Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's! Full Moon Energy

I thought this was the cutest sweetest thing.
For a long time I had heard be like a penguin,
 find your penguin ...
the meaning is in the gift
not in what it looks like.
If we were a bit more humble
we would understand
a bit more and be content a bit more. 
I have found that in this new liberating energy (partially may be the awakening and so many various planets in my sign) that I am much bolder and attack challenges. I am just going for  it so to speak. I am noticing this more and more. I have limited if just no hesitation at all. It is being just me. This is being recognized. This imagery of pouncing has been coming up quite frequently which as some know this has been my word last year. We have done all the work and the assessing but after a while you just have to pounce on whatever or whoever it is. So with this Valentine energy this goes with anything really not just matters of the heart or pouncing your beloved. It is tackling challenges and just going for it. In the last two days I have tried two new things which I couldn't ever do before. It really is all of the mind once we Awaken our Inner Strength. Others may see it or vibrationally feel it and we just shut down or curl inward wishing to protect our self. With all this Inner Power there is no need to fear because going out and experiencing it is so amazing. I invite you all to try one new thing a day if that is too adventurous try one new thing a week. See how that makes you feel. Put yourself out there. It does not have to be in public or advertise it but do this but try anything new. It can be very simple from trying a new recipe to hand stand to snow boarding ... whatever it is.

This morning I woke up once again to the Moon shinning her energy in my window and had some amazing dreams. I enjoyed sharing my Valentine morning and all I was told was "Open your Heart" on repeat. The vibration is definitely buzzing. I was guided to a particular meditation (which I have done in the past) it seemed like before it was sort of an "experiment" but the Universe made it all happen. That was the cool thing was going back and basically shared a dude guess what! moment. I put it out to the Universe my perfect day. Living loving awareness the Universe made it happen. I still stick with this because magic does happen!

I know today is not at all about gifts or stuff but how cute is this surprise?!! I am sharing this as it makes me laugh sock monkey and going to definitely be having my tea in this mug today! Sharing and sending out many Valentine's because it's super fun! Open up remember how cool it was as a kid to just get a surprise. So let silliness be of today if you wish it. Enjoy the Full Moon energy  if you start to feel blah about being alone today, this is of the ego. Just do an ego check put everything into prospective you are alive, you get to do whatever you want today! And it's Friday!! I do wish to thank my Valentine! I got the best surprise that completely made my day =) When you are humble the Universe delivers.