Thursday, February 13, 2014

Full Moon in Leo with Valentine Passion 2.14.14

Full Moon in Leo on Valentine's Day. Leo is all about passion. We are in for Fire in this sign as many emotions and passions are to be lit as Venus is also in Leo. It is so beyond traditional sentiments with this holiday as it is really just another day. One thing with the Leo energy is we need to be mindful we are not selfish with our love meaning "all mine." Instead it is about sharing and doing loving things for another. It is about visiting matters of the heart and ones of your heart. Raise the quality of this in your life, maybe that means commitment moving forward. It is thinking outside yourself for another that you deeply love. Mainly because with Leo energy our self expression and creativity may not flow outwardly at first on it's own. We have to find the courage to allow it to flow out of us.

The Full Moon occurs 2.14.14 at 12:54PM (ET), 3:54PM (PT). The first Full Moon of February holds the Snow Moon name as typically the weather is still all up in the air with winter.

The energies are still a bit off as I have spoken about Mercury is in Aquarius which may call us at using logic and breaking some of our rules. The Mercury Retrograde is still going strong which means people from our past may still resurface during this time and watch for communication and technology glitches. All these are quite simple when you are on your footing and know where you are going even if you may not be able to see quite too well or know up from down. 

We also have Mars Retrograding which this brings a whole swirl of emotions from aggression, suppression to passion. This is not a time to get aggravated with relationships.

Venus is still in a Retrograde period. Despite it going Direct it still has not reached it's place before it began it's Retrograde. So even here the energy is a bit wonky. Perhaps new hairstyles and new clothes and new fashions have been in your head, this is Venus influence.

As you can see why I have been saying we are in a form of stillness with relationships. The Leo energy can bring us more passion and more direction towards our relationships. The strength to do something about it, to express the heart felt expression. There is an energetic pull that is created with this Full Moon. Since we have Valentine energy swirling around also, romantic energy is very intense and will heightened around midnight on Friday. We are in a time to ignite what drives us. We may be tempted to keep all this energy and passion to our self and for our self. Perhaps you temporarily left things or put off involving romance. Now is the time to move forward and do something about it.

If you are in a relationship do something loving for who you are committed to beyond the conventional way. Yes flowers and cards and candy are "nice" but perhaps find a creative way to express your gratitude and love to your sweetie. Surprise them with something they wouldn't expect perhaps with something you wouldn't normally do. Perfect time to go walk at the beach under the full moon or out in nature. Perhaps use this Full Moon energy to do a Co-Creation Full Moon ritual. Sit down and do this with your sweetie. Create a plan for your relationship, how you can nurture each other's growth and expansion and goals. Take notice of limitations you have and find new ways to overcome these. Maybe you write these in the sand and allow the ocean to take them away. Write them down and burn them. 

If you are separated on this Full Moon night it is about looking to ways to light your drive (passion), and I mean beyond the physical needs. Be your own Valentine. Go and buy yourself something cool! Make plans with yourself (if you are single). It is all about self-love and love yourself like you would a valentine. Here it is about expressing creativity towards yourself. Visualize all that you wish as Full Moons heighten manifesting, intuition, detox, letting go, creating.

With this Full Moon harness her energy into areas in your life you would like more fruition. What are you still missing? Where are places that you still need improvement? Above all what is your passion? What are areas in your life that you are neglecting? What are habits you still hold on to?

There are destined things which we cannot change. Our actions will not impact these things, however we do have the ability to influence how we react and how we perceive life around us. I have often been asked how do you handle certain things. For me I know what is destined or pre-destined. So I have a choice in between this time in this space between the path. I can be an array of negative emotions or things but how does this help anyone? I can lift my vibrations and enjoy this time knowing what will come to be regardless of anything I cannot see at this time. It takes using your inner power and strength which I have been embracing more and more. To fully be Aware and Awakened you just know and are connected with Source always. You live your highest Truth and for the highest always. Your level of being is always at the highest vibrations. Last night I was told I have all this inner strength and power that I have just barely tapped into. I have been feeling this as well, that I am just barely using maybe 1%, this awakening and remembering has been happening more and more. For some reason last night this was triggered with an energy exchange that was quite intense. It came with out stretched hands and being told I won't let you fall it was a literal and figurative statement. I saw everything so differently and I felt my True Self. I was looking through into the world of the usually unseen. My True Self was acknowledged for perhaps the first time. For me I realize I have to just jump, I won't fall (or not very hard).

Live life and appreciate the beauty around you, love brings together all. Love starts internally in you and spreads out. This is why I speak of self-love, loving yourself first ... if you are single and wondering why not me? Do you love yourself? The answer should be YES! This starts with doing something for you. For this Full Moon bring out your crystals and recharge them under the Full Moon or make a grid with them in the soil out in the Full Moon so they get the grounding energy of the earth and the Moon energy from above. I am not called to create a how to list for Full Moon Rituals. It's more of a find a ritual that works for you. This one I don't feel called at all to really do what I have fully in the past. I do invite you to read older Full Moon posts if you are called to the more standard rituals I have written about before. Or try this more freely expressing yourself way of opening up your heart ritual with someone. Maybe it's even write a letter to your Beloved- if you are separated from them ... you don't have to send it (unless you wish to) or give it to them when you are both at the same place or just keep it or if you are really called to burn it.

Sage your space to cleanse energy. Clean and organize anything you wish to. And look to the questions above of what are you still missing, possibly what fears are still lingering that are getting in the way of you moving forward. Look to ways to change limitations. This is all about unlocking emotions and letting love flow. The energy is very intense for this Full Moon because it has Leo and Cupid at work. Perhaps you have been dragging your feet in the love department here everything points to being bold  seeing where you need to heal within yourself so that greater love can flow. Reignite passion with your significant other. Sending the love vibe out there even if you are single the vibration is all lit and lifted.

Last night the intense Leo energy woke me up right as the Moon was pouring light energy rays into my room. I sat with her for a bit in reflection. I am really grateful for so much. Even today the ability to be able to enjoy the sunny day. I did wear the Forever Love Smoky Quartz Crown Necklace today. The energy was almost instant from putting it on. Energetically so much vibrancy. Strangers were all smiles. Pure strangers were so nice and helping me out. We reflected our inner light and this crystal aided in that. I harnessed more of my inner strength getting a totally new view. The last two days have been really intense with how pleasant and helpful people I have never met before are being. Enjoy this lovely picture of the Smoky Quartz heart it occurred to me as I heard many different things about Valentine's day while I was out today. Envision your beloved, imagine what it's like to see them. Regardless if you live with them, married, or separated and not with them at this time or have never met them yet. Energetically it's still the same sending that vibe out to the Universe is very powerful. Using the breath as the fire energy. As I heard a lot more about this today the Fire and Stone release ceremonies and constant chanting. Very simple to bring this experience as seeing the breath of fire, even just the act of breath. When you exhale see this as how to let go feelings or things that stress you out and give it to the fire. The flame that is so powerful right now with the Leo energy. It dawned on me that we wear red for Valentines Day which is a Root chakra color about sexuality and rooting and grounding and creativity. But for those who are separated or single from their
person, wearing the heart chakra color opens your heart as what you are wishing to receive. So today I decided to wear green not even thinking at all about open heart. Until I was in meditation this just came to me with wearing the Forever Love Smoky Quartz, that if you want abundance of love in your life wear green or pink the other alternative to the heart chakra. Not as an anti-valentine message but because you wish to open your heart up. Even if you aren't single it's still color therapy to have an open heart. If green is a bit too bold for you wear pink. I will be doing color therapy next month which I am very excited about but in the mean time lets try this. And perhaps you share with me how this makes you feel. There is so much inner magic let your light shine out!

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I had promised a gift for each and every one of you and so it is below. 

My Valentine's wish and greeting to each and every one of you so you now have received a Valentine with an out pouring of Light and Love.