Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pisces New Moon March 1, 2014 Ignite Imagination

After the releasing comes preparing for the Pisces New Moon. Once Mercury is moving forward again so is our communication. The New Moon March 1, 2014 is in Pisces, which begins at 12:00AM (PT), 3:00AM (ET). Continuing with this Pisces energy it helps to re-connect to our imagination. Perhaps you have noticed reality and dwelling on the Now in terms of Earthly constraints. What is very special about March is we enter and end the month with New Moons!

The New Moon in Pisces on March 1st will help us to re-connect with our imagination. Mars in Libra goes Retrograde, so don't get so wrapped in your vision that you do nothing to manifest it. The New Moon energy now also has a forward Moving Mercury which means smooth communication. However if you don't notice an instant shift you may still be in the shadow of this Retrograde, bare with it, it will pass in a couple days (or for some may linger until March 20). Thoughts become less fuzzy the fog is finally being lifted! Now is the time to initiate something!! Visualize, write it down ... the future is yours! 

Magical things are set to happen under this Pisces energy with the Moon influence in terms of ideas. Perhaps you have felt alone at times during this month of February, did you make a right choice somewhere because you feel so alone with it. Well starting March 1, you will get energy vibrations confirming you are not alone. Energetically you are linked in. You needed this time of feeling alone to really reflect on you. The Square energy of Tuesday and the Solar Flares may have you questioning do I move into new energies or delegate activities to others? Jupiter in Cancer calls us to be bold in action yet Uranus in Aries calls the need to be thoughtless and calm. It is the balance between these that are needed for growth to happen. This is exactly where you need to be to prepare for the great shift on Saturday.

Saturday we welcome the New Moon in Pisces with a significant energy shift. Mercury Retrograde as finally released, we have released. A majority of us have let go of relationships. We have moved on and are done with the patterns. Friday night is all about focusing on intentions and your wishes. When we are free we fly. Everything is possible now in terms of setting path towards your dreams. Pisces energy has a very dreamy state which we need after we have had much reality in the Retrogrades and all the releases and loss that happened. Now it's looking to how all ideals are possible! Look to long cherished goals. Dreams can come true. Prepare for this magical dreamy ride on Pisces. What you send out comes back to you. Be grateful for all you have. Look to ways you can send out: Love, Understanding, Forgiveness ... all the things you wish in your life when you send this out it really truly does come back to you. We have gone through the Retrograde Release, we have shed it all now. For the last New Moon in March holds the new beginnings energy of Aries and if things still aren't clear they will be!

This New Moon is opening up a six month window of creativity, healing and fantasy. We are getting ready for Spring! We have the ability to create passionate projects as we are tuning into our subconscious mind. This is the time to journal, meditate, create a vision board, and look to huge subconscious clues that will be coming on Sunday! Once we have sent to the Universe our intentions once Saturn Retrogrades in Scorpio on Sunday this acts as our teacher. Saturn governs long term, long lasting goals, sound structures and re-fortifying our foundations. The relationships that ended during the Retrograde Release did not have this sound structure. So take this time to really look at how our internal and external self is. Do they match up yet? It takes doing the internal work first before we see the external magic happen. You may feel it before you "see" it. We cannot have sound structure in a relationship if we are not structured within self. Beginning on Friday we are able to observe our New Life, look to how much we have shifted from the old. I have already been doing this and it is quite amazing to observe. 

This particular energy we have this Ceremony of the New Moon empowers all intentions. For it is not an "I wish" or "I want" for anything to come to be ... no this is of the old. Magic and Miracles are possible in this we also decide what you feel which means facing and feeling all that comes to you. Look to all interacts you have over the weekend. Look at every conversation, everything you read, everything you receive, and everything you hear ... notice how these make you feel. To feel expanded, energized, giddy ... is pointing towards your higher path of Expansion in this Awakening. If you feel restricted, anxiety, fear ... this is of the old that you still need to have cleared away. Look to how you feel!

Find an outlet if you feel too overwhelmed with any one emotion do something creative, get up move around the office, dance, create art, go for a walk, anything to get your energy moving about. This is how we transform to not push our negative feelings on to someone else but transform to the New.

We are Ascending this is infinite expansion to our Truest Self, our Highest Self of Soul. We have always been, our Soul has traveled here and gone with us in all our lifetimes. For many of us the past few years we began to notice our journey not being easy because we were finally Awakening to our true path. Before this we may have felt like we were living in a fog like I don't quite fit in to this world, there is more, I am greater than this (not ego based). We are moving towards the New Earth it is honoring yourself and it's all happening! We have returned to Guide Gaia to this transformation to be the Light that shines in the darkness to inspire and guide forward. 

Notice when you react of the old, take a step back and notice. We are all coming into heightened intuition. We are downloading many different messages, as why you may be sleeping more. Allow for this, everyone experiences this differently. I have noticed my Third Eye buzzing lately. Really listen to your body. I do offer personal services if you wish direction. Just flow with the energies as they come is the simplest thing I can say. This is a time of healing with Pisces. 

New Moon Intentions

1. Create a sacred space, an alter to keep up for the entire month. Place things you wish to aid in this visualization for the month. Sage, cleanse your space (recommended entire house as well).

"I call for the greatest good for all involved, I write these intentions down for you Source to hear them and work your magic to them being so. I call for these dreams to be and to be guided by you and my angels and guides."

2. Journal truthfully all your dreams. Reconnect with your imagination. Write down long term goals. Write long cherished goals. Long term foundations. Express your creativity.

"I allow love and joyous energy to flow through me. I am at peace. And so it is."

3. Re-read and visualize all that you have written come to be. Take time to really feel this. For when you close your journal you are releasing all these to the Universe whole heartily and completely.

I do hope to have some additions to PadmaBella.com around the end of the Mercury Retrograde, however the Retrogrades have been working their silly magic and put a halt temporarily so please be patient new services and new updates on many things are coming! I will share the links here when they are working. (Stay tuned I will be doing a chakra focus starting Tuesday (March 3). So one Chakra a week to incorporate balancing each of the chakras in your life). Shop with new goodies! View: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PadmaBella