Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Inner Vortex preparing for the Retrograde Release

Much Inner Vortex energy going on. We have been having many solar flares so if you have been noticing emotions and even extremely tired feelings lately this is perhaps from them. Take some self care time for you. I also was called to speak of perhaps heightened emotions at this time where you may last out. I had a dream in which I noticed frustration and the inability to speak, calling upon my horoscope which reflects this as well. To speak minds regardless but in this case we do have to move with ease because we have many planets moving and their force is driving our actions. Remember we are still in this Retrograde period. Emotions and communication are not the clearest right now. They may have slight glimpses where you seem like you are headed in the right direction but then get muddy when you try to pin point them down. 

Jupiter in Cancer is Squaring Uranus today. This is moving change with Pluto and Uranus which are in their own Square. Jupiter energy adds the need for adding nurturing to our life. We are all moving towards the new and with it comes balance. Instead of dwelling on being overwhelmed or emotional take ease in taking a breath going within and knowing there is much energy for the journey ahead. We have experienced much shifting and changing. Perhaps many loved ones have left, or you life has changed. Now it's finding the passion and willingness to just jump into your future. Even though it may seem far from now, it's going with the flow and knowing this raises the vibration and the distance is not as far off as it may seem.

Today it is about reflecting we are in the later stages of Retrogrades of Mercury and Jupiter. It is the time to align our Soul with where we are going in the bigger picture. Look to what is truly meaningful in your life, all the small other stuff won't matter as much when you let them go. I have been feeling and seeing frustration come into me from others. For the Now not knowing or at least knowing it can't work right now. Yet unsure of the future and how to get to the visualized path. Seeing patterns come up of what frustrations feel of not serving you but the things you let go serve you well more. Learning how to listen to that inner voice of the Soul. Again as I have said nothing is gone forever. I have been getting a deep sense beings want to explain their behavior but don't know how to do so. Mainly because you don't yet understand your behavior. The mind and heart are working against each other. When you cannot yet articulate it is best not to say anything. I have seen how this does not work. Yes you may think words will help, but reflect. It's always interesting to observe this behavior when you wish to keep someone at arms length and explain the "why" but yet its is better understood with feeling the "why" verses vocally telling the "why."

Today is an emotional day embrace this. It is preparing us for the magic that awaits on the New Moon. Today we have the 7 energy in a 7 year. 7 is all about the Soul and looking into the Spirit realm the Awakenings and transformations have happening when you look into your Soul to find deeper meaning. Perhaps for right now all you can hear is I don't know. In any case today is not about racing or speeding towards something it is taking your time. More will become clear once this fog of Retrogrades has lifted. I will be writing something for the New Moon on March 1. Bare with me I have various projects I am trying to complete and the Retrogrades has been giving me more technology glitch challenges. Take today as a mellow day with all the solar activity and other energies, don't push yourself too far or too hard. Enjoy the ride and what emotions come up for you. Today is the last day of 7-7-7 energies of February. I did not realize this of course but it has been magic and I do feel a deep sense of closure! It's all leading up to the Mercury Retrograde which the other magical dates of 7 were: February, 7, 16, 25. A great triangle that now is complete. The Divine Alchemy powers have led to a great sense of completion so we Now move into the New with all that is coming over the weekend. I am buzzing and energized!