Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mercury Retrograde and Rainbows

A thing I have noticed about the Mercury Retrograde particularly this one is that many people have a say about it, they often and many times are operating of the old in their messages. They are fueling fear. "Don't do this" "Look out for this" "Look at past dates of Retrogrades as certain types repeat their trines with other planets." These all have helpful resources and information but I have noticed it is fueling fear. I feel anxious and fear stirring in many many of these messages. You can feel it after a while who is operating from an Awaken being verses a sleeping person or someone going through the motions. To keep us trapped in the 3D we all have the capability of lifting up the vibration and not having any negative stuff about this or any of the following Retrogrades. I see technology glitches or things like this as we are channeling so much energy that these gadgets stop working or go off because we are sending out so much energy and vibrations. So if you are reading articles or videos that pop up take notice of who is giving the messages, what they are talking about, what is their overall message? Is it from love? Harmony? Is it all doom and gloom? How many positive words of love and wisdom and enlightening do they use?

For us to move forward we all shift as we are. Past Mercury Retrogrades are of the past, this is now. This goes to other messages of enlightenment too. The word of the trickster is used often because it is looking or appearing to be one thing- and the message on the surface may seem valid or to help you or know of awakening but the underlying message is to sway you. Just because certain Mercury Retrogrades were so terrible does not mean this one has to be. We are Light Beings we are being Awaken. We are lifting up the vibrations. Be of Rainbow Light or just think of Rainbows that brings a smile and see this Mercury Retrograde as an opportunity to enjoy some time in nature with out gadgets or some time to write about what you wish to have or make an action plan. Enjoy, because why see it as a negative? Life's too short to say oh it's another Mercury Retrograde I'm going to grip about this now. See how this time feels for you. Above all go with positive vibes.