Friday, March 28, 2014

Blue Egg!!

Epic Friday! I woke up tired as I finally experienced the restlessness that I have been helping so many of you overcome. Aries energy is really here!!! I had a series of dreams however once I woke up I could not recall anything. One time in particular I heard a voice say blue egg, I became confused, I was shown a blue egg. Completely random in a dream. In a trance like state one of the times I got up and finally understood and just gravitated toward the crystals and I knew exactly where to reach and held a blue egg. I proceeded to hold it and went to sleep with it in my hand. I instantly fell back to sleep in a very peaceful state. Pay attention when things like this come up for you. I've had multiple dreams about crystals. Listen. Be.

The bridge is happening! We are moving from the Heart Anahata Chakra into the Throat Chakra as we are also moving into the Aries New Moon new cycle energy. I was guided to my angelic guide and various things came to me under my wise oak tree. This crystal is to all aid in the channeling as the movement moves up into the higher chakras in the coming weeks. Guides have more messages for me I can feel it energetically. So much beautiful energy, I have really been going with the flow. This morning I looked up to see this beautiful moon shinning down on me. So much energy the photo came out fuzzy but you can feel the energy all the same. Even after my sunrise moving meditation I still wished to get up and move and do something not sit behind a computer and write a lovely New Moon article for all of you. So I went out and enjoyed late morning dancing! I'm so energetically uplifted I felt at peace dancing with my blue egg in hand.

For those of you waiting on the New Moon Article, it is coming. I will write it by Saturday (there is nothing to prepare for) we have already been preparing since the Equinox on March 20 so just go with the flow. It will come when it comes. I have it in my mind's eye but the energy pull is so strong for me to be out and experience and just dance about. Burning sage to release an injury I got as you can still see blood under my nail. I am floating everywhere, embrace all this magical energy right now. We are coming into a new cycle I am reflecting about all the seeds I planted last year at this time, and so many have come to be. I am so grateful for how much Padma Bella has grown. 

New projects in the works! I can't wait to share them with you!!!!  Here is one I am very excited about!! Stay tuned for more on the Aries New Moon.