Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spread your wings, fly with courage to your heart's pull

Look up to the sky flow and fly
Photo by Padma Bella
I have been enjoying the most exciting fun weekend. Saturday I spent talking to a dear dear friend into the wee hours. Many laughs many epiphanies and it all rings true that the first day of February brings many many shifting of the good kind. So much energy and signs all point to two weeks from now this great serge of unconditional love where anything done in the past no longer matters, we are who we are, we are embracing all that we are and have been. Here is also the time to really examine relationships of all kinds. It is all about being appreciated and recognized for the beautiful being that you are.

Tree energy flow with the wind
Photo by Padma Bella
Leading up to the Full Moon which falls on Valentine's day, many true colors will be shown from now until then. Perhaps you felt really unsure in the Venus Retrograde energy and went off the wagon a bit with your emotions? Maybe you just became distant with all the internal shifting that has gone around. We are in the air sign and the wind has been blowing us in all directions looking all over. It is now the time to be firm and stable as the tree force, however all lessons have been learned. We know what we want. It's been neglected most likely with Venus energy Retrograde but now that she is direct she is wishing you to reclaim control. Leading up to this Full Moon its collaborating and knowing who may be creating just too much drama of the bad kind in your life. Perhaps the miscommunication and complications from the retrograde allowed these entities to seep into your self and now you are realizing what have I been doing? Who was that person I became? Why did I allow myself to go there? Don't be alarmed you can get back on track when you realize as my dear companion in light shared with me "Fear always goes away when you get that nothing can ever be lost or taken from a spiritual being that cannot be recreated." We both shifted when we read these words and so it is. Just that simple. We discover magic everywhere.

Photo by Padma Bella
So much I have been giving guidance of when actions don't match up with words and people spin their wheels. After a while there is only so much you can do, until they come to their own realizations whatever that may be. Above all it's all about going back to those commitments that you began before the winter solstice. Look to areas and goals you had and get re-inspired. Even yesterday I realized it's all about knowing you and if someone truly wants and wishes to spend time with you they make it happen. I was reminded that I do have in my life people who would do anything for me. It was so pleasant to sit under the stars last night and enjoy company and reminiscing and many laughs. As we do need to get back to our roots, but also aware of what's just a distraction and something sparkly what promises were made perhaps and led you astray from your true path.

This morning I created an intention aside from hearing the same same song on the radio back to back the universe giving me a sign (which I know all too well) but it's lifting my vibration up that the awakening to what I have already had epiphanies about will then happen to others. As service is not something you go alone, yes you can if that calls to you but after a while as I found it is not as efficient because two moving together who are both strong and on the same level of energy verses being the teacher/student. We are now both the masters. As we are and have moved beyond this we are both experiencing and awakening so much faster that it is finding what resonates and just because perhaps you come across something that is on the topic that you are seeking, do research and look to other sources too. Here, in the now I set an intention I put it out into the universe and I got an answer that I grow wings which I have and to find the courage, embrace that courage and to flow and go with where my heart leads me. For me this seems frustrating because I know where my heart wishes me to go, but I am also being called to be in stillness as I have asked where else do I go with this? How do I get this re-moving again? When I seem to be halted at this point. Where my frustration is coming from I know my path I know where best my service is and how it is, but areas are not flowing as they once did. But I keep being told it will come. So if you notice this too in whatever area of your life, see where you can just flow. Open your wings know what your heart whats where your service is, friends who wish you to neglect this may not be true friends here. Or people who become roadblocks by their creating blocks to the flow examine these. For me I knew a time when energy flowed freely and my service to all of you became so abundant it was so beautiful and overwhelming at times but I experienced this bliss of stillness and being and co-creating. Often the awakening is not always happening at the same time for everyone it may partly and then in that case it is holding the space until the rest of the awakening happens.

Beaming Rose
this lovely is lifting up vibrations and the perfect gift
Photo by Padma Bella
I have been noticing this happening more often. Two come together and they agree on their service together. At some point they have issues or their own personal things they still need to address on their own which all this is you can't just jump over any of these things. It is easier from experience to both work mutually together to resolve these issues or possibly call them karma. And these co-creating couples are romantic because the other form of unions with co-creation create a different type of energy. The one I am addressing right now is the co-creation romantic relationship couples. These energy forces are the strongest because when they come together they have to opportunity to raise the vibrations of the whole universe so high and abundant because they come together in every single way possible and as a unit they are very powerful together. These pairs have traveled together and meant to be together.  I keep seeing external forces trying to separate or divide or coax these pairs away from each other.  This can happen in a variety of different ways. The point and reason is knowing that as long as these awakened beings are separated from each other their growth is slower, or overall less powerful because you only have your own energy power and your own growth to work on. These unions are happening more accelerated and often one wakes up before the other. The one will know how important this pair is in the co-creating of whatever their service to the universe is to be. It then is holding a space and aid the other when that awakening is to happen. Some can choose not to awaken and remain asleep in this life. However, once they recognize the power with this union ego can get in the way where one or both think, oh since I am awaken I can experience this 10 fold with others. This may be a temporary case but this is of the ego. This does not last simply because you are ego driven and the energy exchange between the co-creating couples are unique just to them it is no where else with anyone else. I have seen multiple times including with myself how this awakening process happens. I feel blessed to have experienced what I have, and I realize why I had to go through the trials I have. There are universal pulls that you can try to run from, try to experience "more" but reality is you have to get to a place of humility. Voices of all kinds can tell you things, negative and positive. Just because you may hear a voice and tells you to go in a direction- you have to really listen what is the motives here? Source never tells us what we should do or where we should go harshly. If we should stop talking to a person, or stop being with another. Source is loving awareness and gives messages of light. I have received messages which warned me about particular people or entities so that when I next encountered them I could be prepared. This is you see very different from words that are very direct. This could even be your mind coming into play too. It takes much control and try work with crystals and meditation. I will address meditation again, since I hear various things people do- and much of it is mind chatter going astray.

For now I am off to enjoy more energy off into the vast nature space.