Monday, February 24, 2014

Shifting stay with it, last week of Mercury Retrograde

Various different things are all calling for me to be very humble. I really am truly bless to have some amazing beings in my life. This I do want to share. With all the turmoil of the Mercury Retrograde I have as others have been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. In this time is truly a time of endings and letting go of the old. What I mean is this does not mean forever goodbye but in order for a transformation to happen you have to let go of all attachment of the old. It gave you strength, gave you wings. The only way to have what you truly want and wish is for this death to happen. So many different energy fluxes have been happening. I have received numerous emails and contacts asking me what do I do I still feel fear driven. This of course is the first step. Source showed me a grand beautiful destiny I realized that the only way it would come to be is of the New. We are stepping into new beginnings with the Aries energy in April. However in the mean time, you probably have noticed there are lingering things in you with all this expansion which has been brought to the surface. In the Pisces energy that is now and in March we get the gift of saying goodbye to so many things. 

I do wish to speak more about this, I am not saying it is done gone with forever. I am saying as I have experienced when you and one truly lets the Universe have it, it comes back. This week alone I had two major life things happen to me, at first it seemed overwhelming. I see what needs to be is nurturing one self this week. We have all come so far in this Mercury Retrograde journey that past four weeks has been turbulent but all lessons we needed to experience. Perhaps communication was your issue, perhaps you finally found your voice- whatever it happens to have been stirred up sit with this now. Great projects are coming, it is being humble and knowing when to just focus on you. All will be revealed soon. Mercury Retrograde ends on Friday officially however for some a shadow of it may still linger for a day or so. If you don't feel instantly refreshed give yourself time for this shadow to float away.

Perhaps you have noticed your intuitive gifts expanding and more "weird" has been happening. I have been reading and getting various questions asked about this. I too have been noticing a shift and change in my own gifts. They just are. When you feel a feeling or see something let it be, let it sit- invite in this experience. "The Soul always knows" forget how and when something will happen on a Soul level Source reveals all. Hiding feelings to yourself only delays the processes. Relationships that may have ended during the Retrograde or shifted this needed to have happen. As Relationships now and moving forwards are in the New. If you keep looking back into what was or patterns that use to be you are simply holding yourself back. Perhaps someone has always done something of the old, of the past and this you are still holding on to. They cannot change or move on when you yourself are reminding them and holding on to this past and old for them. Releasing this also does not mean you will  never again be with this person but before you can do so all aspects of the old need to be shed. For when the Soul knows you are meant to be with this person nothing is going to stop it from happening, you just are taking a detour on this Mercury Retrograde energy or until all is sorted that needs to be.

"When we intentionally listen with the desire to understand others, offer them our loving wishes and choose to see their limitless potential and NOT what is wrong with them at this temporary point in time, something happens. What happens is that our own heart is changed. We become the love that we offer to them. Until you have formed the habit of looking for the good instead of the bad there is in others, you yourself will not be happy."

New Earth is coming even last night I had difficulty sleeping as we had a flux of energy. It is a time for reflection and meditation when this happens. In this past weekend we experienced the 2.22.14 Heart energy open up here on Gaia. I was a part of a beautiful ceremony to align and bring balance to this. So continues the expansion and energy focusing around the Universal Heart here on Gaia but also our personal Heart Chakra. Perhaps you noticed emotions stirring up again we have all this with the solar flares, the Mercury Retrograde still in play so of course any number of emotions or frustrations may be coming up. It is not the time to act in fear or to feel anxiety or share or talk out of these emotions it is a time to really feel them and see what you can learn from them. The icky feelings is where the most knowledge comes sometimes when we really really face it. I know for me I experienced a day full of all sorts of icky feelings. I cried for almost full a day, a release that truly needed to happen when I accepted an outcome created a new plan for myself completely giving it all to the Universe and Source- I still did not feel true resonance within my Soul of this but I knew this lesson was for me. I could not fight it I must accept and find a new way, when I did so literally within an hour the Universe and my Angels confirmed to me this is exactly what I needed to do. Once I became humble and recognized I am not in control, when I completely let all go literally- the gifts of all were given to me. This happened a couple times over the weekend. I fought the first time couldn't sleep but when I accepted it- knew I would be okay but things may not go to how I thought of the old. Magic happened and it was in fact just a misunderstanding and everything was in fact all good. 

So take this time to see where you are still holding on to? Meditate and think a lot this week. Think not of the mind but of the heart. Open your heart to all. Realize for the New to truly come to be we all have to experience a death. How we handle the death and how we feel going through it is completely up to us. Whether we fight it and have many pains or humbly accept and pass through calmly. The Universe knows what our Heart and Soul truly wants it is working on bringing all this but first we must go in the field and expand through shedding all of who we use to be. Don't worry all the connections and relationships of the New will remember you for we truly don't shed our Soul Essence vibrations this is how we traveled here and how we have always found our way back to each other.

Not even searching I came about this quote which I will share as it is so true to my heart.

"Be empty to be full. Let go to hold on. Abandon wisdom's, for Wisdom. In silence is music, and in music is the silence of our song. Face fear to find peace. Believe nothing, to Know everything. Die to Live. Light shatters shadow. Seek the dawn. Give yourself back to me, and I shall give you new Life."