Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mercury in Aquarius

Retrograde Mercury is in Aquarius today! It was in Pisces since it started February 6. Now with the Aquarian energy it is all about reconnecting, reclaiming lost spiritual gifts, remembering and getting in touch with our Higher Selves. It is focusing on the big picture even if it means detaching from the material world. Share your message with the world communication is key here. Since we have two signs that can make technology gadgets wonky backup! Aquarius is an electric sign and so look for mixed signals or plans getting changed around. We are called to look at alignments of the heart and mind.

Our bodies are shifting, I have been noticing the need and desire to eat less. I get a heavy feeling when I have had too much. Even food choices are changing as I am craving different things than before. Of course I still crave "junk food" here and there and I try it here and there. We are reconstructing out cells, so if you notice that food does not sit well or you just don't want it in your pantry anymore donate it. The weather is shifting our bodies are shifting and this is happening a lot faster than before so be very mindful of all this. 

The moon energy is getting stronger can you feel it? Last night there was intense fog which the weather is changing. We are embracing the qualities in our life here that we wish to be, the unconditional love for our self. We are igniting the fire with the Divine Spark, this we share. We are the fire but I have also come to notice who helps in keeping it? Today is about going out there and getting what you want.

There is so much energy around, I feel like a ball of nerves. Today take time to appreciate ... an angel reminded me of this. Laugh often, be joyous, be energetic. Today is a purple day! Remembrance. A day of Joy!