Monday, March 10, 2014


Today is magical! I woke up in the morning to a bright window the sky is clear blue, and the air is clear. I had many many dreams, I woke up many times throughout the course of the night. I would always only remember a tiny bit of the dreams and once I tried to "recall" they would poof go away. Have you ever had this happen? I realized it was a conscious lesson but I did not need to concern myself with it at this time. I already downloaded the information needed.

I did however start to recall bits of another dream, the string theme and only part I could remember was all dreams were based about the root Chakra and red. Literally. The vibrant part of a dream I remember. I was traveling. In a place that I have been before but not of this world. I was sitting in a "bus" but seemed more like a 50s style interior of a ride car. Seats were length wise with huge windows to look out of. I was facing the east. My grandmother was facing the west. My angel was driving. And some other beings I know were in this transportation mover also. We went through mountains, but in particular I remember going through a road that was in the middle of water or a river. Beautiful I wished to take pictures of it, yet knew I was not here. I asked what is this place? I was told bending tree around the water. I noticed the sky was changing around my grandmother but the light from the sun was making her glow. I asked to take a picture of her. I see this as a frozen image in time, we all have these our mental pictures. Also when we can see a persons true soul. When I did so, she told me look at the beautiful sunset. This of course was behind me but it was for her to see, not for me. When I turned around the sun was already past the water horizon and all that remained was colorful clouds. 

I however was content, just being in this space. It became dark quite soon, we were driving on a dirt road in a forest when all of a sudden we turned right suddenly. Poof a white house with red trim and red decoration like cuckoo clocks and vintage items just appeared. My angel said we're here! We made it! And somehow we all said collectively and we didn't get lost this time! We did it all on our own. Apparently this is our second time coming to this location the first time we got lost. They all got out of the transportation mover. I notice it was red on the outside, and they just walk inside. I see it's a house on the outside but so much more on the inside. I however am not compelled to go in just yet. I look all around. 

Even as I looked for pictures to share about this dream more remembrance has happened. See if this happens to you, whatever little messages pop up from dreams you experience. When you recall something from sleeping. The other dreams I remember bits I am not called to share. However I did wake up to a beautiful message "I have such good vibes for both of us for today" this of course completely lifted my vibration even higher and brought a smile to my face.

I also feel rooted and firm and a little message I read this morning really resonated with me. Mainly because I too have been experiencing this in my life. I have been asked quite a lot "what is it you do for work?" I would explain like "normal" but this really did not resonate as its not "work" its not something I leave from, not a 9 to 5, it's not a "job." So I read to say "I create" not "work" this really speaks to me because we are creative beings those of us who realize work has a particular vibe to it which resonates with having to do something. We happily create we experience joy and wonder. Same of course for me goes talking about my past, my education, it is of the past. I understand people throw small talk and it's custom to talk about this, in terms of accomplishments in the old. How relevant is it really though? I have also been thinking about this too. Again the red energy my empowerment how much of this information do we truly wish to share with others? When is it being in your power willingly sharing information verses allowing them to empower you by leading a conversation and taking more than you are willing to give? I have found what this means for me, my empowerment is that I will share only what I wish to. I have no obligation to answer fully anything, this is not rude or mean or hiding or even what some might call drama. This is all reflecting on them, their conditioning if they react in this way or wish to label it this way. I am breaking out of the conditioning as part of my empowerment. To be in the moment, why bring up having to share stories of the past? Why live back there? How does this help to get to know me? or You? I have seen how backwards this is, verses just asking what is it you like to do now, as we only have Now.

Also wrap up your Red Energy today. Tomorrow I will be focusing on the Sacral Chakra. This is all about Orange Energy! Start looking around for Orange things you can incorporate!