Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rainbow Energy & Mercury Retrograde February 6-28, 2014

Today has been a very strong energy day, which began with rain, cleansing. So much has been going on, I have been having so much abundance of energy from the start of the day which began very early. Yesterday as many of us have been noticing a slow sluggish sleepy tired feeling. Symptoms of all the expansion and Ascension all different for all of us. I took time for me and just did a lot of meditation, centering and much of trying to just sit with a question posed. Of course all comes when it is to flow. I received guidance and experienced beautiful aligned souls; many still sleeping, some awakening and some awakened. Of course this very big mixture of energy all existing and sharing was very powerful. I realized my service the my Divine Service is being my True Self. My remembrance helps others remember theirs. I have found that rainbows have followed me, particularly it came as a reminder when I had many quartz crystals choose me most all of them rainbows. I did not understand this for a while, until I heard of the rainbow energy and how we are of the white light and radiate out all colors, the rainbow. It is just reflecting as a rainbow, and I have been feeling this calling that much of what I have been doing without even thinking of it is being self-less. I just reflect out my light out to help others in whatever way they will take from it.

My example I participated in a workshop and there was a prize if you completed all of the workshop. I participated not to get in a drawing for this "prize" but I saw the knowledge and just the experience alone I would be receiving that was enough for me and all I wished. I had received a prize last year for a similar thing and at the time I really appreciated it because it was right at the start of my awakening. This time around when I was in this workshop I saw so many people who could benefit from it, and if I was chosen I wished to give the prize to someone else because this is not why I was coming as so many others were going for the prize. The light at the end of the tunnel some still need that trophy or whatever it happens to be as motivation. I realized my service is inspiration as well. My presence inspires others and I do not do anything to show off or compete in anything, instead it is just for the experience and my own personal growth and expansion.

There is a lot of talk about service and Divine Service and it is very much beyond physically doing something like for me yes I do energy work, make creative artwork, work with crystals ... material things but Divine Service is beyond this even beyond what you write down wishing to manifest to come to be. It is so much more than this. And so for those who are called to the co-creating couples, it's working together in union perhaps it's physical service, energy work, or some other project. There are all types of Divine Service co-creating couples engage in, it is when you both expose your true soul and each other aids to awaken the other and it is not being influenced by outside forces or to be praised. This is the highest level of service possible, it is also not with just any male/female couple. This cannot be duplicated it is with cosmic love for these co-creating couples and only two triangles fit together with their own unique pull and energy frequency who have been traveling some say destined as there is only one match of this. Love of the highest. It is living of full alignment and when you find co-creation to do this it is two coming together and being the two triangles points facing each other with constant energy flow. When these two have found their light essence of highest potential they then have the highest possible energy flow through them and then highest Divine Service and it becomes the affinity sign as constant energy flow from one to the other.

Divine Service does not have to be really complicating either, if you are still awaking up to your gifts and you just don't know- not all are healers, or shamans or new wave mumbo jumbo- some just radiate light which I experienced this from a soul who was so self-less and even in this is was such a great inspiration as her love just radiated out wishing for nothing in return. It is not about how many people can you help or showing off look what I can do, just being yourself and shinning out your light can be your service. Not all will be in co-creating couple relationships which it does not make your service any less. Each soul knows it's purpose. We all wish to be the highest potential and to be pure source love and this is where we strive to be, but just because you may not fit in any of the above mentioned  things does not mean you fit any less in this. For there are roles of all kinds of gifts and sometimes it just takes being your True You that is enough.

Today begins our Mercury Retrograde which goes from February 6-28 I feel we hurry up to slow down. Backup things, notice it's a time of slowness and stillness and just being. I received something which is very internal which is find what mantra vibrates with your soul essence. As many different visions have been coming to me and the mantra brings more expansion. Mercury is in Pisces we are able to slow down to be able to view and reflect the things we wish to co-create as this is a sign of deep/spiritual reflection. Repeating a mantra helps in this. The stillness is where the humility comes. We go go go and take time to meditate or calm is when all the things begin to come. If you wish to work with crystals to aid in this Mercury Retrograde these may help. 
Amazonite creates harmony in communication.
Aquamarine enhances clear communication.
Blue Lace Agate helps to improve clear communication in a calm state.
Emerald to help smooth communication and bring organization to activities and plans.
Fluorite balances thinking, improves concentration and organizes thoughts.

For me today, I noticed something that I fight with even though I need it. Last night I loved just flowing  up into the ethers but today it was noted that I really needed some serious grounding. That of course was the focus, going up to the ethers and then focusing and bringing that energy down into the root chakra. I have notice this unhappy sensation I get it only lasts for a few seconds when I am called to practice this, I have even been told I frown for those few seconds. Of course to be of Divine Service I do have to be grounded and bring down from the ethers to Gaia all the lessons. I was speaking to a Divine Companion who is just beginning her awakening and she loved her experience up in the ethers but when it ended she felt this disconnect where she wished to go back. She cried because of having to be here on Gaia. It can be an intense feeling when you first experience this or even your first few times because it is so beautiful and freeing to remember how we are. That it is very dense and different on Gaia if you let it be. But from what I have learned and now experience is not a disconnect but I bring the ethers down with me so I am in a constant state of bliss, it can be much more diluted than when I'm purely in the ethers. This too is why it strikes a cord literally in me when I am told just to focus on my root chakra and push all my awareness and energy into grounding because its like telling a child you can't play. I understand my lesson and I can bring my ether experience down into my grounding experience it's learning how to do this. All will be in time. Practice grounding, gratitude and humility today.

As many have been experiencing perhaps your food cravings are shifting or just wishing to eat less. I have been eating a lot less as I am just not hungry or too busy enjoying all these new sensations and gifts. Hydrate during this time notice the shifting and eating small meals are better than larger ones. You don't have to go all crazy and change your entire food meal (you can if you want to) so many are cutting out alcohol or eating out less or working in (bringing the energy workout internally) at least once a day- even just five days of experiencing  this I have seen so many beautiful butterflies growing. Literally people have a higher vibration and they are always smiling and greeting me with so much more to say. It's amazing how closed off some people have been for months only said possibly two words to me at a time not engaging in a conversation and now bam I can sit down and they just open up and talk on and on about a variety of things. It's really beautiful to experience this and to be able to share this energy with them. It is just taking the first step. Guidance I received also was I as the seeker now need to just step out if you are that way too, just take the first step even if you can't see anything in front of you.

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