Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Light Activations

Much energy buzzing about we made it through the latest energy shift. I am being guided to go internally today. I saw many things yesterday and experienced last night which I need to internalize and go inward with this latest Light Activations and downloads. I am getting requests about what do I do with crystals so yes I have already received guidance on this and I have been working specifically on this for PadmaBella.com but things beyond my control has delayed this- universe wished it to not be released yet. I have many new things coming! Patience with that. It will come to be.

Since many of us did walk through this major shift and we did survive the retrograde we are getting ready for the Mercury Retrograde which begins February 6-28 and will be in Pisces this I keep feeling is not going to be as intense but deal mainly with technology as a good thing when things don't work which gives us time to check out of the gadgets and go internally or spent time face to face with people.  There will be many different interpretations of this Mercury Retrograde this is all about seeing what resonates with you, the same old is not the same old all the time. So look internally for how this will be for you. If you are still learning what resonates with you, maybe don't read any resources just look at what pops in your experience about it. Go with the flow for this one. The Venus one I will say shook many people but those of us with a firm footing we saw this and some may have gave up while many and most of us in this Awakening found each other and we did bounce off each other. I have noticed this as we are talking about all that we experienced during this time. Some of you may still be recovering from this and speaking words with a bit of a residue from the retrograde. I do wish to share this message which I read which resonated very well with me "This might also be a time of people coming together and Soul reunions. Enjoy this special time and don't stress about it at all!" -Polona Aurea Dawn as many are waking up to this and as I wrote before many are asking me different questions about this.

 I love something I read which said when you miss something it is really about missing something in you. The truth is not what you think you are missing but it is a wake up call to see what you miss in you about you. During this retrograde many had foundations shaken, many questions. This happens when the balance with our Soul Source Self is off balance. Particularly a message I have been hearing and seeing how off balance many people have been. They topple over easily with the slightest of winds or breeze. They are looking all over or notice any movement around them and they topple. Few have rooted and able to either stand or sway in the breeze. For many I have noticed how this shift is already started rather quickly for many of us where we were in the fog, the veil from the retrograde has lifted and we are getting our footing and balance once again.

Another message which Source keeps repeating over and over again which I keep getting confirmations about is don't let fear creep in. You get so grounded and centered that you will just know when fear is coming into your mind. When the mind chatter is so strong you go into doubt and fear. Sometimes if you aren't fully there yet you may not see it for yourself but others will guide you to look more internally at why you are reacting a certain way. Or if you do notice yourself allowing doubt and fear to have any space in your mind it is really seeing how this has no place in your heart or mind. I can only speak from example what I have experienced and what I have observed with others. Fear festers and manifests within itself. Particularly in situations when you are off balance this is very easy to settle with these thoughts of this kind. But when you are centered and know you and know all that is these just wash off you like water. You acknowledge that this came but there is no validity in it. For me I have been recognizing the energy pattern of it. I feel when this really does not resonate within me because I am a Light Being. Further more I receive another confirmation about this from Source through my Companion in Light who just wished to say "Remember...we aren't allowing fear to enter our minds" because we know our strengths and our purpose as we both have seen our individual futures. The ego wants to get in the way but it's being in the wisdom that the ego has no place in this new existence it is not about sharing to as many as you can, it is all about being humble.

When you allow yourself to feel it allows any feelings to pass faster, those that are unsettling. I have noticed this that it comes out even if you suppress but for those of us that are shifting faster it is because we recognize our feelings we might not understand why, but we sit with it and allow us to feel it. This time stopping feeling over the weekend whether it was induced by weather or by something else maybe another physical, we were told to look internally we had to stand still. It was seemingly like a contradiction of how are we standing still, if we are suppose to have all this high energy for this month? For me it is all about gratitude and being really grateful to realize all you have and to create with beauty and know that it's all about the flow. That before something major happens there is a calming a standing still that happens, sometimes we don't notice it, but we and many of us have noticed this. I have gotten many responses about this- all that is is coming, all that we have seen is coming to be, but we are gathering the knowledge to go about this. Many many words are validating and given from Source confirming so much. Much beauty and bliss in this time!