine to treat myself with honor and respect.
-My personal power is becoming stronger each day.
-I am my own person. I choose how to think and behave.
-I deserve all love, respect, joy, and prosperity that comes to me. I am open to receiving all life's good things.

I am guided to share that when you are of yourself- whole everything you do is in confidence. It is time to stand in confidence. Not bragging. When you walk into the world it is knowing you, being secure in who you are and not needing anyone else to share in this. Naturally energetically you will be directed to the place you are meant to be. It's standing next to someone unified and strong mutually. Right now so many of you are experiencing anxiety or ego or depression. Seeing what you want but it's just not here yet. It is time to light your flame. Feel the fire in you. I had heard this before but it didn't make sense until now. As I was not fully grounded and centered in red and orange. I was shared something special by a teacher I had never before met. On Saturday I knew he was reading me and observing my energy all day. At the end of the day, his eyes when I looked at him were glowing gold. He had the fire within. He wished to share with me these simple words- you are grounded and centered. Source of course through him channeled these words. 

It governs these areas of the body:
-Umbilicus to rib cage
-Upper abdomen
-Middle Spine
-Adrenals (linked to stress)
-Small intestine

Emotional Issues:
-Self Esteem
-Fear of rejection
-Over sensitive to criticism
-Self image fears

It is truly coming into your power. As I explain this is being grounded and centered. In a place where you are acting out for you and not trying to get anywhere. Living in the moment and knowing that the past does not matter and the future does not matter but only the here and now. 

I am sharing my Manipura alter space for the week. I drew several cards for the week, which I will be sharing the additional ones. The energy is feeling safe (and secure), being honest with yourself (again not of the ego), and trust your intuition. 

Crystal grid for the Manipura energy. Moonstone, Citrine, Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Yellow Calcite, Gold tree.

First three cards for the week. It all starts with feeling safe in who you are. Be honest with yourself you have no one to convince. Trust your intuitions don't mask your feelings let them flow. 

Inner flame that burns and swirls in each of us. Remembrance stone.

More soon! Spring Equinox is Thursday. 

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