Friday, March 7, 2014

Breathe Red

I read this and this really resonates with me. I hear excuses a lot of the times. Even in new people I meet they say or put restrictions on themselves. Of course this is for you to do to yourself.

Why do we allow our self to speak to yourself so poorly? If we took all the mind chatter and all the voices in our head that run over and over again and externalized it into a person sitting in front of us, would we really tolerate all it has to say? So why is it okay behind the closed doors of our mind?

I get asked how do you change so fast? I am self aware, I also welcome change. I welcome shifts. Realistically everyone can change in one day even in one minute. This is way different than being indecisive. It's not needing to take weeks or months or years to transform (like it may have before). We are all moving at such a faster rate. Those of us who have cleared and welcome all this New.

I had a beautiful conversation with a Companion in Light who had really been fighting me, listening to the ego, his ego. Hearing all outside voices. He wished to shift to change. After doing it his way, or what his ego wished him to do and realizing he was just not going where he wanted. When he made the active decision to shut off the ego, or proactively work more towards recognizing the ego and not listening to it. Literally overnight he shifted and it happened. It being the change. As I knew he was of course capable of once he leaped blind. Knowing he would fly and all this worrying would just go away. So it was amazing to get a message from him sharing this with me of "it just happened!"

We've both been through so much together and so it's so humbling to see this transformation in him. Not saying that every day is super easy, there are challenges that come up but it's how one handles them. Our new thing- just go with the flow. Why get all worked up over something when we can just live in the Now, confront it Now, and just go with the flow with whatever comes.

When we of course act in the contradiction. So of course we can change in just one day. One day is so much. When you get out of your head of thinking of excuses like schedules, work, school, kids, family, all the "reasons" and "things" that get in the way of you doing this ... yes there are things we have to do in a day but we get the opportunity to react however we want to this, we can enjoy every second of it. Take these things we have to do- as opportunities to expand and grow while we are in them. So when I hear something like "I can't ever do that I'm not flexible enough," or "I don't know what I want," or "I need time to process this-" all this is fear, all this is excuses- because somewhere your ego does not want to face the real you. It really is so so simple. One day changes everything! Think of your best day - think of your worst day ... we should make all our best days as long as our worst days feel and we can with a shift in view point. There is no need to wait until we are "ready" because we make ourselves ready. There is no time like the present, the future doesn't exist so why are we putting off being "ready" to some point in time that does not exist? When we truly wish to be "ready" it is to do so Now. We have that inner power to be ready.

Some part of me shifted and my inner power is really just facing things head on. Some may be intimidated because well there's no need to wait. If you wish to do something just do it. If you wish to go somewhere just go. If you wish to talk to someone just do it. If you want to invite someone to spend time with you, (JUST DO IT!) These words: DO IT I heard so much over last summer, they ring so true in  my ears and I get confirmation and a giggle when I think of it. How fun it is to just do exactly that. Not allow yourself to talk yourself out of something. My Sister in Light always telling me "Just Do It" on any number of topics. We only change when we know and just go. When we are grounded and rooted in our true self, we can just go, just do it because we have nothing holding us back anymore because we know who we are. So if you notice you have tendencies to wait or hold off this may be an opportunity to see do you really know you?

I have the gift of seeing beings true self often before they recognize it. So I push because I see the potential of where they are going to go. Some trust me, some listen but need to figure it out on their own. All part of the journey. But what are you holding on to? The past is done. We cannot change it. We dwell on it we prevent our self from moving on. We just have to go for it. We will not fall when we are grounded and rooted. Working with crystals it's been so much fun seeing who naturally gravitates towards the crystals I have on a particular day. Ego will say these people are attracted to you, or drawn to you- but the truth is your energy vibration is reacting to crystals. I have noticed when I have crystals either on me or on my mat often mindlessly different beings will come talk to me, sit next to me, just be with me ... mostly it's what they need. Many of these beings we participated in the same ceremony, so we are all energetically linked to opening our Muladhara this week. I have been carrying many grounding crystals so those that I know who are like me and wishing to work on grounding have of course (been interacting more with me). We are of course very excited to see what the coming weeks hold. For now we are opening up with each other about our experiences that are coming up each day pertaining to our Red energy.

How are you incorporating red into your week? It's not too late to start. I have been noticing I am more centered. Dreams are very vivid once I am able to pull them back down.

I am noticing a recharging is happening. I am being called to be more in the Now. Aware of what I feel, where I am. Just enjoying everything. Pisces energy has been stirring up the dreams. It is being tuned in enough to listen. The weekend will come soon enough, yes we may have plans it's not getting ahead of our self. Enjoy this right now moment it's the only thing truly we have. With this comes humility and not having to get anywhere to do anything and a great sense of calm comes. 

There is a battle of two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, lies, inferiority and ego. The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth. The wolf that wins? The one you feed.

- Cherokee Proverb

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