Saturday, March 22, 2014

Colorful Cards

As promised here are the remaining card reads for this week. As hopefully you are incorporating the color yellow in your life. Two remaining days. Already I am noticing a shift and a change. A great one. I will of  course share all the weekend happenings soon! For now here are the cards. I drew them with the Manipura Chakra in mind.

First we must be aware of our surroundings and environment. Look to ways you can support Gaia (Mother Earth). As we are now in Spring it is about planting seeds. Preparing the soil. Spend time outdoors, live, breathe, enjoy!! I have been doing this more and more. It is magical when you just get rid of restrains and do more outdoors. First it comes with awareness that our actions are all connected and knowing you can feel everything around you. Gaia speaks to each of us in different ways, but you first have to be open to the experience.

Now that we have experienced the Equinox a problem or old problem may have stirred up. You may have experienced some fear or anxiety in the past few days of trying to figure out how to get this plan of yours going. The things you wish to have in your life, how do I get there? It is perhaps the endless searching, endless thinking for a solution that has caused this feeling. Mentally give these feelings to the Ethers to Source and take a step back mentally from thinking. To rise above problems you may need to see it from another prospective or even just change your prospective. If you have yet to find a solution in the way you have been going about it- now is the time to try something different. In the end positive emotions will resolve any issue or problem. To realize that my heart, my mind, my life and everyone in it are perfectly at peace right now. You vibrationally rise above these problems naturally.

Once we have risen above the problems we move into our Equinox visualizations and with no limits our dreams are free to come true. It really is this easy. When we just flow with everything. This cards signifies when we are whole and secure in our own self everything flows and comes to be for us. I have been getting many vibrations and many confirmations that everything will be with at peace. Your hearts desires are manifesting into reality. It is holding to this faith that underneath it all these dreams are coming to be. We have planted the seeds on the Equinox three months for them to germinate and grow and come to be. Some plants of course take longer some grow shorter. Regardless they all bloom and come up from the surface. Continue to release fears and anxiety it just leads to sabotaging and slowing the process by you thinking negatively in any way. This card is all about being grateful for what you have right now, knowing all will truly come to be! Be surrounded by this excitement and contentment that these things will come to you as a surprise (when you least expect it) which is so magical and exciting that when you least expect it poof your dreams will be in your life and you will be living your dreams!

For all this to truly come to be we must keep positive expectations that everything will come to be. It is all about positivity and raising vibrations up so that all your hopes, dreams, affirmations, and visualizations will be wonderfully manifested right now. Often when we are ready to step away because we have "waited" for "too long" what we have been "waiting" for is seconds away from coming to be. Had one kept the faith constantly it could be. Look at things this way. I love this it takes no more energy to keep your vibration to this open always. It is not hanging up the phone just because you have yet to hear anything on the other side. You will receive something eventually. The seeds from Spring are planted, the Universe has heard them! Promise! It is having un-waverly faith because it may take longer for manifestations to happen, longer than you hoped but know it is coming to you! Mentally speak away all your fears when they come up put your disappointments on a winged creature and see it float away. Feel that you are surrounded by healing light and love. The Manipura Chakra energy is glowing yellow inside you, telling you: I am safe, confident, and secure. I feel joyful about my future!

I wish many blessings and excitement in this first weekend of Spring. Be the tree see the tree. Be both the roots and the branches. Extend your roots deep into the soil watch them grow deep down into the center of the earth. While you do so grow up confidently up higher and higher until your branches extend out in your own form of expression of you as your leaves grow up to the Ethers and embrace the golden rays of the sun and the sparkly magic of the stars! Just because we cannot see the stars while the sun is out does not mean they are no longer there. A preview, enjoy this tree energy being sent your way from some of my adventures from yesterday!

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