Monday, February 17, 2014

Refreshing Full Moon Bath Energy

Special thanks to everyone and their amazing energy! Full Moon Friday was so much fun. I was able to enjoy some relaxing down time, went out made a huge crystal grid in the garden. Cleansed and released all energy from the crystals in a Full Moon bath, the whole day showed me how to be humble. Going around with an open heart more than anything I see to just stick with it. I enjoyed just being out in nature.

Full Moon in Leo shinning through the fog
Photo by Padma Bella
I have to much to be grateful for look around to who is in your life! If you have anything but positive,
well it should all be positive. Having to explain yourself to negative people that gives away your energy. Just being humble and you. The Full Moon energy really has been intense. Friday night I was able to share incredible company with some of my favorite people just having fun and being silly. It reminded me that yes we all want to fix ourself and do this and that but pushing people away is just silly. In the time of seeing how short life is, yes you can go off in your little cave and be all emo if you wish to do that but it closes off you and your heart chakra. It's being you each and every day, there is no vacation from this. If you really do want to do the work it's always constant. It doesn't have to be stressful work (all the time) but you don't lay on the couch and do nothing on the weekends, no it's meditating it's going through the process of finding out what areas of you can you dive deeper in.

Leo Full Moon in the Fog with mystic energy
Photo by Padma Bella
The Moon has mysterious properties, just look at this energy. I took this picture once I uploaded it noticed immediately the message from the Moon. 

Full Moon Release Ritual
Photo by Padma Bella
I did a variety of Full Moon rituals aside from creating a crystal grid, I did a burning ceremony in my kitchen this time and released the ashes in the garden. Some companions and I did a walk at the beach and released stuff in the sand. Ironically it was very foggy on the Full Moon of course the Moon was so bright you could still see her. The fog was so thick it was difficult to really see much of anything in front of you. This made me really think about how we all are, we know what's out there. Like we know what should be there but also what is really in front of us we just can't see it. So many people are in this fog the haze as I have been talking about. Sometimes it takes just lifting yourself out of it just a tiny bit (not all the way out) to get a view from above the fog. But if you are in the fog you do need to deal with something. I really enjoyed being able to hear the ocean but couldn't see it. Literally it was walking blind in the sand towards the waves feeling the mist but only seeing this big huge wall of black gray and trusting while walking into this abundant energy. It really was the most inspirational nature walk I've been on in a long time. Once I got close enough I could make out the waves but because of the fog the Moon Light was of course dimmer than normal. The waves just melted into each other and it all went on forever. This is how we view problems most people this never ending thing just because we can't see it means it's huge and terrible. When this is 3D.

Full Moon Crystal Grid! Aren't they singing!
Photo by Padma Bella
Refreshing after the Full Moon in Leo Friday, the Moon moves into Virgo for us to ground all this
energy we expanded and created. I went out to the crystal grid and all the crystals were singing! They not only received a Full Moon light energy cleanse but because the fog was so heavy they got a literal bath. They were so happy and singing. If you didn't recharge your crystals the moon energy still carries over today. For me I like to do the ritual of it under the moon, normally just in the window for the light to shine on them. This Full Moon I was called to create a grid in the garden. I realize why as they are literally so happy. With this energy do something that calms you, as I'm sure with all the passion energy of Leo your nerves may be a bit rattled. It's time for calming now.

Jupiter is in Retrograde also which allows of changing of old structures. What the Full Moon brought yesterday was the uncovering of some information. This may have been something that was not seen before, the fog was covering it and we saw glimpses. This knowledge or seeing something could also contribute to the decision making. Change shows up as challenge especially when you know change has to happen to continue this Ascension and expansion. Relationships do have to transform. I have stepped through this door of wonder, some are still at the threshold, it's stepping through that opening up to the bigger ideals and experiences come. If you notice you are stuck with problem or issue or you just feel stuck Pluto energy is opening you up to this. Pluto opens this slowly so as to adjust to this potential to this ideal to this realization. What I am seeing all over the place is with these Retrogrades and movement is a lot of shifting and uncertainty and just questions. Often a lot of things end in February pre-maturely only to realize what was I thinking? When it's all this change and energy that comes in and creates the confusion of what do I want?

And now some bloopers that happen behind the scenes. 

Star deciding to walk through the picture
Photo by Padma Bella
Star still wishing to play with the crystals
Photo by Padma Bella