Thursday, March 27, 2014


Magic is following me everywhere!! Wednesday night pure magic! I have been noticing the more centered I feel and the more I am just enjoying life, energetically my vibration is higher. I wish to play more, have fun more, and it is being received and magnified back to me this energy. A being I met only two hours prior, as we began to be guided into another land, this stranger took my hand. Many thoughts may stir up of course, I just received a warm smile on my face as our eyes were closed with no thoughts. I did not wish to disturb this magic as I knew we were to travel together in this space where I met my angelic beings and many creatures. The beautiful journey I was guided to while many visions have come many feelings and a beautiful warm honey feeling. It is coming to a place of stillness where the yumminess happens. Know your heart, listen to it. 

Be aware of when physical illness, pains or emotions come up. This is your higher self telling you to address something. Each of these have so much deeper meaning. Yes we can dismiss it, take a pill or write it off ... however for growth to happen we have to embrace what is right now. Being aware of where you place your feet on the earth. Where each part of your body is within this space. We are focusing on the Anahata so it is not uncommon for you to feel sudden pain or pressure in your chest where your heart resides. This is calling that you have work that needs to be done. Something that is still deep within you. Relax and know it is coming for you to acknowledge. I heard something very humorous that we often run away from what we fear or what is best for us. Simply because we are not ready for it or it scares us. We need to actually face the thing we need most! One backs off because it is easier to go the other way or to give up or give in or any other number of "reasons" it is looking and running towards it instead. I have been receiving many emails and having various one-on-one sessions where "pains" are coming up physically. Each of course is unique and it's a good thing this is happening. It's what is meant to happen. It means you are working through your Anahata. However when it does get too overwhelming I can aid in the addressing and releasing of this energy in guidance of how you can move forward. If you wish email about a one-on-one session. Wednesday I received many different requests for sessions and it is not something you should go alone (especially if it becomes extremely overwhelming). Again know your limits.

Further I have felt this week that I have been transported to a different reality or way of looking at this world. Last week the gadgets that are used to clean and dry clothes broke. New ones have been purchased, however it has been a journey for them to come (and still not here). When they broke it was of course laundry day, so the past few days I have felt like a child again playing dress up. Looking at all the things I have in my closet and seeing how creative I can be. It is about being playful from the heart. Play dress up everyday! It has been making my last few days so much fun. When you get ready in the morning allow your imagination to take you away. See your jacket as a cape, your skirt as a long flowing gown, maybe even style your hair differently. Be organic! Now of course I am washing clothes by hand in the sink and hanging them to dry outside. Even this is fun because I feel like I am in a fairytale energetically that the animals, the birds, the wind are all helping when they are drying outside. Of course people have said why not just go to a laundromat but where is the fun in that?? Sometimes life and the Universe calls for us to be creative and resourceful to not be caught up in our ways but to see how we can flow organically and maybe do things you wouldn't normally do like hand wash clothes and hang them to dry.

"Don’t sit and wait. Get out there, feel life. Touch the sun, and immerse in the sea." Rumi

This morning I enjoyed such amazing company I once again got a call about the heart chakra. Pain that you feel here is your opportunity to look at where you can work through. My group meditation focused all on the heart and how to breathe through it and into it and radiate out from it. As I have learned for me to best help all of you I need to be centered and pure and clear and have my heart be whole. It is whole, it is over flowing. 

As I was driving home last night this song immediately started on the radio as I started my car.  With someone, not with someone ... share the love all the same be free.

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