Friday, March 14, 2014

Carpe Diem

The Universe I fall more and more in love with her each moment. Wednesday night, I shared a lovely conversation about how the magic of dragonflies have been following a great deal many of us. It is a symbol and message for all who see them ... it is being observant. I have been guided to be more happiness in everything. I was asked what will bring you the most happiness? I pose this question to you: What will bring you the most happiness? Give it some thought but also what first pops in your head? There is of course no "right" or "wrong" answer. How you answer shows exactly where you are in your journey (which is exactly where you need to be). Perhaps you feel material things will bring and lead to happiness. Go on that journey ... see where it takes you. Perhaps it's a person that comes to mind. Maybe it's a word. All this comes when we are not thinking- for me the word "stillness" immediately came up. This may seem odd or it may not. It did not surprise me, but brought a smile to my face.

I am in my journey where I have done all the thinking, I have done all the "research" I am my most happy when I am in stillness. When I have nothing going on in my mind, or very little and it is just focusing on the right now what is exactly in front of me. Not thinking of things or where I'm going to get to next.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." -Mahatma Gaandhi

Bringing back to how can you be happier? It's simply a state of being. It comes naturally to be happy is to go back to a time in your life when you were a child when you would play carefree and just imagine and exist. It is living in the moment: CARPE DIEM!! When you are in the moment being in your Now moment there is only happiness. And if there's not take a look at that too, why not?? So much of what everyone around me and even what my core being is telling me is live in the now. The fear the worry the doubt the guilt this is all the mind.  It is quieting all this all the "voices" to hear your true voice. It is in there! It is feeling it more than listening to it.

This week is focusing on feelings. Today being what makes you happy? We truly only have today, and the Now. More and more I am being called to this. There is no planning no manifesting no wishing no oh wait for this to happen. It is taking life by the balls and doing what feels good and what makes you happy for the right now. I have been called a hippie which I am not sure if I really truly resonate with this term. It has made me laugh though, serving it's purpose.

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” -Robert Frost

In this Orange energy I have noticed I am so much more alive. We often need a push. I am calling and inviting to just jump into life. Stop waiting! Stop planning! Stop looking to the future. Truly seize the moment. Open your wings and fly! I am a dragonfly and the great dragonfly energy is calling to Awaken to be and to just go out and have fun. What brings you joy? What strings do you still have attached to you? 

This morning I woke up energized. I enjoyed the energy of beings in meditation. I forget how magical it is to share a space with these lovely beautiful beings where we all get to go inside and experience our expansiveness. 

“Happiness, not in another place but this place...not for another hour, but this hour.” -Walt Whitman

The more I live in the moment the more I notice my pure true self. It is going through life honoring yourself and feeling it all out! We have been given senses to feel everything, it is so beautiful when you allow yourself to open up your senses of this reality because it opens up even more on so many other levels. When there is no care about a future everything has more color and everything feels so much more incredible because you are living in a state of not knowing in constant curiosity and constant wonder and constant exploration. You are experiencing everything for the very first time! You are never the same this same you ever again. Sure you may have touched this tree before or smelled this flower before but it's not the same tree, not the same flower you are not the same- so every moment you experience even with "familiar" things or people are all new. The more I embrace this the more truly exciting I am in this life. I am seizing every opportunity.

Having no regard to the future is truly liberating. I have been pushed into this direction. I feel. I AM. I love. I embrace. I AM Compassion. For there comes a time when all the thinking just stops. It's not a forced thing. You wish for something more, or notice there is no more. You just have you. You can continue to search for answers. What makes you happy? If you are living in your moment and are happy there is no more searching. Nothing else can make you happy but you. I AM enough. I AM all I desire. I have everything I already need. I AM the dragonfly that flies freely not attached to anything or anyone but living my carpe diem moment.

This Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment truly represents an important shift. Granted this does not happen until April, but I am noticing that for those of us that are very aware, we can feel these things sooner. All the cardinal signs are in a square alignment. Some nights ago I saw stars creating a box around the moon. Minutes later my Sister in Light called me to tell me she had a vision about an orange box. Squares clearly a sign. I also had a cardinal come to me in a dream. It is the mark of destiny a shift in consciousness. We are walking into more gateways and stepping into embodying this. The destiny is now, the more we feel and just live and experience you realize you have everything you could ever need already. This weekend we have powerful Virgo Full Moon which is the first step towards our new astrological year in Aries which begins on the Spring/Fall Equinox some days later. When we focus too heavily on this and time and then the flow doesn't naturally happen. We are transforming and the metamorphosis is naturally happening we cannot stop it or control it- it simply is. The reason why now is destiny is because we are transcending so fast and this changing is all happening in one lifetime. For many and previously it took many lifetimes to get here. This timeline in particular we (those of us who are Awakened now) decided to come here because of this personal experience. There has been no other time in which we can grow and expand and have such heightened awareness with major transcendence to activate our Self Mastery in such a short amount of time. All this comes though with what makes you happy? If you are going through this and still searching for a path or for how this will make you happy or to find someone. Realize we don't have to get anywhere. I realized this a long time ago in my awakening. I am on a magical journey. I have no expectations. The Universe tends to everything. I just have to show up, I love. I AM happy. I AM content. I AM bliss.

As we approach the weekend. I invite all of you to look to what makes you happy. Also feel. Look to your emotions. When you think of something happy - feel it. When you are happy feel it. It's such a beautiful state of being to be constantly happy. Happiness comes not from thinking but from feeling! So feel!